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Since the last time that I’ve posted, I’ve been spending just about all of my free time inside of Ulduar.  We were able to knock out Razorscale on Thursday night, and then our 10 man group went to Friday and Saturday and we cleared 9 of the 14 bosses in the zone.  Now, I’m sure a lot of you reading this are looking at the title and going…wtf, how can she be disappointed?!?!

Well, let me start with our Saturday Night 10 man raid.  We went in fresh to the content, and we did excel.  However we faced two really annoying things.  [BUG]Kologarn: Will cast petrifying breath regardless of the fact that there is a tank/melee in range of him.  I do not know if this bug is known or not, however 50% of the time our druid tank was tanking he did in fact get nailed with petrifying shout.  While we still succeeded at the encounter, it was really irritating to have to wipe due to a bug. 

The second most annoying thing is the Mimiron trash.  W.T.F.  Seriously?  They made trash worse than C’thun trash?  You have got to be bloody well kidding me!  Our raid group was less than optimal, but we got done what we set out to do.  Until here.  No warlock?  No CC?  No game.  We did manage to get the first sapper pack down, but it was brutally painful.  And then we turned the corner only to find a 3 sapper pack.  Unbelievable.  At this juncture we look at the time and decide that we will go back and work Ignis, since we already have a strategy for him.

That brings us to our 25 man raid on Sunday.  All weekend I’ve been looking forward to this point.  We spent a lot of time learning strategys for the encounters in our 10 man, and I have high expectations and hopes for our 25 man.  We left our 25 man on XT-002.  We had worked on him a little bit Thursday, but had re-evaluated our strategy for Sunday.  We were progressing great, with a number of wipes where we just barely missed the enrage timer with our wipes coming 5-10%.  A few more pulls and this sucker is ours…or so we thought.

After recovering and getting back buffed and ready to go, we start our next pull.  We’ve been working the boss maybe about 2 hours at this point.  We pull, and we are doing great.  And at 75% this: [BUG] During XT’s exposed heart phase XT fails to actually expose his heart and nobody is able to target or attack it.  We give it two more pulls, but the same thing happens, and we are resigned to the fact that without a soft reset, he is going to remain bugged.  What a let down 😦

At this point we make the call to switch target to Ignis, who we’ve already spent a little bit of time on, but stopped due to the bugs.  It appears that Ignis’ bugs have in fact been fixed, however.  So we continue to work on him.  We are seeing a number of pulls down in the low 30% before we fall apart which is encouraging.  And then we have a pull at 24%!  The entire guild is bloodthirsty and can smell a kill coming.  We release and get back…to respawned trash.  And that is the end of our raid night.

At this juncture, I am extremely frustrated and disapointed.  Not necessarily in my guild (although I wish that we had some more people that would become better students of their class) or our raid (whose DPS needs to be upped on the whole), but with the bugs that we have so far encountered in Ulduar.  Our progression was effectively halted this week due to a rather large bug, that should have been resolved during the test period.  And to me, that was a huge disapointment.

At the end of the night we do offer to go and give the new WG boss a shot, but as it’s late let those that need to leave head out.  We pug the last 5 spots in our raid, and go take a look at Emalon.  I will state that he is significantly harder than Archivon.  We wipe a few times figuring it out, but after our 4th pull, we get a kill.  At least something died!

While we are not a guild that pushes progression at the cost of everything else (yea, sorry, we aren’t staying in the zone 3 days straight having folks raid in rotations for sleep), we are a progression focused guild.  And while our progress hasn’t been bad, it is not where I had hoped that it would be.  A big chunk of that is Blizzard’s fault.  But some of it is our fault.  Our DPS really needs to start stepping it up more, which is something we are going to start pushing harder.

Had we had our full raid night on either of those bosses last night, and not had to switch targets mid raid, we would have walked out with at least one kill, if not more.  Knowing that doesn’t, however, make it any easier to look at the progression threads and see other guilds passing us, not because as a guild we aren’t able to do the content…but because of bugs we are literally unable to complete the content.  I mean, I know this.  The guild knows this.  But everyone else who is going to judge our progression doesn’t know this.  And while I probably shouldn’t care, I am proud of our guild and that really bothers me.

Hopefully when we go in tonight, XT will be unbugged, and we will be able knock him out, and then maybe go finish Ignis off as well.

P.S. If you are doing daily’s before hand in your secondary spec, be sure to not only go back to your primary spec, but change gear too…I understand you will be incredibly mana constrained otherwise.  I’m not speaking from experience…no, not at all *whisltes*

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  1. Though I can understand your disappointment due to bugs and difficult trash, at the same time I can’t really understand your disappointment with your progression. In BC guilds would spend weeks working on progression with a single boss fight; all but two of Ulduar’s top bosses have been killed within the week of it’s introduction by the best guilds in the world (perhaps all of them; I have not tried to track the information). Downing nine of the bosses in the first week seems like a great accomplishment to me!

    Grats on what you have accomplished, and here’s hoping your bugs are gone next week.

  2. I completely agree, our 10 man progression was fantastic, and from what I’ve seen of the zone it’s a lot of fun…which is why I am so excited for our 25 man group to get to those bosses! (we have affectionately nick named our 10 man group “mono lab” as they are the guinea pigs for the zone).

    What I am disappointed in really, was that a bug completely halted our 25 man progression (we are a 25 man guild), and we only have two bosses down at this juncture as a result of that. If our progression was halted due to something 100% of our own doing, I don’t think I’d be nearly as frustrated. But when we were doing so well, and people were so motivated, to be locked down by a bug was…well, disappointing.

    I certainly see your point, though, Bell =) When I think back to our SSC/TK days, it certainly took us more than one raid night to knock out a boss. And there were times in some of the later instances that it was a number of days before we saw a kill.

    I will certainly try to stay positive, and be appreciative with what we have done, I was/am just overly frustrated by the bugs and needed to vent. Hopefully we will go into an unbugged instance and will be able to either win or fail due to our own performance alone.

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