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As it turns out, last night was Monolith’s last night of officially raiding Naxxramas, Sartharion and Malygos.  We did very well with that content, having killed everything in just over a month after release.  One thing that I feel the leadership, including myself, failed a little bit in was setting our goals and priorities.  We knew that tracking “progression” would be achievement focused, but we did not start to push achievements until much too late.  And as a result our guild is sitting just The Immortal short of their Heroic: Glory of the Raider achievement.  And in that, I think that we failed. 

Coming off of Sunwell, a lot of our members enjoying the slower, relaxing pace of the new content, so we didn’t push things like Sarth +3 until well into the expansion.  We certainly could have done it much sooner, and perhaps we should have.  We most definitely should have put a focus on The Immortal much sooner. 

  • Set Goals!
    • As the new content comes out, and with the plethora of options presented to us in Ulduar, guild leadership needs to make decisions on how to focus the guilds efforts. 
    • An important thing to keep in mind is that once the leadership has made these decisions, it is equally as important to communicate the set goals to all of the members of your guild, so that they too are aware of what expectations are set.
  • Be Realistic!
    • It is important when setting goals to keep in mind what your guild is capable of, and what kind of guild you have.  Setting unrealistic goals can be just as detrimental as setting no goals at all. 
      • For Example:  Monolith is a progression focused raiding guild.  We raid four nights a week.  But we also keep the focus that WoW is just a game, and real life is equally as important.  We have an older player base, which means that all of our members have priorities in their life that will at some point conflict with raiding.  While we do ask a lot of our members with regards to preparation, we also keep realistic goals set for ourselves.  Our guild decided early in TBC that we would not sacrifice membership or beat our guild down solely for the sake of progression, being “server first” just isn’t that important to us.  That means that we do not make a big deal about how long it takes us to get something done, as long as it’s within Monolith’s time frame and in line with Monolith’s goals.
  • How to establish priorities!
    • When setting goals, I feel that it is important to have macro goals (the big picture) and micro goals (the smaller picture). 
    • Know what your guild wants, and why your members are there.  Are they there for progessions?  Socilization?
      • Last night we provided our guild with our first macro goal, which is our primary goal:  To have Uldaur cleared, including all hard modes and bosses, before the release of the next content patch.  We are estimating that we will have 4-6 months, or 64 – 96 raid days, in which to complete this goal.
    • Easy Mode vs. Hard Mode?  Which should be the focus?  What are the benefits?
      • We have made the decision that we will clear the zone our first time through with everything at its base “easy” level, and then progress into the harder difficulties as the encounters become more familiar to us. 
      • We will not sacrifice gear upgrades for people in a reset just to focus on a hard mode at the start of our progress.  As we start to focus on hard modes, we will do so in such a fashion to ensure that the content still gets cleared for the week.  This is somewhat of a micro goal, within our base macro goal.
    • Should we do base achievements (ie timed kills) before hard modes?  What is the benefit?
      • Set forth your micro achievements clearly.  The answer for us is already somewhat solved.  We will focus “hard mode” achievements as a priority, as our macro goal includes besting all of the encounters on hard mode. 
      • If an encounter is fairly simplistic, and its hard mode slightly more difficult, then it is likely that we will progress onto the hard mode earlier, rather than later.  Once we’ve mastered the hard modes of any certain encounter, we will then start to focus on some of the other achievements surrounding that encounter, by setting further micro goals as we progress.

At the end of the day, we would like to make it a goal for all of our main raiders to have a proto-drake before the next content patch is released.  I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead in Ulduar, and I think that Monolith will face them head on, in our own way.

I wish everyone good luck in Ulduar and hope to see many people do well!

Posted April 14, 2009 by Beruthiel in Guild leadership, Raiding, Strategy Planning

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