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So, by the time the servers came up yesterday it was roughly 7:00 pst.  Which meant that I got to enjoy a very delicious meal with the man before logging in for havoc!  The first thing I did was purchase my dual spec on Beru.  And then respec’d twice after I screwed up my blatant theft of Greylo’s raiding spec, and yes…I suck at alt tabbing and short term mermory apparently 🙂

So…I naturally did the first thing any good Moonkin does after speccing.  /dance!  Oh yea baby!  

After that I promptly headed to org to find the big bad boss test dummy, and spread my moonking wings a bit.  After about 30 minutes on the dummy, with just MotW, I was running about 3400 DPS.  Not SUPER fantastic, but what I felt was acceptable for my first go at it 🙂  I’m in full T7.5 set gear, and solid DPS pieces with the exception of my rings and neck, which are solid spell power pieces, but are my healing pieces.  I am hit capped (/cheer), but I did have to use about 3 monarch topaz’s to get there.  I feel that my haste might be a bit low yet as well, but I’m working on it =)

One thing in the rotation that I was a little confused about is exactly when I am supposed to refresh my DoTs.  I start my rotation with FF -> MF -> IS -> W (eclipse proc) -> SF (until eclipse CD) -> MF -> IS ->etc.  I’m not sure if that’s the correct time to refresh those?  I mean, my IS is long gone by the time I refresh it.  Is it OK to let it drop off like that?  I’m fairly certain that my MF is staying refreshed via my starfires, or am I on crack?

Additionally, I had picked up Squawk and Awe…but absolutely hated the way it was constantly on my bar and the interface for it.  So I ditched it and picked up the Eclipse Quartz Module, which is perfect and I feel a much cleaner alternative.  I set it so that it showed my MF/IS timers, as well as my Eclipse cooldown timer, and duration timer.  All right on top of my current casting bar.  It was quite lovely and I enjoyed it very much.

I’m not sure if I will ever be called on to DPS for a boss, but I feel that I’ve a fundamental understanding of the Moonkin, and could put out at least 4k DPS in a raid setting.  I will of course strive to keep improving, and hopefully actually getting better 🙂

For now I will leaf you with those thoughts, and rustle myself off back to the land of trees.  (har, har)

Posted April 15, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!, Moonkin DPS

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