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When I wasn’t locked away inside of Ulduar this weekend, I did take a little bit of time to do some extra farming.

I went and acquired my sprite darter after about an hour of farming for it, while watching Mama Mia! (love that movie :))  On Sunday morning, I went and did some fishing for stat food.  I am still carrying around both Spirit food (cuttlesteak) and Spell Power food (firecracker salmon).  I am also fishing Brade’s angelfish as well, while he works to level his fishing so that he can fish out his own agility food!

So there I was rocking out in my fishing gear in grizzly hills, minding my own business, and I get the achievement “Turtles all the way Down”.  WHOA!  Completely unintentionally, I managed to fish up the turtle mount.  There was much rejoicing and riding around on a turtle.  /cheer

Trivia!: A guild mate clued me in to the history behind Turtles all the way down.  Apparently there is Native American Lore that the world is held up by Turtles.  When asked what holds up the turtles, the response is “It’s turtles all the way down”.

Posted April 20, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!

2 responses to “Farming Fun

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  1. Oh neat, I had heard about that belief but hadn’t caught the reference 🙂

    Grats on your turtle!! I do wish there were schools to fish from in Wintergrasp akin to the old highland mixed schools, so that fishing up materials for fish feasts could more easily result in a turtle mount.

  2. Thanks! It’s actually a really slow mount, but who doesn’t want to ride around on a turtle?!?!

    I do miss the schools, but when I think about all the Mr. Pinchy farming I did, I start to convulse!

    We have a rogue that helps fish for our raid feasts, and I think he fishes in WG. He was saying last night that the drop rate on all three fish for the feasts is pretty even in all of the lakes located in WG…but with them not being in a school you can’t nab the mount, so that would be really handy!

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