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Exactly What’s Wrong With Just Having Fun?   21 comments

I came across this thread on my realm forums the other day that’s got me thinking a little bit.  The thread itself is your basic “lol you/your guild/your server sucks” thread that is ripe with all kinds of trolling.  However, there was a comment in there where a couple of posters commented that they not only clear all of the content, but have fun doing it along the way, and how they didn’t see anything wrong with that.  And of course the trolled response they got was basically if you aren’t a top 100 guild, you suck and should get a life.


The commentary going back and forth almost got me riled up enough to post on the realm forums, but then I remembered that I should “never argue with an idiot.  They will only pull you down to their level, then beat you with experience”, and abstained.  But as the post goes back and forth, my mind is still perplexed.  I am curious exactly what is wrong with just having fun?  Why is being “ranked” they only measure of a guild’s strength for so many?

Why is it that people are criticized for just enjoying something without concern for competition?  In the thread above one of the posters even comes out and says they aren’t about the same things as other guilds.  They place their values in different places, and they quite enjoy the game the way they play it.  And yet they are criticized for doing things they way they would like?  They don’t want to be the best, and they 100% understand and make no claim that they are, yet critics tell them that because they aren’t the best they are a failure.  How does that work?

So many times you will see someone achieve something that is huge for them, only see some jerk comment “grats on being months behind noob”.  It’s to the point that people have to qualify their accomplishments with “I know it’s old” or “I know we are months behind”, which in my opinion is just flat out wrong.  An accomplishment is an accomplishment regardless of when or how it is achieved.  Everyone is entitled to celebrate their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may seem to someone else.  Who cares if they killed Boss X 3 months after Guild A?  They still killed Boss X.  They still put in the time, and had the fortitude to set a goal and meet that goal.  That is a lot more than many people can say about themselves in, and out, of game.

So what is so wrong with having fun?  What is so wrong with being “months behind” if you are enjoying the journey along the way?  What effect does it have on you?  If you don’t like it, just stay away!  As my mother used to ask me as a child “Does it hurt your big toe?  No? Then what does it matter to you?”.  (See Mom!  You knew someday I’d see the wisdom in your ways!).

If being highly competitive and the rush of being first is what you are looking for, then it is fine to place yourself into that environment.  But I think it’s important to understand that not everyone is after that, and not everyone should be expected to have the same goals that you placed for yourself.  For some people finding a pleasant environment to enjoy the game is more important; for others finding an environment that fits their playtimes and lifestyle is more important.  But what gives anyone the right to begrudge others for having a different set of goals than they have for themselves? 

Whether it be the person that is looking for the hardest of the hardcore, or the gal that just wants to see everything before the next chapter but takes her time doing it, or the guy that just wants to play with his friends, everyone is equally entitled to participate in the fashion that suits them best and in which they have fun.  And nobody has the right to begrudge them for that.  Ever.

So tell me, Mr. Forum Guy, exactly what is it that’s wrong with just having fun?  Who are you to dictate what makes something “good” or “bad”?

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The Carrot and The Stick   12 comments

There are many ways to lead raids, some successful, some not so successful.  Some enjoyable, some not so enjoyable.  No matter which you choose they will all largely depend on the personality of those that you play with, and their goals.  I know that there are some guilds where leading with the stick is the norm.  Where nightly ranting and berating is to be expected, and where members accept that as being a part of that guild.

For me, I much prefer, and think that you usually get better results, from the carrot.  While I do sometimes get very frustrated on a personal level, I try to keep that out of the raid (unless Brade has his mic queued without me knowing…).  I find that, just like in life, most adults like to be treated as adults, and will generally produce better results when treated as such.  I think providing a pleasant raid experience tends to encourage people to turn up night after night to participate in whatever activity happens to be on the schedule.  I like the carrot.  I like positive reinforcement, and I like open discussion.

That being said, sometimes there is no alternative for the stick.  Sometimes people just need a quick whack to get them back on track.

As an example.  My guild has certain encounters that tend to just have our number.  The past two weeks, this has been Putricide, for whatever reason.  Sure, we get him down, but with no small amount of total stupidity ensuing (sometimes even from yours truly!), and frustration.  For whatever reason, people just fall all over themselves, and the stellar players that we saw all night long leading up to this point, let their stunt doubles drive.  I can think of no other logical excuse for what is happening!  Stunt doubles, I tell ya!

For the past two weeks, we have taken far more pulls than was necessary to finish this task.  And both weeks, I’ve had to revert to letting out my inner-bitch to get folks to focus after an hour or two of just flat out sloppy play.  Both weeks, the pull after the inner-bitch was let loose we netted a kill.  (WTF!  No, Seriously, WTF!).  In both of these instances, wielding the stick netted better results than offering the carrot.  Hell, I even half jokingly asked last night “Should I just yell at y’all before our first pull next week, and skip the bullshit in between?”.

I certainly recognize that sometimes the stick is needed, there is just no way around it.  The problem is…I hate wielding it.  I get inner-bitch’s remorse.  “Was I too hard on people”.  “Did I holler inappropriately”.  “Should I have just let it go”.  Nine times out of ten, the answer is always “no”.  I did the right thing, people needed to be whipped into line and brought back to focus.  But that doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

Quite the opposite, actually.  I much prefer to offer respect, and provide a venue for constructive feedback and growth.  I think that people are more open to fixing performance issues when they don’t have the fear of god (or Beru in this case) in them.  I think that, as a general principle, the carrot is a much better motivator.  At least it’s the one that I have come to prefer.

But…that doesn’t mean that there aren’t appropriate times to brandish the stick either.  However, I think knowing when to make use of it is extremely important.  Because if you swing it constantly, people will start to ignore it or just grow used to it’s sting.  But if you only bring it out on occasion, people know it’s “srs bizns”.  When the usually calm, collected, and friendly Beru is now in your face as if you were Private Pyle, people know that the shit has hit the fan and it’s the splash of cold water they need to regroup…usually.

As much as I hate it, I have to admit that the stick is sometimes a necessity.

Which do you prefer, the carrot or the stick?  At what point do you think it’s appropriate to bring out the stick?

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And This Is Why There Are No Tanks…   44 comments

When Kitai hit 70, after much encouragement from our resident prot warrior, I decided that if I had enough gold on her after purchasing my epic flight I would dual spec her prot.  As the level came, I got her all the “cobalt” tanking gear crafted, added up my defense and hit the dual spec button.  My first reaction was “OH GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUTTONS?!?!”.  And then, panic.  I was positive that I had just flushed my 1,000 gold down the drain and that I was never going to tank on this toon.  I mean, I had more than two full bars of “useful” buttons.

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*Boggle*   20 comments

It’s not often that I have an entire post writen in my head as I drive to work.  But the topic of this post has been gnawing at me since last night, ever since I stepped foot into the Plagueworks.  We ran 10s last night, being an off night.  We manage two field two strong groups for the zone.  The goal: learn everything we can about the 3 new bosses to prepare ourselves for the 25.

I had three reactions to the new content: Confusion, Frustration and Happiness.

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Your Gearscore Can Kiss My…   31 comments

I know that many people have already given their, largely unfavorable, opinion on this asinine new “tool” that has entered the game, but I thought it was time for me to pitch in my two cents on the matter.  For those of you that aren’t interested in another gearscore rant, here is the TL:DR version:  Gearscore can kiss my fuzzy tauren ass.

Over our holiday weekend, I partook in any number of PuGs through the looking for group system on just about all of my 5 level 80s.  I’ve done a good number of these on Beru, so that I could finish off my achievement and nab up Perky (which I did this weekend!).  Brade and I also always make a point to do the daily random for our two badges of frost.  One of these days, our queue popped us into the Culling of Stratholme, which is one of my favorite instances. Read the rest of this entry »

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Judged.   21 comments

My life was judged this weekend by how much perceived time I spend in WoW.  The person that made this assessment knows almost nothing about me, but does play WoW themselves.  I do not know this person outside of the game, and I do not know them well inside of the game either.  But on Saturday night, they began to criticize my life, my relationships…and of all things my dog (yea…I have a schnauzer, she barks at everything, it happens to be a schnauzer trait, it doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring my dog).  When I calmly advised them that they knew nothing about my life, I was met with “You have 6 80’s, I know all I need to know about your life”.  Now, I actually only have 5 80’s.  But seriously?  How the fuck does the number of characters I level to 80 become a reflection on how I live my life?

I thought that I could just let this go, but I can’t and it has been eating at me for two days now.  It really, truly bothers me.  I am just baffled that someone who doesn’t even know me, judged my life based on the number of level 80 toons I posses.  I know that I shouldn’t care, that this person is absolutely nobody to me, and that I should just brush it off and not think twice about it.  But I am proud of the accomplishments in my life, and to have somebody come in and tell me my life is shit has me incensed enough to feel that I need to review with someone…anyone, how I spend my free time.

  • First off my significant other also plays wow (and oddly enough, has MORE 80’s than I do).  WoW is something that we both enjoy, and play together.  Neither of us are into the “club” scene.  Neither of us are into the “going out” scene.  And we both like video games.  I fail to see how doing something that you enjoy with your S/O makes you a failure at life.  Or how it means that you are sacrificing your relationship to, you know, do something with the other person in that relationship.
  • Somewhat on that same note, do you know what we’d do if we were playing WoW?!  Likely be playing something else…or becoming couch potatoes.  You know, those people who spend MORE time in front of the TV than I spend in WoW.  But, if they are sitting in front of the TV melting their brains that is OK, because they aren’t leveling another 80 in WoW, so they MUST be making better life decisions than I am, amirite?
  • Things I like to do outside of WoW:  Watch movies, drag Brade to musical theatre, read, play with my puppy and enjoy peachbellinis. 
  • Things that I do outside of WoW: Watch movies, drag Brade to musical theatre, read, play with my puppy and enjoy peachbellinis.  Imagine that!  I do ALL of those things…even with 5 level 80’s.  Oh…you know what else I manage squeeze into my life?  A full time job.  I don’t know…something about responsibility.  But, of course, I couldn’t know anything about that, because I have 5 level 80s, and clearly people with 5 level 80’s can’t maintain a life.
  • Do you know WHY I have 5 level 80’s (and will likely have more before the next expansion hits)?  BECAUSE I ENJOY LEVELING.  And do you know what happens when you level?  YOU REACH THE LEVEL CAP.  Which happens to be…level 80.  Heaven forbid I actually partake in something I enjoy.  It’s only MY life after all.
  • My enjoyment with WoW ebbs and flows.  Sometimes I spend a lot of my free time in the game and sometimes I’m only in the game when I raid (15 hours a week), and then log out right after.  But it’s my choice how often I play.  I don’t stay up all hours of the night to play, I get to bed at a reasonable hour because I don’t like being tired at work.  And because I like watching a spot of Law and Order, NCIS or Monk before falling asleep.
  • WoW remains cheap entertainment.  Hi, I have student loans that I’d like to pay off before I die.  You know what that means?  I am more than content to stay home and entertain myself than go out and spend money that I really shouldn’t.  It’s this little thing known as fiscal responsibility, but of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that having 5 80’s.
  • Last but not least…I HAVE FUN playing WoW.  I do play a lot in my free time, but it’s because I enjoy it.  It’s not the only thing that I enjoy doing in my free time, and it’s not the only thing I do in my free time.  If I am guilty of shirking anything because of the time I spend in WoW, it’s getting some exercise in.  But guess what?!?!  I sucked at that long before WoW, and will probably still suck at it long after I quit WoW.

So, you know what?  Yes, I have 5 80’s.  I am proud of my 5 80’s.  You know what else?  I also have a very stable, healthy life outside of WoW.  I don’t have anything to prove to you random person that deems themself in a position to pass judgment upon me, even though I feel obligated to defend myself.  You are nobody to me, are in no way involved in my life, and have no basis in which to judge me.  So fuck off.

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On Respect   13 comments

One of our fellow trees in the forest made what turned out to be a somewhat controversial post regarding the issue of exclusion from a guild based on gender after coming across a recruitment thread that had done just that.  In her post she used a certain guild that practices this exclusion as an example.  The actual portion of her post that dwells on this is only about two paragraphs long, and she fairly respectfully states something along the lines of “wtf, I can’t believe people do this, I just don’t get it”.

The post in and of itself was fine…and was K, in her own amusing way, addressing an issue she felt was a problem.  What was not fine, under any stretch of the imagination were some of the commentaries, many from the guild in question, that did nothing but be flat-out mean for no reason other than to be mean.  As I read through them I grew more and more incensed at the audacity of these people to begrudge K for expressing her opinions ON HER OWN BLOG.  She was respectful enough to respond to every one of you, no matter how nasty you were to her.  Had it been me I would have told you to go fuck yourselves.  You know *insert cartman voice* “it’s my blog, I do what I want!”.

Sorry…I digress.  *takes a deep breath*

Now, people have every right to dissent when they disagree with something, but for fuck’s sake be respectful about it.  There is absolutely NO excuse to EVER:

  • Name Call
  • Make Sexual innuendos
  • Make Racial Slurs
  • Make references about personal appearances

Seriously, what do ANY of those things have to do with telling K that she is wrong?  What, because she’s an attractive female she must have fluff between her ears and looses the right to form an opinion?  Christ.

Do you not realize that all you did was bolster K’s assessment for the majority of her reader base?  Quite the opposite effect that I think you wanted to have, no?

Because my small, albeit highly educated, female mind tries to be constructive on occasion, I would like to give people a crash course on how to properly and respectfully construct a dissent.  In doing so, keep the following advice from Eleanor Roosevelt in mind:  “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people”.  The goal in making your dissent should always be in the category of “great minds”, no matter how mad someone makes you if you respond poorly it is unlikely what you have to say is going to be heard.

  1. Develop a constructive  counter-argument to what your opponent is offering.  In said argument, provide examples and facts that lend weight to your point of view.  Present your thoughts in a way that is worth a listener’s effort to hear you.
  2. Remember that personally attacking someone will always turn your audience off.  You need to provide a well thought out argument that relies on facts and experiences, not on the person on the other side of the spectrum from you.
  3. The best way to dissent is to get your audience to second guess themselves.  If they are agreeing with the original presenter’s point of view, you want to stand up your facts in a way that will make them consider what you are saying as an alternative.  You want to get them scratching their heads, because even if they don’t leave having changed their minds, if you can plant a seed for thought it is more likely that they will may be more willing to accept your point of view.
  4. Remember that there is rarely a “right” or “wrong” way to look at things.  There are just “different” ways to view them.  It is OK.  If we all thought the same all the time we’d be a horribly boring race of individuals.  It’s important to accept that people may have a different view-point from your own, and that doesn’t make them bad people.  It just means they think differently.
  5. Understand and respect your opponent’s argument.  The single best way to knock down someone else’s argument is to think like them and understand where they are coming from.  Being so obtuse that you fail to recognize that there are many ways to skin a cat will mean that you will always have hugely one-sided arguments that will never meet their full potential.

When dissenting, be a great mind.  Discuss ideas.  If that is too much to ask, at least show a little bit of respect.  I know that this is the internet and all, and you are anonymous, but I still harbor the false belief that people should be accountable for how they behave.

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On things that make me mad, and things that make me happy.   1 comment


Attempting to teach forum decorum on the WoW forums is an act in futility.  I know this.  Yet there are certain things that are so damn tacky, that I can’t help myself.  I reach out my hand, filled with cookies for the trolls, and open my mouth (or keyboard, as it were!).  There was an incident that warranted exactly this response on our realm forums the other day.

Like most realm forums, ours has a “progression” thread that is updated with varying regularity to inform others of the progression of the various raiding guilds on the server.  People tend to post their accomplishments in the thread so that the owner of the thread can update their progress.  Personally, I think it’s kinda neat to keep track of what people on the realm are doing, so we participate in adding our progress to the thread.

One of the more progressed alliance guilds on the server recently was able to add Hard Mode Twins to their list of achievements.  Like all of the other guilds, they went to the forums, posted their accomplishments, and moved on.  But here comes the part that pisses me off…some asshole, on a level 1 alt comes along behind them, quotes their post and then adds his own commentary of “i hear door strategy is hard lulz”.  Grrrrrrrrrr. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Go Back to Nerfing Paladins Again, mmmkay?   Leave a comment

Warning: Rant Ahoy!

Gift of the Earthmother now increases your total spell haste by 2/4/6/8/10%.

You know what that is?  Another rejuv nerf (and a slight buff to any spell with a cast time).  Alone, it may have been fine, but paired with the earlier announcement of reducing rank 15 rejuv by a tick, this is a pretty heavy handed swing of the nerf bat.  A swing that is roughly a 25% reduction to our throughput.  Ouch.

The preliminary number crunching being done over at EJ is showing that spamming regrowth as your “go to” raid heal may well become more effective than using rejuv, at least throughput wise.  Are you kidding me?  Even more reason not to pick up that shitty 4 T10 bonus…hell, it’s a reason to drop any 4 piece set bonus with rejuv as the bonus.  That’s right folks!  Step right up and get your discount set bonuses today!  Better start stacking up on those non-set haste pieces that you’ve been sharding.

Of course, to be fair…I think without even trying and a few pieces that I’ve just recently picked up I’m over 450 haste.  The more haste we can get without effecting our other stats on our gear, the better position that we will be in if these changes go live.  It also makes one wonder about how the new rejuv haste glyph will play out.  Viva la Haste! (I guess).

I just don’t understand the push towards rejuv on all of our gear/idols.  And then the heavy handed nerf.  Yes, it was powerful, but why keep pushing us into that pigeon hole if you want us to diversy?  It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  Of course, I also am fairly certain that a lot of these changes that we are seeing are becasue they have decided to haste rejuv.  The theory of which has received mixed reception by the community.  I, personally, am undecided on how I feel about it.  I want to see how it will play out in a raiding environment.  Is it going to be useful 100% of the time, or highly situational?  What is really going to suck, is if hasted rejuvs arerubbish, and we took all these nerfs to make them work.

I know…the sky isn’t falling.  The world isn’t coming to an end.  We will just gear more haste, adapt and move along as always.  It’s just irritating to be hit twice in one patch!

(edited out a super ranty, falling off topic bit on Nourish I had here.  I felt it was an overly aggressive rant for me, and somewhat distracting to the post).

Isn’t there something else you need to nerf with like…divine plea or ret paladin burst damage again?  Can’t you just leave us alone?

Oh, before I forget, they gave us this little piece of sugar to help the medicine go down:   Rebirth – The cooldown on this spell has been lowered from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.  Whoopee. /sarcasm

*sigh*  I am sure we will cope.  I am sure we will work around it.  I’m sure they will nerf whatever spell we move to once again be highly effective healers.  So it goes.


By the way…if you are actually looking for some constructive numbers on how these changes affect us, check out Kae’s Post.

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Dear Bloodsail Admirals, Go Walk a Plank!   5 comments

I spoke a little while back about how I was really enjoying leveling Kitai, my baby warrior.  I am still mostly enjoying the slow crawl I’m taking with her as I level, just taking my time and moving along at my own pace.  She’s reached level 44 (woohoo!), and she is still pretty kick ass!

Anyhow, I digress.  It’s the whole being level 44 part while I’m questing that is turning out to be so much trouble.  You see, I am currently questing in STV, a place that I love for the atmosphere and greenery.  It also means that I’m helping those scurvy dogs in Booty Bay with a few things that require my assistance.  Now, I have no objections to this, morally or otherwise.  But I have recently found that the questing has been causing my rage bar to go up irl.

It’s not the quests themselves that are a problem, not at all!  It’s actually not so bad having to run all their errands, slaying what are sure to be endangered species along the way, especially now that I have a spiffy 100% ground mount!  I go about my business, doing their dirty work, even if some of it is underhanded.  I work my little green hands until they bleed!  I gather everything up in my overflowing bags and  head back to the pirate town to collect my fee for my efforts…only to find THAT SOME ASSHAT LEVEL 80 HAS KILLED ALL OF THE BLOODY QUESTGIVERS AND I CAN’T TURN ANYTHING IN!  (See, the rage it builds in me even just thinking about it!).

Yes, I know that you want your spiffy, piratey title.  Yes, I know that you want cool red pirate hat that summons some stupid, wanker parrot that won’t even talk to you anyways!  I DON’T CARE! 

Seriously, kill the guards, kill the bankers, kill the bloody inn keeper.  Just leave the damn quest givers alone!  I swear to Elune, I had a quest in my log for THREE DAYS BECAUSE THE QUEST GIVER WAS PERPETUALLY DEAD FROM YOUR ACTIONS!  I know for a fact that there are spots you can farm rep, where they mobs will almost insta-spawn for you after you’ve killed them.  And guess what THEY DON’T BLOODY WELL CAUSE A DISRUPTION TO EVERYONE TRYING TO QUEST IN THE DAMN ZONE!

Now, to be fair, I can’t provide 100% of the blame for this serious disruption all in the hands of those trying to become Bloodsail Admirals.  Oh no, there is clearly another party here in which I feel obliged to point my stubby green finger.  Yes, yes there is. DEAR BLIZZARD, PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE THE QUEST GIVERS NON-TARGETABLE NPCS!!!!  Yes, the level of fail here is huge.  You would think that this would have been something that would have been in Blizzard’s crystal ball, when they were talking about introducing the title for becoming a Bloodsail Admiral.

But no!  Let’s put a huge questing hub for those leveling in the 35-45 range at risk of having all of the NPCs dead on a regular basis, thus frustrating the ever living hell out of those young, and possibly new, players as they attempt to complete and accept quests, JUST SO SOME GUY CAN HAVE A COOL TITLE OVER HIS HEAD AND A STUPID HAT!  Dear Blizz Devs, please try completing a quest in Booty Bay during prime time on a full server.  THEN TELL ME HOW BLOODY FUN YOU THINK IT IS! 

*sigh*  I am well aware that my rage will have no effect on anything, but it does make me feel a lot better!  Hell hath not fury, and all that…

/rant off

In bits of non-rage randomnes:
Earendiljade – My hunter, and very first toon, has undergone the change from Night Elf to Troll!  And she’s got a fantastic new hairdo!
Naz’s Fragment Count – 26.  Four more fragments before we can stop full Ulduar 25 clears!
Ulduar HM Progress – Steelbreaker Down
TotGC Progress 25 – Phase 2 Beasts
TotGC Progress 10 – Working on Anub

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