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Getting Grid Ready for The Bastion of Twilight   3 comments

Cho’gall – beware of his insanity!  To protect Azeroth, we must venture into the Bastion of Twilight to defeat him.  However, he is powerful and has many allies that will stand in our way.  In an effort to aid us on our journey, I have put together a list of the likely debuffs our foes will throw at us on the way.  I’ve sorted out what I think will be useful to add to Grid to help you on your way!  (As always, I refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs.)

Please keep in mind that these debuffs are from my encounter research and best guess, most came from the beta and are not set in stone!  If you get into the encounters and realize that a debuff is different, please update your debuffs accordingly!  I will do my best to keep this post updated as I learn new things from my experiences with the encounters :)  Additionally, if you come across anything new, please let me know, so that I can update my lists!  These are not exhaustive lists, and I may have missed somethings.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting Grid Ready for The Throne of the Four Winds   2 comments

Uldum.  Home of the D’jin and built by the Titans.  Inside there are mysteries and challenges that await us, but are you ready to meet them?  I hope that I am!  I have filtered my way through the known debuffs of the two encounters found in the zone, and drafted up a guide on the debuffs you may want to add into grid before venturing in!  (As always, I refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs.)

Please keep in mind that these debuffs are from my encounter research and best guess, and as all of them are from Beta tests and datamining, they are by no means set in stone!  If you get into the encounters and realize that a debuff is different, please update your debuffs accordingly!  I will do my best to keep this post updated as I learn new things from my experiences with the encounters :)  Additionally, if you come across anything new, please let me know, so that I can update my lists!  These are not exhaustive lists, and I may have missed somethings.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Relearning to Heal   26 comments

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As timely as it may be, this post isn’t referring to the upcoming Cataclysm changes. Although, I do think the title would be appropriate for that as well! What I actually want to talk about is, well, relearning to heal! Have I confused you yet?

Awhile back you may recall that I mentioned I am working on leveling a mini-me. That is another little druid to tinker around with, who is, down to her professions, an exact copy of Beru. I have gotten her up to level 70 through a combination of questing and LFD healing, and on my journey I have had to relearn how to heal without all of the tools and gear that Beru has available to her. It has been quite the challenge, and anyone who says “healing is boring” should go make themselves a mini-me and challenge themselves.
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Do Healers Have A Bad Attitude?   30 comments

This past weekend I made the decision that I was going to finally follow through with leveling an Alliance character through the WotLK quests. I usually do try to see the “other” side of each expansion to see how things are different. Having transferred almost all of my alliance characters over to the horde (FOR THE HORDE!), rather than transferring one of them back I opted to resurrect a character that hasn’t been played since Vanilla. My level 60 Dwarf Paladin. Now, we gave him a face lift and a sex change because I kind of really wanted a space goat. And we painfully re-leveling mining to go with my engineering, after having dropped it back in Vanilla to DE some old gear.

I decided that I would level Ret/Prot this go, already having a Holy Paladin, although I am sure by the time she hits 80 she will probably be Holy/Prot, but you never know! Only I had one serious problem: I was lacking some heirloom gear for her! I was able to transfer over the shoulders and breastplate that I had on my DK, but I was missing a weapon and some trinkets. No problem, right?! WRONG! This character is on my “other” account, with the only 80 on that account being my priest. A priest who is my least played healer, and isn’t really swimming in badges!

That’s ok though, I was determined and it’s just some instances, right? No biggie! And so I decided to spend some time healing in LFD. Read the rest of this entry »

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But I Can Be A Paladin Too! Right?   11 comments

Yesterday I opened up my mailbag and found the following question:

“I was recently “informed” that resto druids are “Dead Last” in effectiveness of tank healing. I realize our raid heals are kick ass, but to have someone tell me we suck as tank healers, or that we should be last priority when assigning a healer to a tank, struck a nerve. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are! To be quite honest this has enraged me a bit… obviously I’m a bit biased… but I am wondering if there is proof to back me up that resto druids are fantastic tank healers, as well as raid healers.”

Now, I noticed that Bell had a similar query and provided her thoughts on the topic. She has some very good points, so I very much suggest that you go read what she had to say on the matter! However, I thought I’d share my two cents as well.

My first comment would be that what you were told, and what you were perceived to have been told, seem to be a little bit different, at least from an outsider’s view =). The comment that was made, being that we are the least effective tank healers, is, well, it is pretty spot on. However, I don’t read that as saying “Druids suck as tank heals” as much as “There are others that can do the job better”. And there is a big difference in the two. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rethinking Living Spirit   21 comments

There is currently some discussion going on over in the Resto Druid Thread over at EJ regarding the current benefits being offered by Living Spirit for those that are progressed into T10 raiding content and are sitting at 1000+ base spirit in their current gear and utilizing a Celestial Focus build.  The thought is that dropping two points in Living Spirita, a talent that has long been considered “cookie cutter”, at this level of gear to pick up two points in Empowered Touch is a larger benefit to your overall throughput as a healer.

Interesting, no?  Well, I thought so!  So let’s take a look at it and see what we think, shall we?

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Magnificent Mynn Update!   15 comments

A little while ago I did a post asking for help with my shaman. I read through everyone’s comments on the post and read a post on Power Auras, and made a few changes to Mynn (special thanks to Lash who took the time in game to help me figure out configuring power auras!). Drug was curious on how my shaman adventures would turn out, so I thought that I’d give a little update!

First, let me say that I have not completely re-gemmed yet. Most of my gems are SP/Haste, but I know that I should rock straight haste gems in my yellow sockets. I’m a’workin’ on it! Oh…and while I did enchant my boots since my last post, I got NEW boots that need a gem and an enchant still. I’m a’workin’ on that too! :) Ok, now that we have that out of the way!

I made a few changes. Most notably, I picked up Power Auras and made some very minimal settings for things that I needed help with. Such as:


Keeping earthliving on my weapon. This was something that I absolutely sucked at doing. I’d go an entire instance/raid without realizing that I had forgotten to put up/refresh earthliving. That is why this particular setting is massive and “in my face”. It only comes up when earthliving drops from my weapon, and it will stay on my screen until I refresh earthliving. Needless to say, my absentee earthliving days are in the past :)


The next setting that I did was to let me know when Riptide was on cooldown.  While I had previously thought that I did a fair job about incorporating riptide into my rotation, I was flat out dead wrong.  I had apparently been a riptide failure!  I just didn’t realize it until I had something pointing out how god awful I was at making sure I kept riptide active.  The actual text in this shot is from MSBT, I need to go in and turn it off, as it’s repetitive and un-needed, I just havent’ done so yet.


Much like riptide, I never really noticed how much I let my earthshield fall off until I had something pointing out when it wasn’t up.  Now, I have GRID set up to show me when earthshield is active on a target but in the heat of battle would often look and see that it had fallen off, and I wasn’t sure how long ago.  I also really struggled at keeping it up when I was in 5 man settings and not using GRID.  This bad boy pops up when earthshield has fallen off my party/raid and needs to me applied.  Much like my earthliving reminder, it will sit on my screen until I refresh it.

Water Shield

And lastly, watershield!  Just like everything else, I was shocked to learn how frequently I was letting this drop.  This reminder acts just as my earthshield reminder above.

So, how did that work out for me?

Well, here are a couple of parses from raids I did with Mynn since my post, and making the changes to both my healing and adding a few power auras settings (you will find Mynn only in the 25N ToC portion of these parses, and the second parse provided had a fair few of our progression raiders healing with me, which means I was much lower overall on the meters, but my personal performance breakdowns were still much better I feel).  Overall I was quite pleased with the changes.  My healing shows a much higher diversification of spell usage, and much higher uptimes on both my earthshield and riptide usage.  The higher uptime on riptide also meant I had more uptime on tidal waves, which was significant as well.  And while I know there is a still a long ways to go, I feel slightly more confident in my abilities to heal as a shaman, and didn’t feel as if I was floundering around quite as much!

Mynn is still a project in the works, but one that I feel some improvement on and that I’m starting to enjoy a bit more!  As always, any additional suggestions on how I can continue to grow and improve are welcome :)

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Shaman SoS: Help!   21 comments

I am a pretty fail shaman.  Amongst other things, I constantly forget earthliving on my weapon…but I think I’ve gotten pretty good about keeping watershield up now!  I desperately want to unfail as a shaman, but I just am not quite sure how.  I am pretty stubborn and hard-headed at times, and generally try to figure things out on my own by researching, “reading the manual” and trial and error.  Unfortunately, these things aren’t helping me :(

If you follow my blog, you know that my main is a fairly accomplished resto druid (Beruthiel).  What you may, or may not know, is that I also have each of the healing classes at level 80, with a Holy Paladin (Dannie), Disc Priest (Earenn) and Resto Shaman (Mynn).

It’s Mynn that we are here to talk about today (Hello, Mynn).

I leveled Mynn as pure enhance from level 1-70, and played exclusively enhance throughout TBC.   I was good at it, and I really loved it.  However, with WotLK I found that I didn’t care for the enhance changes and I decided I’d try something different and went Elemental giving her dual spec resto.  With the constant need for heals, resto became my main shaman spec quite early on in her leveling process, with Elemental becoming just a means to level.  And even now, my resto gear has so far surpassed my elemental gear that I’m not even sure why I mention she has an elemental spec.

But here is the problem:  I am not at all comfortable in my shaman skin, and feel like a failure of a resto shaman.  If mediocrity was my thing, I’d be golden.  But it’s not.  And I want to do well.

 My struggle is this: I feel that I’m a fairly competent healer, but I find that I struggle horribly with my shaman in just about most settings from 5 mans to 25s.  In 5s with a good tank, and DPS that doesn’t do too many stupid things, I am fine.  But, put me into a challenging situation (say, H HoR) with a slightly undergeared tank (say, Brade’s DK) and some DPS that doesn’t always assist and I just flail.  Give me a simple 25 man raid where there is just lots of raid damage and I can fall asleep on my chain heal button I feel OK…but put me in a 10 man, such as a TotGC where I have much more responsibility as a healer and I just feel like I can’t keep up my end of the deal.

I’ve done a decent amount of research, realized that I made some errors in my gemming/gear that I’m working towards fixing (silly shaman trying to gem like a paladin, get yourself some more haste already!).  I think I have a decent spec and viable gear, but I could be wrong, and I know that some of her pieces need upgrades (and her boots enchanted!).   Perhaps it just all comes down to that I just don’t “get” shaman healing.  I feel so clumsy and uncomfortable when I heal with her and often at a loss when it comes down to being in a pinch.  With my paladin, priest and druid everything feels so natural to me, yet my shaman feels so…forced.

The best way I think I can describe it is that with my other healers I feel that they have something they “excel” at, but my shaman truly feels like she’s a jack of all trades, and master of none.  Now from reading varying sources, I know that this isn’t necessarily true.  But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or how to make healing on Mynn feel more natural.  Hell, I’d even settle for just being a more competent shaman healer!

So I ask you, my fellow trolls, tauren, orcs and spacegoats, what am I doing wrong?! (You will find Mynn in the normal parses, and to be slightly fair to myself both Nazyud and Virile are main healers on our progression team).  What are your secret tips and tricks in tough situations?  How do you remember to keep earthliving on your damn weapon?  (I swear, I never had trouble remembering to keep WF on them as enhance!).  Have I completely failed in my gear, gemming, glyphing choices?  I want to “get it”, I want to learn, I want to hear the wind, dammit!

Will trade the secrets of the grove for totem talk!

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Does the New Dungeon Finder Discourage Communication?   15 comments

Like many people this weekend, I spent a good deal of time utilizing the new dungeon finder tool.  I did groups with all my characters from Beru to Tsuname.  Some I did as complete PuGs, and some Brade joined me as a tank and we just had to PuG DPS.  Overall, my groups have been fairly solid, with just a few hiccups, and I’ve only had to place 3 people on ignore. But I have noticed one thing: more often than not, the groups never say a single thing to each other.

I really do like the dungeon finder tool, and it is quite clearly very popular.  But I wonder if it has taken some of the socialization out of what is supposed to be a social game.  It is a little bit disconcerting to enter into a group and never even get so much as a “hello” or “good evening” before you get down to business.  I understand that people aren’t necessarily there to shoot the breeze, but would a little bit of social courtesy be such a bad thing? Read the rest of this entry »

3.3: Getting Grid Ready for Ice Crown’s First Push!   7 comments

3.3 is today, and you can almost feel the air crackle with the excitement in the community.  A new 5 man, a new raid zone, perky the pug…what isn’t there to be excited about!  Well for those of you venturing into Ice Crown Citadel with your maces, daggers, swords and staves polished to be the backbone of your raid, let’s discuss which of these new maladies we will be seeing this week and want Grid to communicate to us.  (As always, I refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs.)

Please keep in mind that these debuffs are from my encounter research and best guess, and are not set in stone!  If you get into the encounters and realize that a debuff is different, please update your debuffs accordingly!  I will do my best to keep this post updated as I learn new things from my experiences with the encounters :)  Additionally, if you come across anything new, please let me know, so that I can update my lists!  These are not exhaustive lists, and I may have missed somethings.

Lord Marrowgar – You will likely want to be aware of the following debuffs on players:

  • Bone Spike (debuff may be named differently, potentially “Impale”) Impaled – This one is going to be hugely important for healers!  A player impaled with a bone spike will be taking 10% of their health in damage every 5 seconds, and quick heals will be crucial to their survival.
  • Cold Flame (may not place a debuff) – I am going to add this one, just in case it places a DoT on the person that can’t gtfo of the fire.  Why?  Because it’s 7k damage a second to someone who is standing in it!
  • Saber Lash – This will probably not be hugely integral as far as knowing who to heal, but as a raid leader, I want to make sure that all three of my tanks are receiving the debuff.  *May not show as a debuff.
  • Unknown Debuff associated with Bone Storm – Possibly called “Bone Storm” or “Whirlwind of Bone”.  This will be another debuff that will be important for healers to be aware of as anyone that gets hit by Marrowgar while he is whirlwinding will receive a bleed effect debuff and will need extra heals.  ***edit – try as I might last night, I could not find a debuff to put with this.  Party member indicated that they were taking some damage, but no one could find a debuff, and no one could determine if the damage was from being nicked by the boss or a DoT.

Lady Deathwhisper – You will probably want to be aware of the following debuffs on players:

  • Death and Decay – your basic stay out of the bad shit…but those who fail will need extra heals :)
  • Dominate Mind – Know who is mind controlled, and who needs to be CC’d until their MC wears off.
  • Frost Fever – A clensable disease that will be placed on players by the adherants.
  • Curse of Torpor – an unconfirmed curse that is cast by the adherants.
  • Necrotic Strike – this will reduce healing on your tank and is cast by cult fanatics.  It will be important that tanks will this debuff get fast heals to offset the strike and so that heals can resume normally on him/her.
  • Touch of Insignificance (potentially a “heroic” ability) – This will be a stacking debuff that your tanks may or may not receive that stacks up to 5 times, reducing their threat by 20% for each stack.  It will be important to know how many stacks a given tank has to facilitate tank switches and heals.  All DPS needs to keep in mind that both of the tanks need to be 1-2 on the threat meters!

Gunship Battle – True Story…when I heard about this fight, and then thought about my guild doing this fight, at blizzcon I /facepalmed in real life!

  • Wounding Strike – This will be a MS effect that will be placed on the tank who is tanking Sergeant Kor’kron/Skybreak.  Healers will need to be aware of when this effect is active on their tanks.

I know of no other debuffs that we need to be aware of at this time, but will update it if/when I learn of more abilities that we will need to know about.

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • Mark of the Fallen Champion – This will be of the utmost importance for healers to know about.  It will cause each person with this debuff to take significant amounts of damage throughout the encounter, and they will require dedicated healing for the duration of the fight.  Healers must know who has this debuff!
  • Boiling Blood – this will be a DoT that can be placed on up to 6 members of the raid at a time, and must be healed through.  The DoT will tick every 3 seconds for 24 seconds.  It will be imperative that healers are aware who has this debuff.
  • Blood Rune – this will be a debuff that is placed on the tank.  If tank switches are possible (likely, and semi-confirmed), it may be is important to know which tank is effected with this debuff.

Again, this is just what I have pulled together from my research and is likely not an exhaustive list!  Please remember to be flexible throughout your raid nights ahead of you, and make changes as needed.  If you learn of any new debuffs, please share.

Have fun, and good luck to everyone as you travel forward on your quest to Arthas! :)

 ***edited 12/09/09 to add in what I learned from 12/08 raid.


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