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We finally got into Ulduar last night for about 90 minutes.  All of the servers in the Vindication battle group, including ours, went down right as we were getting ready to form the raid at about 8:15.  They came back up about 9:00 and we were able to get into the zone and get started.  We pulled down two people, because not everyone had made it back on by the time the server finally made it back.

We gave instructions and direction for Flame Leviathan, and assigned everyone a role.  Then we got everyone into their vehicles.  It took us two pulls to kill him on easy mode.  Overall I think the fight was fun.  I’m not a huge fan of the vehicle based encounters, but it was scaled in such a fashion that you just need to be competent in the vehicles.  I was a passenger in a demolisher, and one of the things that really bothered me is everytime my driver changed facing…so did my gun.

OK, so at this point people are quite excited.  We move on to our next target, which was Ignis.  He’s the harder of the next two options, and more people went for Razorscale, but that may have been because he was bugged originally, but had subsequently been hotfixed.  And, we beat to our own drum.  There isn’t too much trash to get to him, but what is there is a little bit nasty.

We originally decide to try and have a warrior tank Ignis.  Our first two pulls end abruptly after he took a 40k hit.  After some discussion with our tanks, we decide to have a druid tank the fight.  While their stam bonus has been nerfed, he still have roughly 12k more life than the warrior, and was able to survive the bigger hits better.  So we keep going, until he didn’t get topped off, took a 37k hit, and went splat.

At this point we are evaluating why Ignis is hitting so hard.  And we realize it is because we aren’t making the constructs molten quickly enough and getting them shattered.  The two off tanks are going to work on getting them to the molten areas faster, and keeping them in there better.  So we have the raid release and are excited to get started on pull number 4.  And then instance server crashes again.  ARGH!!!!

By 11:30 it still had not come back up, and we make the decision to call the raid for the night.  I’m disapointed, but what can you do?

The Healing

With the first encounter being Flame Leviathan, there really wasn’t much healing going around.  However, we went through one trash pack (with a fair bit of AE healing) and three pulls on Ignis.  Each pull we got him down to about 80%, so 1/5 of the fight.  Ignis does significant raid damage every 30 seconds, and requires a fair bit of healing overall. 

During the trash, I didn’t alter my healing much at all, with the exception of occassionally tossing out a nourish here and there on the tanks.  I never felt constrained on my mana, and ended most pulls above 50% mana.  I’m not entirely sure if I can give an overall impression with Ignis yet, but from our three pulls, the healing is fast, and hard during portions of the fight.  But, there is also some down time where just the tank, and the slag pot target are taking damage.  I never felt overly constrained with my mana, and I was doing a lot of healing, but we also weren’t in the fight for more than about 90 seconds before having to recover on any of our pulls.

Hopefully, server cooperating, we will be going back in tonight.  I will try to post more tomorrow about how my mana is feeling after I get my teeth into a few more bosses!

2 responses to “Ulduar – Night One

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  1. grats on the quick leviathan kill! We’re forming up our 1st 25 for Ulduar tonight, so hopefully there will be enough server stability for us to really get a feel for a couple of the fights.

  2. Thanks Sylly! Good luck to you all tonight as well! =)

    After digging around all day about Ignis bugs, and if they were *really* fixed, we have made the decision to focus on Razorscale and XT-002 tonight, and then come back to Ignis on Sunday after our 10 man has had some time to work out the mechanics of the fight a bit!

    Hopefully we have enough server stability to raid for the full intended time this evening.

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