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You can please some of the people some of the time. . .   9 comments

One of the first things I do at work after booting up, getting my tea, and making sure that all of my pertinent business is taken care of, is to check out what’s going on in the community.  Today Keeva wrote a post responding to Jacemora which caught my fancy and and has touched on something that I have had thoughts on previously, so I wanted to throw in my two cents while I had two cents to offer.

The real crux of both of the arguments from the presenters above, it would seem, stem from a long standing Casual vs. Hardcore debate that has been brewing in WoW since the days of Molten Core.  This has been further escalated by Blizzard’s new design philosophy that allows a greater number of their subscribers to see more of the content.  One would think that was great!  Right?

Yes…and no.

So what the heck is the problem?  The Cliff’s Notes version of the answer is that some of those in the “hardcore” community feel that the content has been dumbed down so much for all of the “casuals” that there isn’t anything to provide them with an adequate challenge, which is what made the game fun for them.  The “casuals” are telling the “hardcore” to stop being elitists who are only complaining because they are upset that they have to “share” the raid content now.

Hrm…this is quite the conundrum!

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This Guild Has Been Rated NC-17!   6 comments

A little while back Graylo wrote a post touching on a subject that intrigued me quite a bit and I think presents some interesting questions.  I’ve just now put my thoughts together to submit my two cents on the topic, and I am also curious to see how my readerbase thinks through the issues that Graylo raises as compared to how Graylo’s readers responded to his thoughts.

The issue is as follows: Is it appropriate to deny membership into a guild based on age or gender?

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What, exactly, is a “good guild”?   4 comments

Last night we had a full night of raiding on Yogg. We had a heartbreaking 2% wipe on Yogg. We had frustrations on Yogg. We did not kill Yogg. By the end of our raid I was mentally exhausted and frustrated. I was sosure that we were going to have a Yogg kill yesterday that I would have put money on it. I logged out of the game disappointed and, well, angry. Perhaps “emotional” is a really better word for the mix of feelings that I had.

In my slew of emotions, I wondered to myself why am I so upset about this, whydoes it bother me so much. Those are really very hard questions to answer…and if you really get down to it, delve deep into my psyche. Read the rest of this entry »

Holy @#!*ing Lag Batman!   1 comment

For weeks the guilds on our server have been complaining about the horrible, almost unplayable lag plaguing our Ulduar instance server.  I had never really experienced this very much, as our raid schedule doesn’t start until Wednesday, and if we have lag it is just at the start of the instance, and is usually cleared up in a couple of hours and then we don’t see it again for the rest of the week.

Until this week. . .

This week we altered our raid schedule to accommodate for the holiday weekend, and removed our Sunday raid, but added a Tuesday raid.  Everyone in the guild was reminded why we don’t raid on Tuesdays as we sloughed through the Siege and Antechamber.  Ever done Ignis when the flame jet debuff is completely off of everyone before the graphics actually toss you into the air?  Yea…not fun.  We wiped three times on Deconstructor, not because of poor play, but because by the time the adds showed up on the screen, they were already to him.  Healing through tantrum…forget it.

I went in last night with high hopes of a lag free and productive evening.  And then we pulled Mimiron.  Did you know that if there is lag present Laser Barrage can, and will!, go 360 degrees?  Healing through Plasma Blast when you can’t see the debuff?  WOOHOO!  We will not get the two full raid nights we had hoped for on Yogg this week as a result.  Hell, we didn’t even get all 4 keepers down last night, we have Hodir to keep us company tonight!

I finally understand what all of those other guilds have been complaining about, and how fortunate we have been with our raid schedule keeping us out of the worst of it.  And I have to agree with them, Blizzard really should find a solution to alleviate this problem.  I don’t know if patch 3.1.2 or the hardware upgrades Blizzard was making this week exasperated this situation, but raiding like this is taxing on all players and is just flat out not fun.

I’m also fairly convinced that the lag gods do not accept prayers.  Our moonkin did however suggest sacrificing a troll, undead, and blood elf to them to see if that worked…

Anyone else on a server/battlegroup with these issues?  How do you combat them?

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Hey, Watch that Shadow Crash! Thinking through General Vezax.   6 comments

The past week or so I have been living and breathing the General Vezax encounter in my mind. Our 25 man got to him last Monday night, and we just had one of “those” nights (you all know what I’m talking about, we all have them!). After a fantastic raid week, it was almost like we just ran out of steam. From bizzare multiple pulls of the boss during clearing the trash (FYI mirror image during trash clears in the room with Vezax = BAD), to just stumbling around the mechanics of the encounter.

All in all, we probably got maybe 2.5 hours worth of online attempts in on the encounter our first night…which was about 10 pulls. This fight has a number of things going against it with regards to the “learning” curve.

 First and formost is that you are up against a good bit of trash every two hours; which in itself is fine. However, this is the only boss in Ulduar so far that actually has a “run back”. There is no teleporter to take you right outside of the bosses room. And for the first time in quite awhile, we found it quicker to “recover” after a wipe then to have everyone release and run back. We set a five minute recovery benchmark, this means that everyone needs to be rezzed, buffed and ready to pull within five minutes.  Our pulls were averaging 5-7 minutes in length a peice; add another minute to that for everyone in the raid to wipe (FYI rogues, hunters and mages, just bloody well DIE already, so we can recover faster…PLEASE). That puts each attempt at roughly 10-13 minutes, which allows you approximately 4-6 pulls an hour. Read the rest of this entry »

Phew!   3 comments

I’m not an overly prolific poster, but I do try to post fairly regularly.  This past week though was tough!  We moved to a larger place, which was nice as we were living in a tiny 692 sq. ft. one bedroom unit.  But along with all the moving, comes a HUGE time commitment…and oh god, the boxes.  Please, no more boxes!

Why am I posting about this here?  For two reasons, so that the handful of you that happen to follow me know that I’ve not died and gone to tree heaven, and to give some tips on how to stay connected while doing something like moving!

We picked up our keys on Thursday night, and we turned in our old keys on Sunday.  Not only was I able to move, I was able to complete my Children’s week achievements and maintain our guild’s raid schedule without a hiccup as a result of our change.

Now, some people would say “Beru…you crazy!  Why worry about the game when you have such a big event occurring in your life!”.  And my response would be that the game, and my guild is very important to me.  I work hard to make sure that we function like a well oiled machine, and I don’t want to be the wrench caught in the cog that causes the clock to stop.  If there is a way to achieve both things, I want to try to accomplish that! Read the rest of this entry »

Ulduar Week Two Thoughts   Leave a comment

We have now had our second week in Ulduar, so I thought I’d opine on what I think of the zone again!

Both our 10 and 25 man progression is now identical, both sitting at 10/14 bosses down.  I am quite pleased with this, and think that our guild has done a fantastic job not only preparing for the zone, but coming in and getting the job done.  Our 25 man raids for roughly 20 hours a week, and has really risen to the occasion with the raid time that we have! 

Our 10 man (aka Mono Lab) threw themselves mercilessly at Mimiron for about 3 hours last Saturday, and was regularly making it to phase 4, when we opted to give it a rest for a bit and do some additional off line preparation for our next run at him.  Our 25 man bested Thorim at the end of our raid last night, there were new helms and much rejoicing, and hopefully means that we will get some face time with Mimiron this coming raid week. Read the rest of this entry »

Disappointment   2 comments

Since the last time that I’ve posted, I’ve been spending just about all of my free time inside of Ulduar.  We were able to knock out Razorscale on Thursday night, and then our 10 man group went to Friday and Saturday and we cleared 9 of the 14 bosses in the zone.  Now, I’m sure a lot of you reading this are looking at the title and going…wtf, how can she be disappointed?!?! Read the rest of this entry »

Ulduar – Night One   2 comments

We finally got into Ulduar last night for about 90 minutes.  All of the servers in the Vindication battle group, including ours, went down right as we were getting ready to form the raid at about 8:15.  They came back up about 9:00 and we were able to get into the zone and get started.  We pulled down two people, because not everyone had made it back on by the time the server finally made it back.

We gave instructions and direction for Flame Leviathan, and assigned everyone a role.  Then we got everyone into their vehicles.  It took us two pulls to kill him on easy mode.  Overall I think the fight was fun.  I’m not a huge fan of the vehicle based encounters, but it was scaled in such a fashion that you just need to be competent in the vehicles.  I was a passenger in a demolisher, and one of the things that really bothered me is everytime my driver changed facing…so did my gun. Read the rest of this entry »

Setting Raid Priorities and Goals   Leave a comment

As it turns out, last night was Monolith’s last night of officially raiding Naxxramas, Sartharion and Malygos.  We did very well with that content, having killed everything in just over a month after release.  One thing that I feel the leadership, including myself, failed a little bit in was setting our goals and priorities.  We knew that tracking “progression” would be achievement focused, but we did not start to push achievements until much too late.  And as a result our guild is sitting just The Immortal short of their Heroic: Glory of the Raider achievement.  And in that, I think that we failed.  Read the rest of this entry »

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