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As I stated in my Bio section, I’m a bit of an achievement fanatic.  For the most part I really do quite enjoy them and I go out of my way to complete them.  This weekend I completed 3 of the more mundane, yet simple ones by leveling 4 weapon skills up to 400 (Those trees in Crystalsong Forest are great for this, as they heal themselves and you can beat on them almost indefinately!), and buying enough frostweave cloth to make 500 bandages…that I promptly vendored because I would never use them.  I’ve also been working on the tomes of arcane magic achievement as I find them around Dalaran.  So, as I was looking at what achievements I’m missing, it came to my attention that the majority of them are PvP achievements.

Having reached Rank 10 back in the day, and actually doing a very large amount of PvP on my druid (and mostly enjoying it!), I thought that I would perhaps casually gives this set of achievements a whirl and I entered my first Wintersgrasp battle…ever.  Upon entering I asked for a raid invite only to be told the raid was full.  I made the snarky comment that I was a healer and would just stand around and heal myself then, only to be told to form my own raid group.

“Well, then”, I thought.  I certainly have no issues taking authority and leading…if I know what I’m doing.  Ask me to lead any dungeon or raid from release to now, and I’d have no issue doing so!  Ask me to lead Wintersgrasp when I have zero concept of what is required to win, or how to go about securing a win and I’m not so fast to step up to the plate.  Apparently neither was anyone else, as I spent the entirety of my foray into Wintersgrasp just targeting random people and healing them (and hitting every rogue that tried to gank me with a FF, ❤ to that mage that stood next to me the entire time and kept me safe!), and overall probably not being overly effective.  I am sure if I had raid frames up, and could have actually HEALED I would have been 100 times more useful to our attempt to defend Wintersgrasp.  Instead, I just sat there scratching my head as to why a raid group wouldn’t drop a random DPS in favor of a healer that would be more useful within the group. 

So, what I did manage to learn from my frist visit to Wintersgrasp is that I know that we were defending, and that it was important that we not let the Alliance break through our walls.  I know that you get a tenacity buff when you are out numbered, and the bigger the buff the more you are out numbered.  I know that you are “against the clock” as it were, to hold off the Alliance from invading the fortress and that not just anyone can comendeer a vehicle.  That being said, I really am still fairly clueless about Wintersgrasp, but not opposed to going in and giving it a few more tries before writing it off completely.

Which brings me around to my next foray.  Warsong Gulch.

Now, as I mentioned, I ground Rank 10 out back in Vanilla WoW and participated in a fair amount of PvP related activity.  I helped friends work their way to HWL in both systems, and I can difinitively tell you that by the time a WSG weekend was over, if given the choice between sledding down a hill of glass completely naked or running another flag, I would have opted for the former!  That being said, I became fairly proficient at all three of the original battle grounds and am exalted everywhere but Arathi Basin (it’s just soooooooo boring!).

So, I queued up for WSG thinking to myself “this won’t be too bad, I’m a little rusty but I’m sure it will be just like riding a bike!).  Boy was I ever wrong!  I really didn’t mind getting snared and death gripped every which way from Tuesday, and I worked around that using the same flag running tactics that I generally used…and then I came across the 4 paladins in my WSG (3 ret and one Holy).  First off, let me say that a 40 yard range on Judgement of Justice is just bullshit (yes, I know it’s getting fixed), but holy crap!  No wonder people are complaining about it.  Secondly, Ret Paladins are just out of control in this setting (and as it stands now, they are getting buffed in 3.1!!!).

Now, I don’t want to turn this into a QQ post about why my class sucks, and why everyone else should be nerfed.  But what I would like to do is illustrate what parts of the class I feel are unbalanced.  For starters, I grew very frustrated with Hammer of Justice.  I have the 2 minute PvP trinket, but honestly it’s almost worthless when you are in a BG with 4 paladins.  To clarify, I don’t mind the stun effect of Hammer of Justice.  It’s fine.  What I do have a HUGE issue with is the fact that a ret paladin can completely destroy me (resiliance gear or not) within the duration of the stun effect and there is nothing I can do about it if my trinket is on cooldown.  I can’t use any of the tools given to me for survival once this has happened, and it’s frustrating.

Now, one of these paladins in a BG such as WSG might be something that can be worked around…I mean, the guy can only be in one place at a time.  But when you enter a 10 man BG, and ONE THRID or more of the opposing team are ret paladins, how are you supposed to counter that as a flag runner?  I can’t out run the Judgment of Justice, and once they are in range to Hammer of Justice me, I’m a gonner.  I’m certainly not asking for Druids to be able to smash all over everyone, but I would like a fair shot at success.  I really just didn’t find this very fun, and it certainly will weigh on me if I make the decision to pursue any of the WSG achievements =(

So, all in all, I’m not really sure I will ever get the Battlegroud acheivements completed, although I’d like to try for completion’s sake.  I will probably do some of the AV, AB and EotS acheivements, because I find that I don’t encounter the same inbalance in those as I do in WSG, and I’m predominately healing in those BGs, so I find it more enjoyable.  I will also try to dip my feet into the new battlegroud and see how that goes.

But my experience in WSG does leave some questions in my mind.  I generally complete achievements because I find them fun…so I have to ask myself, what if I don’t find this fun?  Do I keep going just because they are there?

Posted April 1, 2009 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, PvP

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