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How to make a PuG Successful!   4 comments

I often hear about how “horrible” a PuG is, or how people just won’t PuG because it’s going to be a disaster.  Well, I have a theory about PuGs that I put to the test last weekend!

Saturday evening I was moderately bored when I queried the guild with “I wonder if I could lead a Successful Naxx 25 PuG”.  Response was mixed, but I was certainly up to the challenge, so I offered to open it up to guild alts first, then alts from another raiding guild on our server, and then filling roughly half the raid with true PuGs from the server.   The entire run took  just over 4 hours, and the only place that was really wipey was Razuvious.  We downed Kel, and everyone in the raid got some new shiny loot.  After the raid, I got flooded with tells thanking me for organizing the run, and advising me that I had restored some people’s faith in PuGs, which made me feel really great.  Overall I feel it was a success, and something I could see myself doing on a regular basis. 

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for!!!  The secrets of organizing successful PuGs!  Read the rest of this entry »


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