Will Monolith be Immortal?   2 comments

As we likely enter our last raid reset before the patch, the question on my mind is will we be able to complete The Immortal achievement?  We have done everything else for our Heroic: Glory of the Raider, but for a number of weeks this achievement has eluded us.  One week it was from a parry gib on Gluth, one week it was from an over excited arcane explosion spamming mage on Gothikk, one week it was from someone who forgot their left from right on Thaddius…the list goes on and on.

When we first started to focus on this achievement we originally had implemented a bounty.  If you could have prevented your death and didn’t, you would have to pay.  We used this tactic while learning Archimonde to great effect.  We had some people that grumbled about it when it was first announced, but after learning what a wipe fest that Archimonde could be everyone was happy to have some of their repair bill recovered from the people that did boneheaded things and got themselves killed.

Upon announcing the bounty Part Duex, we got an surprising amount of feedback from people that tauted “negative reinforcement doesn’t work for me”.  I think a large part of this had to do with the steepness of the bounty that we implemented, rather than the bounty itself.  There was much discussion in officer chat regarding this, and ultimately we decided to drop the bounty.  While I strongly disagreed, and felt that people should absolutely held accountable, ultimately we opted for a “positive reinforcement” motivator, even though we knew from experience this would not be a good motivator for our guild.

The first round of this “positive reinforcement” was offering everyone in the guild 200g a piece for successfully completing the achievement.  As you might guess, this was not effective, and we still had boneheaded deaths.  So last week we up’d the ante, and offered up a Choppa (or a 5k gold cash payout) to be randomed at the end of the night, if we were successful.  And it still wasn’t enough motivation…although to be fair to my guild, we were short people overall which I think had more to do with our Immortal failure than anything else.

So, here we are staring down our last chance to become Immortal and still receive our Proto-Drake.  We’ve broken this weeks Naxx run up into two nights, as opposed to the Sunday Night one clear that we have been doing.  Tonight we will run the Military Wing, The Plague Wing and The Spider Wing.  I think that we will finish tonight without seeing any deaths.  Which brings us to tomorrow…and our riskiest encounters:  Gluth, Thaddius, Sapph and Kel.

I’ve had people request that we re-implement the bounty for tonight, which we have not decided on.  We will continue to require everyone to turn off their damage meters, we will continue to go over all of the Oh Shit! scenarios before each encounter, we will continue to run 7 healers instead of 5, and we will continue to remind people that their number one priority is SURVIVAL.  I try really hard to stay positive, but I’m honestly not sure that it is going to be enough.

I guess only time will tell…will Monolith be Immortal?  What can I do to make people play their asses off tonight and tomorrow night to accomplish it?  We have a history of pulling things out at the last minute, I can’t tell you how many of our boss kills were our “last pull” of the night where people just buckled down and put everything together, so maybe that will happen tonight.  *queues Eye of the Tiger*


***UPDATE**** After our first night and nine bosses…we are still on track to be Immortal!  *crosses fingers*

Posted April 8, 2009 by Beruthiel in Guild leadership, Raiding, Strategy Planning

2 responses to “Will Monolith be Immortal?

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  1. (This isn’t really related to the content of the post, sorry)

    I was wondering if you would like to be featured on Twisted Nether’s Welcome Wagon this Friday. If you are, please send me an e-mail at 4haelz@gmail.com so we can discuss specifics.


    Also, I hope you can get Immortal 😀

  2. Bell, I would love to!

    I will email you when I get home from work tonight to go over the specifics with you.

    Thanks! 🙂

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