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Is WoW Really Too Easy?   13 comments

I’m sure that you have all already seen Larisa’s Post over at the Pink Pigtail Inn (and if you haven’t go check it out!) regarding the difficulty level of WoW.  She is refuting a comment made that WoW has become too easy.  It is an exceptionally good read, and I really do recommend that everyone give it a gander.

Larisa points out that she feels that WoW is still challenging for most people, and that a lot of the people complaining that it is too easy are people who really haven’t even experienced what WoW has to offer.  It was this comment that actually reminded me of something that I experienced the other day.

I was reading Icedragon’s most recent post on upcoming changes to the patch and saw this tidbit of news:  “Top-level helm and shoulder faction-related enchants are now available as Bind-on-Account items that do not require any faction to use once purchased (they still require the appropriate faction level to purchase). ”  I thought it was fantastic news!  And since nobody had mentioned it yet, I quoted it in guild chat. Read the rest of this entry »

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To Bubble or Not To Bubble?   6 comments

After some hem and hawing, I have decided it’s time to finish out my army of healers and get Earenn up to level 80.  Why?  Well, because everyone loves healers…and I kinda want to finish out my set!  :)  Maybe I’m also a masochist, but trying to psycho analyze me would likely take more than this one little post!  Seriously though, I really do just love healing.  I also think that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all of the healing classes from personal experience helps me with healing assignments and working through healing issues in raids.

Anyhow, I digress!  Back to the preistess.

A little while back, I paid to dual spec her, her main spec being shadow even though I’m (truly) horrible at it.  I ultimately opted to go with a holy spec because, well…I don’t know, it seemed the right thing to do at the time and I like that little angel thingie.  Except, of course, when I’m trying to battle rez the damn priest with the friggin fail angel!  I mean, seriously?  Can’t you just cancel that damn thing so you can take your rez and I can stop waiting for it to go away?!   Oops…sorry, a little side tracked.  Back on topic! 

Where were we?  Oh, yes, my decision to go holy.  So, I have been going about my happy, holy, circle of healing, angelic way, none the wiser until I got drawn into this little bit of hilarity, and I started to wonder…did I make the right choice going Holy?  I mean…the pretty angel is cool, and circle of healing owns, but I, too, enjoy sparkly bubbles.  Then, quite inadvertently, I stumbled across this new blog, where there is a fantastic write up on discipline talents, spec-ing and glyphing (really fantastic material there if you’ve not checked it out yet!).  Wow!  Discipline looks…kinda fun, and interesting too!

Uh oh.  A decision.  And nowhere near enough information to decide!  You know…not everyone likes Baskin Robins and all of those 31 flavors!  Some people like vanilla and the simplicity that it brings!  Why, WHY, must we have all these options?!

Ok, I do like all the flavors options.  I rarely choose just vanilla.  I just hate being un-informed and wondering “what if the dark side really is better, and if they really do have cookies”.  And it’s not like there is guy behind the WoW counter with those little pink spoons going “would you like to try a sample?” so I can try it out before committing.

So who is right?! The Bubble Queen or The Crack Elves?  If you were leveling a priest that is going to heal through instances from 70 – 80, what would you do?  Laser beams and bubbles, or fantastic fail angel?

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Dear Bloodsail Admirals, Go Walk a Plank!   5 comments

I spoke a little while back about how I was really enjoying leveling Kitai, my baby warrior.  I am still mostly enjoying the slow crawl I’m taking with her as I level, just taking my time and moving along at my own pace.  She’s reached level 44 (woohoo!), and she is still pretty kick ass!

Anyhow, I digress.  It’s the whole being level 44 part while I’m questing that is turning out to be so much trouble.  You see, I am currently questing in STV, a place that I love for the atmosphere and greenery.  It also means that I’m helping those scurvy dogs in Booty Bay with a few things that require my assistance.  Now, I have no objections to this, morally or otherwise.  But I have recently found that the questing has been causing my rage bar to go up irl.

It’s not the quests themselves that are a problem, not at all!  It’s actually not so bad having to run all their errands, slaying what are sure to be endangered species along the way, especially now that I have a spiffy 100% ground mount!  I go about my business, doing their dirty work, even if some of it is underhanded.  I work my little green hands until they bleed!  I gather everything up in my overflowing bags and  head back to the pirate town to collect my fee for my efforts…only to find THAT SOME ASSHAT LEVEL 80 HAS KILLED ALL OF THE BLOODY QUESTGIVERS AND I CAN’T TURN ANYTHING IN!  (See, the rage it builds in me even just thinking about it!).

Yes, I know that you want your spiffy, piratey title.  Yes, I know that you want cool red pirate hat that summons some stupid, wanker parrot that won’t even talk to you anyways!  I DON’T CARE! 

Seriously, kill the guards, kill the bankers, kill the bloody inn keeper.  Just leave the damn quest givers alone!  I swear to Elune, I had a quest in my log for THREE DAYS BECAUSE THE QUEST GIVER WAS PERPETUALLY DEAD FROM YOUR ACTIONS!  I know for a fact that there are spots you can farm rep, where they mobs will almost insta-spawn for you after you’ve killed them.  And guess what THEY DON’T BLOODY WELL CAUSE A DISRUPTION TO EVERYONE TRYING TO QUEST IN THE DAMN ZONE!

Now, to be fair, I can’t provide 100% of the blame for this serious disruption all in the hands of those trying to become Bloodsail Admirals.  Oh no, there is clearly another party here in which I feel obliged to point my stubby green finger.  Yes, yes there is. DEAR BLIZZARD, PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE THE QUEST GIVERS NON-TARGETABLE NPCS!!!!  Yes, the level of fail here is huge.  You would think that this would have been something that would have been in Blizzard’s crystal ball, when they were talking about introducing the title for becoming a Bloodsail Admiral.

But no!  Let’s put a huge questing hub for those leveling in the 35-45 range at risk of having all of the NPCs dead on a regular basis, thus frustrating the ever living hell out of those young, and possibly new, players as they attempt to complete and accept quests, JUST SO SOME GUY CAN HAVE A COOL TITLE OVER HIS HEAD AND A STUPID HAT!  Dear Blizz Devs, please try completing a quest in Booty Bay during prime time on a full server.  THEN TELL ME HOW BLOODY FUN YOU THINK IT IS! 

*sigh*  I am well aware that my rage will have no effect on anything, but it does make me feel a lot better!  Hell hath not fury, and all that…

/rant off

In bits of non-rage randomnes:
Earendiljade – My hunter, and very first toon, has undergone the change from Night Elf to Troll!  And she’s got a fantastic new hairdo!
Naz’s Fragment Count – 26.  Four more fragments before we can stop full Ulduar 25 clears!
Ulduar HM Progress – Steelbreaker Down
TotGC Progress 25 - Phase 2 Beasts
TotGC Progress 10 – Working on Anub

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Meet Goldberrie. Formerly Human Warlock!   9 comments

For the Horde!

I know, I know.  Faction changes were yesterday’s news!  Catch up Beru, get with the times!  Whatever!

Last night I made the plunge and entered a faction change for my Alliance warlock, Goldberrie.  She is level 70, and was a human with a sharp haircut, appropriate for all the dirty work involved with being a warlock.  Originally I had convinced myself that I would level her to 80 on the alliance so that I could see the alliance Northrend quests, but with faction changes landing already, I was too excited about bringing her to the horde to wait! Read the rest of this entry »

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For The Horde! (RAWR!)   2 comments

In what little down time I’ve had between new content, old content, daily heroics, caring for my raptor and Blizzcon, I’ve been tinkering around on an unexpected alt, Kitai.  This is unexpected for a few reasons: 1) Earenn, Isulde and Goldberrie still await leveling, all sitting around level 71 and typically I would have leveled one of them up first; 2) I camped my warrior at around level 24ish, I think, I just really didn’t enjoy all the down time and lack of survivability that she had…she was also a very ugly orc; and 3) as I started playing her again I felt a very strong connection to not only her…but the horde, which is something I’m going to explore below a bit :)

So, what changed?  Well, honestly, the first thing that happened was simply that I was just burnt out on Northrend.  As it turns out a trip back to the old world was just what I needed, it really is incredibly refreshing!  The second thing was a mount.  With the change to being able to get your mount at level 20, I was able to get Kitai moving around a bit faster, which is so nice (omg!  I don’t dread running up and down STV anymore!).  I also invested in some of the heirloom gear for her.  Picking up the breastplate and the shoulders, which makes leveling go SO fast.  I’m leveling Fury (yes, I know “level arms”, but I like fury!) so when she hits 60 I’m also going to buy her two of the heirloom axes and throw crusader on them.  And lastly, I feel this very strong connection not only to Kitai as a character…but to my roots as an orc, which is so strange to be because I’ve never been drawn to the orc race before, ever.

This connection is what I really want to explore, because it is very intriguing to me.  I have always felt a connection to my characters before, but never so strongly to their race and their underlying lore.  I have 2 trolls (DK/Shaman), 1 tauren (Druid), 1 Human (Warlock), 1 Forsaken (Priest), 1 Night Elf (Hunter), 4 Blood Elves (Mage/Paladin/Warlock/Rogue) and 1 Orc (Warrior).  What is so odd to me, is that I feel such a strong connection to the race that I have never played until now, in large part based on how they look.  I certainly have a huge fondness for my druid, and she is “me” in game.  She has her own personality and I don’t think I could give her up for anything.  However, while I am connected to her as a character, I cannot say that I am connected to her as a Tauren.  Does that make any sense?  The forsaken have my favorite story lines in the game, lore wise, and I am fascinated by their rich history.  I always complete questlines that explore their lore, and enjoy them.  But I don’t really feel a strong connection to them, I am more like an outsider looking in.

With Kitai, I feel…well Horde.  Everything about me feels pride in my faction and my race when I play her.  Everything I do is to serve Thrall, and it is important to me that I do it well, and make him proud.  I have to push down urges to shout “FOR THE HORDE!” every time I level!  It’s really odd to me, because through 5 years of WoW no character has ever had this kind of impact on me.

Kitai’s Name

  • Kitai is a character in Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series.  She is a Marat, which is a race of human/barbarian people who are very in tune with nature and are set in clans which are bound to different animals, but generally shunned by “civilization” because they are different and misunderstood.  Kitai’s father is the leader of the Marat and is part of the Gargantuan clan, but Kitai herself very desperately wants to bind herself to her mother’s clan, which are bound to horses.  Kitai has long flowing white hair.  In the stories the Marat are brutal, but great fighters, and very wise, often seeing things that others don’t.  Kitai does not shy away from a battle, where she is described swinging two weapons (hence my favoring Fury).
  • I chose the name Kitai for my warrior, because she is a great fighter and fearless.  My warrior has a long flowing ponytail, and dual wields.
  • Like Kitai in the stories, my warrior is part of a clan that is considered barbaric by some, however those that get to know her can see that she is intelligent and thoughtful. 
  • Like Kitai’s father, Thrall is a strong and wise man who works to get peace for his people, but will not step down if his people are threatened.
  • Kitai is headstrong, and sometimes foolish.  But she is still young and will learn from her errors.

Feeling In Tune with Kitai

When I play my warrior, I definitely feel fearless…and at times reckless.  I recognize that for the entire existance of my people they have struggled for their survival.  I am keenly aware that my entire life has been tumoil, and that I am preparing myself for battles to come.  I realize that not only am I fearless, but wise to respect my enemies, as only a fool would not fear her foes.

I know that I will fall down many times on my journey, but it is expected of me to stand back up and charge back into battle.  I will fear death, but I will not fear dying.  I am vicious when I need to be, a fighter.  Those things encompass what I do, but do not dictate who I am.  I am also thoughtful.  I am not the barbarian that the alliance think I am, but I will not back down from a fight if it is required for my survival.  I wear my pride on my sleeve, and you will not tarnish it, except in defeat.  What is that?  You dare challenge me?



I really am very surprised about how in tune with Kitai when I play her.  I’m not playing Kitai, I am Kitai.  How about you?  Are there characters that you feel more in tune with?  That have their own identity?

What’s Up With Resto Shaman?   5 comments

Well…I did it!  Mynn managed to find herself at 80 on Sunday!  She’s such a big girl and grown up so fast!  I’m so proud! *sniff*

As soon as I hit 80, I went about my way spending lots of my suga-momma’s hard earned gold having some epics crafted to get me going.  I mean…a girl’s gotta look good on her first night out on the town, right?!  Of course she does ;)

I put on all my pretty new things, and set out on my way, mace in one hand and shield in the other, to see what kind of trouble I could find.  As I was doing this, I realized that we hadn’t see our raiding resto shaman in quite some time.  /sigh  Monolith is a shaman graveyard…no really, we are.  I can’t explain it, but we have been the last stop for many shaman since vanilla WoW. 

Of course, this got me to wondering…what’s up with Resto Shaman?  What makes them so hard to come by?  You always see recruitment open for them.  And once you have them, what makes them so hard to hang on to?

  • Is the healing boring?  My limited experience so far has been fairly fun, certainly more interesting than my paladin.  More buttons to push :)  But maybe shaman healing isn’t the cat’s meow?
  • Is the healing weak?  I don’t think so.  Our most recent shaman performed very well, and I have certainly seen other shaman perform very well.
  • Leveling?  As anyone that’s made a shaman knows, the first 30ish levels are just horrid, in any spec.  I think this makes the shaman a rarer breed in general.
  • The awesomeness of the DPS shaman?  Perhaps?  We have had one of our TBC resto shaman go elemental.  And I personally preferred the enhancement tree in TBC, and find the elemental tree immensely enjoyable currently.  Perhaps the DPS trees are just more interesting than the resto tree?  I don’t see how this could be though!  Riptide is hands down the coolest healing graphic in the game!
  • And then it dawned on me!  Totems!  That must be it!  All that damn button pushing every single time we move from one place to the next has burned them all out!  I do hate having to constantly drop all those totems (yes!  I know…I know nothing of totems you say, Mr. vanilla shaman!).

In all seriousness, though, does anyone else have a hard time recruiting and maintaining resto shaman on their raiding roster?  I’m quite curious if it’s just our bad karma or if it’s something in the gameplay that makes playing a resto shaman less enjoyable to play after extended periods of time.

Bits of Update Randomness

Last Hodir Kill: 3 minutes 5 seconds

Val’ynar Fragment Count: 23 (almost there!)

Number of Yogg -1 attempts: 3

Currently Reading:  Book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse Series – still enjoying them!

Next Alt: Isulde - Tank time here I come!  RAWR

Looking for:  a mod that monitors my earthshield charges.  Any suggestions?

Meet Mynn.   3 comments



Now that we’ve got Yogg-Saron down in 25, and our 10 man can clear the zone in ~4 hours (which means I am raiding 4-5 nights a week instead of 5-6 nights), I have a little bit of free time to get back to things other than Ulduar for a bit!  I will certainly admit that this is a very refreshing, and most welcome change!

In some of this fresh free time, I have decided to move my next alt up to 80.  Right now, in addition to my druid, I also have a Mage and a Paladin at 80. 

When I first created and leveled Mynn, she was enhancement.  As a matter of fact, she was the only melee class that I ever really managed to get anywhere!  (I’m a princess…I shouldn’t have to chase mobs to kill them :P)  I actually had a ton of fun with Mynn and played her very frequently. 

The bottom line was that Mynn was bad ass.  I mean, seriously bad ass.  Harley Davidson, chick in leather, bright red lipstick, bad ass.

There is just something incredibly liberating about punching things in the face and smashing that storm strike button that I just couldn’t resist.  Mynn made me feel rebellious!  Free!  Thelma and Louise!

And then something awful happened.  Wrath of the Lich King released, and I really didn’t like the changes made to the enhancement tree…Mynn’s bitchin’ leather pant wearing days were fast falling behind her, and not because she couldn’t squeeze into them any more!

No…this hot mama is now sporting a much more, uh, unique, don’t get caught in a lightning storm, type of look.

She is now resto/elemental.  And while I do find that fun, I just don’t get the same feeling of liberation from mashing the lightning bolt button that I did from smashing people in the face with storm strike.  (Not to mention that fist weapons look WAY cooler than healing weapons ;)).

I am, however, enjoying her nonetheless.  I find shaman healing to be a lot of fun, and riptide has got to have the coolest animation of any healing graphic in the game!  She is currently level 74, and hopefully will see level 75 tonight so I can run some more instances and get a better feel for her new playstyle!

As I level her, and have new healing experiences with her, I will be giving random Mynn updates with any healing tips that I come across in my endeavors!  (I am currently toying with different, shaman-y, things in my Grid!)

Random Trivia Fact!  Mynn is a variant of Min who is a character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  She was one of my favorite characters in the series.

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