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  1. “I honestly think that many members of raid teams don’t realise how much their actions or off hand comments can negatively affect their raid leaders, and how sometimes it can be that one thing said at the wrong time that can make someone question why they spend so much time, energy and heart in what they do.”

    This, a thousand times over. This is what caused me to kill off my 3 year old 25 player raiding guild and turn it into a semi-casual 10 player raid that raids one night a week.

    Realizing that most people don’t understand, and moreover don’t appreciate, the effort that goes into building and maintaining a guild, it’s very much a completely selfless endeavor, and with the environment as unfriendly as it is right now due to the explosion of guilds, it all got to be too much.

    • I think this is something that is equally as common in life as it is in game. Sometimes people are thoughtless without realizing that they are being thoughtless. Or they say/do things that haven’t fully been flushed out and that has an impact on people that they likely don’t realize. However, everyone has a breaking point, and sometimes all it takes is one thoughtless comment to push a person over the edge to theirs :)

  2. H Staghelm sucks. H Baleroc is pretty cool. You are welcome for this insightful comment.

    • The only part of Heroic Staghelm that I really dislike is the orb phases. Actually, only when you get 4 of 6 orbs in one quadrant, and have to try to navigate stacks on people, and the massive cat leaps you get with the orbs because you have so many people concentrated in one area.

      I actually think I like Staghelm more than Baleroc, but I’m not sure yet! I’ll let you know next week ^.^

  3. “Healing Staghelm is a bit odd. There really isn’t much healing to be done on the fight outside of the orb phases – which are pretty healing heavy. Other than that it’s mostly just keeping the tank alive and topping up people who took damage from seeds or a leap. ”

    You must be doing it without Scorpid phases, my guild usually tries to take 8 first time around, something like 5 second time around and so on. I can tell you, if you do that there is LOADS to heal, I’ve never pressed my PoH button as often and as hard as during Staghelm ^^

    • Ah, in heroic we don’t take the scorpian slashes so that we can maintain legendary concentration as long as possible :) Basically, before he hits 100 energy the first time we transition him over to cat. So it means that there are more transition phases, but more periods of time where the raid will have legendary concentration.

  4. Thanks for the kind words as always, Beru. It’s sad for both myself and the raiders that really, honestly, did care and understand the all the challenges involved. It’s those guys/gals that I feel the most sorry for in the long run. Even today people were looking for ways to fix the roster or change some things, but down the road in a month or so I can see this happening again. Eventually it’s just time, and you know it when it gets there.

    • This expansion has been so terribly difficult in so many ways. I’m not really sure if it’s turned out quite how Blizzard “intended” it, but it’s what we are left with, and I don’t know that we can expect any changes in the future to make it better. In fact, I wager that it will continue to be more difficult in coming months.

      Best of luck to you!

  5. Congratulations on the kills Mono! :D

    And I completely understand where you’re coming from regarding the recruitment. While our guild recently stopped recruiting after finally filling our second 10-man group, it was a pain to even think about. It’s a shame that Llane has become almost dead horde-side. :(

    Good luck on Ragnaros! :)

    • I don’t know that “almost dead” is quite right! I think it’s more than many people are content where they are, so it makes recruiting on server that much more difficult :)

      • Very true. People do seem to be very happy where they are. :) However, the recent outflux of various raiding guilds (Nexus, Ascendance) has made it seem less homey, to me. :(

  6. We’ve done Heroic Staghelm twice now, and the difference is enormous, for whatever reason. Same group comp, first kill hits the enrage and barely kills him, second is a nice and easy almost minute before the enrage. Couldn’t tell you why, other than the dps familiarity with the encounter.

    I’m right with you in terms of recruitment. It really is a ‘seller’s market’ in terms of recruitment. I’ve seen guilds even willing to pay server/faction transfers for people. It’s incredible. I’ve been looking for a capable moonkin for a long time, and it’s like the spec doesn’t even exist!

    • I think probably right now the Moonkin shortage is that everyone is trying to snag up as many as they can for Heroic Rag. We’ve pretty much just asked all of our druids to bone up on their moonkin gear, including our feral, and we’ll go from there! :)

  7. Recruitment is a bitch. We won’t do the real id thing so it makes it even harder since we’re at a disadvantage. It doesn’t help that we’re in dire need of boomkins since the only one we had had to quit raiding due to his course load and schedule this semester. All the resto druids are having to bone up on our balance skills; it’s just miserable to know how competent we are at healing and then see the range of fail as son as we put on our feathers. Hell, I’m excited when I break 20k dps and that’s so pitiful as to be laughable compared to our real dps. It feels like no matter how many places we have recruitment posts, we’re still not getting any applications. I’m sure that most people see that top 10 guilds are recruiting the same classes so why not aim high instead of starting a little lower.

    I’m intrigued that you guys had two resto druids in for baleroc. We ended up with 2x pallies, 2 priests, and a shaman, maybe a druid instead of the shaman for the kill but I forget. Depending on our dps comp and stability 1-2 of the resto druids went balance. What were the other healers you had? Did the healing feel more hectic with two druids?

    • We used 1 paladin, 2 disc priests and 2 resto druids from attempt one until our kill :) I should also probably note that we used two tanks as well.

      Honestly, I think in the long run the healing was really the least challenging part of the fight once you got down to it. I definitely think that not spreading tormented and making sure there was good communication for back up soakers was by far the more challenging part of the encounter.

      We broke it down like this:

      Shard 1: Shadow priest soaks ranged shard entirely. Paladin/Disc priest build stacks. Resto Druid (me) heals melee shard. Resto Druid/Disc Priest heals tank.
      Shard 2: Shadow priest soaks ranged shard entirely. Paladin/Disc priest continue to build stacks. Resto Druid (me) heals melee shard. Resto/Disc heals tank. At about 19 stacks on the shadow priest, Paladin swaps to the tank.
      Shard 3: Resto Druid (me), Paladin, Disc Priest all on the tank. Previous tank priest/druid heal shards.
      Shard 4: Resto Druid (me), Disc Priest on the tank. Paladin swaps back to build a few more stacks.
      Shard 5: Paladin, Disc Priest on the tank. Resto Druid (me) helps with tank, or builds shard staks, whichever is needed. Resto/Priest on shards.
      Remaining shards: Same as Shard 5. Changing only if one of the shard healers gets tormented.

      I was still running at only about 2k spirit, and I screwed up and innervated way late, so I really felt the mana pinch by the end of the fight. I also didn’t stack sparks as well as I could have, which I think would have helped as well. But as for running two druids? I don’t really think it was a huge problem. We had to work hard, but no harder really than any of the other healers I don’t think!

      • Sounds about the same as what we were doing with the shards as far as getting people higher shard stacks. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to be in this week healing for the encounter. I spent most of the time we were learning it waitlisted or playing as boomkin. :)

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