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Wish Lists and Random Thoughts   5 comments

The other day Jaysla made a checklist of things that she’d like to complete before Cataclysm hit, and asked if anyone else had things that they wanted to check off of their lists. Well, as it turns out I do!

Similarly to Jaysla, I posted a “make a wish” type thread in our forums to see what people wanted to get done before Cataclysm. My wishes on that list included The Immortal (oh how I hate you, acheivement) and perhaps alone in the darkness. However, I have a few personal wishes as well:

1) Anzu’s mount. The damn thing is a myth, I tell you!
2) A 25 man frostbrood vanquisher. I am fairly confident this will not be a problem for us. Three more hard modes to go, and we’ve done many of the acheivements and put work into the hardest of them.
3) Go finish Sunwell. It’s been almost two years, surely my hate for the place has sufficiently subsided, right?
4) Get my gruntling a pony bridle. Mostly so Brade will stop giving me shit about it.
5) Exalted with the defilers. /whine

All in all, I am really pleased with my personal progress this expansion and even if I don’t get my wish list cleared, I don’t think I will have any regrets going into Cataclysm!

Do you have any goals you’d like to acheive before Cataclysim?

And so I don’t disapoint, or be accused of false advertising, a bit of randomness. I would like to introduce to proof that the devil exists, and is in the employ of MARS:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The devil I tell you! /crave

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My Bags, My Business!   6 comments

I am an EJ benefactor. What does that mean? Well pretty simply that I support EJ by giving an annual donation to help support the maintenence of their forums.

Beru, I hear you say, wtf does this have to do with your backpack size?!?! Well…I’m gettin’ there!

Anyhow, one of the “perks” of being a benefactor is access to forms that are only open to benefactors. Within these forums there is all manner of topics discussed. The other day, I read a comment from another benefactor who indicated that he had no pity for anyone complaining about bag space who was carrying around a titanium seal of Dalaran…

And I thought “damn, it’s a good think this guy can’t peak into my bags!”, because, um, yea…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you see my backpack?! It is full of what I consider “fun” things that enhance my gameplay! Let’s take an inventory of the kind of “junk” that I am carrying around:

A Party Bomb – because sometimes you’ve just got to dance!

A Toy Train – um, hi, choo choo; ’nuff said.

One Red Ribbon Leash – I have 129 non-combat pets! You seriously don’t expect me to walk them without a leash, do you?

One Super Simian Sphere – Monkey Ball. That is all.

Pet Biscuits – My pets get hungry!

One Train Wrecker – uh…who can resist a tiny mechanical gnome who dances?!

One Murloc Suit – Hi, I can dress up as a Murloc whenever I want! This really doesn’t need justification, does it?

One Titanium Seal of Dalaran – because WoW doesn’t have a “coin flip” app!

An Ogre Pinata – You can loot bubble gum. BUBBLE GUM! *pop*

One Imp in a Ball – “will we kill HM LDW tonight?” “ask again later” yes, folks, this right here is the best raid planning tool available to you!

One Orb of the Sin’Dorei – Because WoW has yet to add a plastic surgeon to make Tauren as sexy as BELFs.

One Iron Boot Flask – ok…I’ll admit that these wired mechano-dwarfs kinda freak me out. But, sometimes I’m feeling short and stout dammit!

The Whistle of The White Raptor – tiny little dinasaurs that I can ride? Yes please.

One Foam Sword Rack – ever had a key person like a tank run late or go link dead before a pull? I promise this sucker will make everyone forget they are sitting with their thumb up their ass while waiting! Plus, um, “bonked” owns.

A spectral tiger sandbox toy thingie – because I can’t afford the real thing!

One Timbermaw Trinket – You never know when you might need your Furlbog guardian!

A Haunted Memento – I know it’s creepy…but at least I know I’m never alone!

Sure, perhaps these doo-dads aren’t mandatory to any sort of progression success, but they are a lot of fun! And why shouldn’t I carry around a veritable toy shop if it makes me laugh now and again? To me those little gadgets are just valuable in my bags as the gear sets, flask mats and glyphs that are required for raiding.

I guess maybe different people find different things important when considering how to allocate their precious bag space!

What kind of “essentials” are you carrying around in your bags?!

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Make A Memory: The Hinterlands   12 comments

One of my favorite places in all of Azeroth is The Hinterlands.  I always make an effort to come out to this zone to quest.  I know a lot of people dislike it, but I love it.  I think I’ve done it on every character that I’ve got.  I think the troll lore is fascinating, and really enjoy many of the troll towns that are in the game.  I find this particular zone peaceful and tranquil, in a very sort of naturey way.  I think that this is the true habitat of the trolls of Azeroth, and I’m not sure if there is another zone currently in the game that exhibits it quite as well.  I also have fond memories of coming out and doing the Jintha’Alor quests, trekking up and through the cave for the Ancient Egg.  Dying as the runners got loose, or you made one too many friends :)

Of the zones that becomes drastically changed with Cataclysm, I really hope that this one doesn’t get destroyed.  I hope that the forest here stays mostly in tact.  I think I would become very sad if I came out here and found it a barren wasteland, torn apart.

I think it’s partly because of it’s rich Troll Lore, which I love (plus they’ve got great music!).

And I think it’s partly because of how beautiful the zone itself is.

What memories do you have of The Hinterlands?

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Monday Musings, Extra Random!   11 comments

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’ve a lot floating around in my head, so rambling ahoy!

On Raiding – Valithria HM had our number last night. We got close! (98%) But couldn’t quite shore it up. About the time our portal team got everything together, the rest of the raid was pittering down, not that I can blame them; I do believe the non-portal portion of the encounter is very tedious. We pushed her for our full Sunday raid night, which in hindsight perhaps was a mistake. But it was hard to be so damn close and not keep going…and I think most people were of the same mind set.

Personally, I did terrible. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think I was too concerned about the raid. I am capable of running around 24-26k HPS…and last night averaged only about 12k. I need to shut off my leader, must save everyone, instincts and just heal the damn dragon. If I didn’t need to worry about the health of those taking the portals with me I would just turn GRID off completely for the encounter.

We were definitely close. If we had gotten a tad more time on another raid night this week, I think we would have gotten it but we are out of time this week if we want a LK kill. This is the first week that we’ve not gotten our target HM boss down, but I have no doubts that we will be well on our way and will get it done this coming week. After reading some…I’m thinking about sending a 5th healer into the portals. Hmmmm.

On Alts – So mini-me (aka Elentari) hit 52. I didn’t really play her a ton, because I wound up playing some of my level 80 alts, which was also fun! However, I learned a very important lesson regarding LFD. There are just some zones you do not PuG. Like Suken Temple, for example. I must admit that I got into one late Friday evening…and I was a bit tired, and maybe a little cranky, which in itself might have been just fine. However, the poor tank had never done the zone before…and the first two pulls took us somewhere in the vicinity of 15 minutes. I politely bowed out. And honestly just told the group that I didn’t have the patience for the zone tonight, and that I was cranky and felt I would just make the group miserable. I felt a bit bad about it…but by the end of the zone I’m quite certain I would have been snappy and turned into one of those people that I hate in the LFD system.

I had some fun with both my shaman and my paladin in ICC. My shaman is now over 1100 haste, I’m so proud! However, I think the thing I am more proud of is a VoA 10 that I did with my shaman. Why? Well, you see we were having trouble finding tanks so I told the other healer (who also has a tank), that I might could solo heal it, but I wasn’t sure. And you know what? I sure did solo heal that sucker. Both the ice and fire guy. On my little shaman who could. The healer that I’m the least comfortable with, and it was a lot of fun and between the two bosses, I didn’t lose a single person! While that may not seem like a bit deal for some (and I never would have questioned being able to solo heal it on my druid), my shaman isn’t sporting the best gear out there!

I received a compliment on my healing from someone who never passes them out which made me feel pretty good =)

On Failing as a Moonkin – So, my progression 10 man (that runs one night a week) is now 10/12 HM. For whatever reason, Putricide is giving us fits. Although to be fair, we’ve spent maybe 3 hours on him over two raids. We’ve seen phase 3, but for some reason couldn’t get there on Saturday. Anyhow, I digress. So in my progression 10 man, we decided that I would moonkin on DBS while our paladin and priest healed it, so that I could knock the adds back, a’la our 25 man strategy.

Last week when I did it, I did OK, but I had been pretty lax about keeping up with my moonkin gear. Not snagging up off-spec pieces where perhaps I should have, and I realized that I was still sporting 2 pieces of 232 T9. I felt that I really needed to get myself together and felt a little embarrassed that I had been a little lax, and so I purchased my 2 T10 set, and made some adjustments to my gear. I need some ring and trinket upgrades…but I can finally stop using my hit trinket from Naxx 10. Although, I’m fairly certain that I’m just going to replace it with my heroic Abacus until I can get my hands on a spyglass.

Anyhow, I digress again. So I got my moonkin gear in order. And while I do good damage staring down a target dummy, I really don’t moonkin much, so felt I should get some practice in. And so I DPS’d a ToC 10…and while I wasn’t killing the meters, I did respectably well. I certainly left feeling more confident in my abilities as a moon chicken. I also did a VoA 10, with Brade’s warlock, and I managed to pass him as well. (And believe me when I tell you he’s competitive!). However, I could be doing better. So, I have decided that I am going to try to run at least one raid during the week as a moonkin, to work on improving my performance so that I am more comfortable wearing my feathers.

On Druid Changes In Cataclysm – They’ve made another announcement regarding another resto change in Cataclysm. That is to say that they will be increasing the cooldown on Wild Growth again. Really? Ugh. And the comment that was made by Ghostcrawler was terribly contradictory. He indicated that they could just make the spell so expensive that you really had to think about using it, as opposed to just utilizing it off of cooldown. Um…well, isn’t the whole reason that you are making all of these changes so that healers have to “think” more? Anyhow…

Just something else to tuck away into the “let’s see how it goes” file. Man that file is getting pretty damn full.

On Reading – I am still chugging through that JD Robb “In Death” series. I’m somewhere around book 12, I think. They are still pretty much like crack, and hard to put down, but I’m really enjoying them so that is good! I’ve put off the newest Dresden Files book, much to Brade’s chagrin, because I’ve not wanted to switch pace. However, the new Sookie book comes out here in a week or so, and I’m not quite sure if I’ll want to stop and get my Sookie fix in! Of course, if I do that, I may as well get my Dresden fix in as well. Ahhhhh! So many books, so little time!

And Now This Message Will Self Destruct! But not really! Any musings about your weekend happenings that you’d like to share?!

Make A Memory: Thunder Bluff   10 comments

When I first leveled Beru, I never spent any significant amounts of time in Thunder Bluff. In fact, of the three horde cities at the time, it was quite possibly the one that I disliked the most. I was constantly lost on the different tiers, and could almost never find where I was going. Outside of getting to Thunder Bluff, and being ported there to fly down to AQ, I am not really sure that I spent any time of significance in the zone.

Thunder Bluff

Which in hindsight, is a bit of a shame.

When I faction transferred my baby druid (formerly Berutoo, now Elentari), she started in Thunder Bluff. And because I wanted to go slow and appreciate everything before it all changed on me, I left my hearthstone set to Thunder Bluff for a very long time. As a result, I came to realize that I quite enjoy Thunder Bluff. The music is peaceful and pleasant, and once you stop getting lost (and frustrated because you are lost), it is truly a gorgeous zone. Sometimes I just sit there and listen, and relax. I go there for all of my Auction House needs and all of my training just so I can enjoy the town.

Thunder Bluff

Thunder Bluff has become one of my favorite places in the game, it’s just a shame it took me 5 years to explore and appreciate the zone. The lore is rich, and you see it throughout the zone, and appreciate it. The colors are beautiful and well done, and the scenery everywhere is lovely.

Thunder Bluff

Now that I have appreciated the zone, I am a little bit sad that it might change. I wonder what is going to become of it in Cataclysm, I hope that it retains is grace and sense of peace whatever else happens. How about you? What memories do you have of Thunder Bluff? Is there anything that you hope Cataclysm doesn’t change?

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Hi Ho Silver!   Leave a comment

Yes, I bought a celestial mount. It’s so pretty and shiny how could I resist?! Granted, I think about half my server bought one, so it’s not particularly unique, but it’s still very pretty!

Do I have any thoughts on the increase in “micro transactions”? Not really. I didn’t really mind paying money for the item. It would have been cool to be an in game item somewhere, but it didn’t bother me to shell out the $25 bucks for one for myself and Brade. I am glad that such a nifty item is largely available, even if some people aren’t pleased with that.

Do I think that these changes spoil the game? Eh…I dunno. It I didn’t want the item/have the money for the item, I wouldn’t have purchased it. It doesn’t “change” the game, and I very much doubt the micro transactions are going to go to gear/levels/gold as some people currently fear. I think as long as what is offered remains trivial and fun, I will probably continue to shell out my greenbacks for the items if they catch my fancy.

I should say that I also shelled out the ten bucks for a Lil’XT =) I actually think that this little guy brought me more laughs last night than anything else! If you haven’t yet, set up your toy train and then pull out XT…it’s hilarious. Once you are done with that, pull out some other “toy” non-combat pets. >=) I don’t want to spoil it, but it was definitely worth my 10 bucks just for the laughs we got from it last night alone!

Other Friday Randomness

In raiding – After a bit of re-strategizing, we got Hard Mode Deathbringer Saurfang down! That puts us at 7/12 ICC hard modes. I think we are doing really well, so I’m very happy about it. I think people are pretty pleased over all about our progress in the zone, and we intend to take a peek at HM Valithria on Sunday. I believe that she’s supposed to be easier than DBS, so we will see how that works out for us. Regardless of what happens, we’ve had another great raid week overall and are one step closer to our frostwyrms!

In Reading – I am on book 10 of the JD Robb In Death series that I picked up a few weeks back. They are still pretty much crack on paper (or in my kindle as the case may be!). I am really enjoying the reading, and find that I spend a lot of my off time with my nose in a book, which is refreshing!

In Alt-ville – The mini-me is level 46, and still trucking along. I’m really enjoying her when I find the time to tinker around with her. And now she will be riding around azeroth in style ;-)

In Movies – How to Tame Your Dragon. Go see it. Seriously! It was excellent and I’m very much considering a second viewing of it while it is still in theatres.

And I think that’s all I’ve got for this week! Happy Friday Everyone!

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Beru’s Make A Memory Challenge!   7 comments

Unless you’ve been trapped under a boulder that was hurled at you by a Gordunni Ogre, you are probably aware of the many changes that are coming our way with Cataclysm. Including significant changes to the original two continents of Azeroth that we were introduced to 5 years ago. If the hype we have been provided is to proved true, the worlds will be sundered and changed forever. As a result, there will be life in places that were cracked and broken before, and destruction in places that were formerly lush.

Now, before I had learned of Cataclysm, I had seriously considered making this my last expansion. But when I learned what was in store, I was hugely excited, and couldn’t imagine hanging up my mace just yet, and so I committed myself to at least one more expansion of the game. Because, well, who doesn’t want to fly into Nefarian’s lair to enter a dungeon?!

However, Cataclysm has done more than just get me excited to see all of the changes that are in store for us, it has also sent me many trips down memory lane. It’s been years since I’ve done anything other than rush my way to Outlands/Northrend in the old world. But now that I know that everything is going to be irrevocably changed, I have been taking the time to re-explore the game as it was when I first picked it up. The game that I grew to love, not with the fancy demons of the Outlands or the frozen wastes of Northrend, but with the original artwork and lore that was presented to me 5 years ago.

I’m leveling one last tiny alt before Cataclysm hits, and I’m taking my time doing it. I’m appreciating everything as it is now, because in six months, I don’t know what it will be. And that is kind of exciting. I’m in no rush to get anywhere. I run places instead of flying just to explore, and when I do fly, I often do it with my UI turned off just looking at what’s around me. Sure, I have memories of what this was like when I first encountered it, but like all memories, sometimes time makes them dusty. In essence, I am making memories that will be fresh when the world sunders, so that I can vividly remember what has changed. And my screenshot folder is busting at the seams as a result!

My challenge to everyone is to make, and share, your own memories before Cataclysm hits, and then revisit those memories after the world sunders and see exactly what has changed. You don’t have to do it on an alt, you can take your main and explore somewhere that you remember from your first experiences with WoW but haven’t been back since. But the goal is to appreciate what is there now, and explore how it changes. To remember things before it’s too late for them to be remembered! Take screenshots and share stories of new and old memories. But tuck a few things away in your scrapbook so that you have it to remember before it’s too late! And share them with all of us either on your own blog, or in the comments below, or even in my own future make a memory posts!

Coming Soon: Beru cleanses in Thunder Bluff!

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ARRRRGH!   5 comments

I just needed to get it out of my system. It’s been one of those days :(

I suppose if I was a twit, it is the kind of thing I’d have tweeted about. Alas, I am not a twit, so you get this post.

Alright, back to recruiting, dealing with angry people irl, and slamming my head against the wall.

Nothing to see here people, move along *shifty eyes*

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Happy Tree Art!   4 comments

I recently learned that one of the priests in our guild, Zarazhas, has quite a good hand with a crayon!  She sketched this tree up and posted it on our forums, and I asked her if she would mind if I shared it because I found it adorable!  I thought that you all might enjoy it as well :)  Happy Friday!

Zara's Tree!

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The Simple Things   6 comments

As you might have seen from my Thursday post, I created an alt over on Argent Dawn and have put her in Single Abstract Noun.  I spent a fair bit of time on her this weekend meeting new people (some that I’ve felt I’ve known forever!) and generally just enjoying the game.  But my time over there has taught me a few things, or perhaps reminded me of some things I may have forgotten.

I’ve become very spoiled in my alt-ing.  I have 6 level 80s, 3 toons level 70+, and my rogue waiting for Cataclysm to be the bestest goblin ever!  However, with that many alts I’ve become accustomed to certain things.  When I started my toon over on Argent Dawn, I thought “this will be fun, I haven’t done a ‘pure’ alt in a long time”.  About the third time I saw “your bags are full”, I lost my resolve and said “fuck this”.  ‘

I transferred over a level 60 alliance paladin that I haven’t played since vanilla with some pocket money and bags aplenty.  I am no longer the pure alt, I have entered into the realm of “dirty twink”…which is where I find I like my alts these days.  I’ve been playing the game for 5 years, through 2 expansions, and I’ve done the grinds.  I am going to admit now that I like having the option to shop the AH for some gear, and to have the gold to buy those glyphs.  It’s different than other’s views of how they like to play their alts, but I play my alts for a bit of fun, and I think I much prefer letting them be a bit spoiled :)

That…and I may actually race change that paladin to make her a hawt space ghost and level her up…but I haven’t decided yet!

I really love my guild.  There is this saying about love, that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I’m sure that you’ve all heard it and are familiar with it.  Well, it’s 100% true.  I spent a fair bit of time on the mini-me over on Argent Dawn, and at first it was the most exhilarating, wonderful thing.  Being able to log in to…nothing.  No insta-tells complaining about something or asking for something.  No PMs in my mail box that needed my attention.  I could just log in and play, and log out when I felt like it.

And that is/was really great.

But by Sunday, I started to miss my guild a little bit.  I started to feel a little bit guilty that I had been “hiding out” as it were, on this alt over here.  Not enough to stop playing her and leveling her, and talking with the new people that are part of SAN, which is great.  But enough to make me realize that I absolutely love my guild, for all that it is.  All it took was that one weekend away from “home”, for me to want to click my heels together and return. 

And this was a…refreshing feeling.

The Night Elf Starting Area is Beautiful.  It had been more than 5 years since I first entered shadowglen, and found my way to Darnassus.  And I had forgotten how breathtaking the zone really is, and how beautiful the music is.  While I was questing I didn’t have anything going on in the background.  I just appreciated the setting, and the game, and took the time to enjoy everything around me as I traveled along.

I’m actually a bit excited to travel through the alliance lands once again, since it’s been so long since I’ve done so, and I find the change of the lowbie questing revitalizing.

Druids Still Own!  Again, it’s been almost 5 years since I leveled Beru.  I am finding that I’m really enjoying re-exploring my druid roots from scratch again.  Even though I told myself I’d go feral, I found myself putting my first talent points into balance and getting clique set back up as I get my healing spells.  I’m just putzing along at my own pace, enjoying some different conversation in a different atmosphere.

I don’t know how long I’ll hold interest in this little side project, but I’m enjoying it at this moment.

And that was my weekend, in a nutshell.  Just me, enjoying a few of the simple things…and having some of the more complex things fall into perspective when I wasn’t looking for answers for them.  Just some simple fun.

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