3.1 – Thoughts on the First Week Post Patch   Leave a comment

The first raid reset since the patch is now upon us.  And I find that it is time to reflect on what I did my first week post 3.1.  I partook in many of the new activites.  Raiding, The Argent Tournament, Dual Specs, Fishing Dailys, etc!  Overall I found most of the new content a lot of fun.  I was a bit disapointed with all of the bugginess in it, but overall it was a nice change of pace from Naxx.

Raiding – I spent a TON of my free time in Ulduar, both 10 and 25 man versions.  Our 25 man raid got about 3.5 nights in the zone total, and we managed to kill 3 bosses and work on two others that we should have down tomorrow/Thursday.  We struggled with a number of bugs that hindered our progress in the 25 man, which was frustrating, but there really isn’t much that can be done about that.  Our 10 man  got 9 bosses down in the two nights that we spent in the zone.  We also downed the 25 man Emalon in Wintersgrasp.

Something that is a lot different about Ulduar is that most of the encounters have A LOT going on.  It requires a lot more situational awareness than a lot of the content in the expansion so far, and a lot of overall DPS.  We are going to have to remind our raiders that we need them on their A game everynight when they come in to raid.  Which is fine, we’ve seen that level of execution from them before, but with very few exceptions (6 Min Maly, 3D Sarth, Immortal Attempts) they’ve been able to be a bit lacsidasical with raiding in the expansion.

Overall, I think the zone is a lot of fun.  I definately enjoy the bosses inside the antechamber much more than the ones that are outside.  Of the fights I’ve seen so far, I think I’ve enjoyed Freya the most and liked XT-002 the least.  I have found most of the encounters so far to have healing challenges, which is really nice and exciting.  I am very glad to see that the content has been made to require strong healing again.

I am definately excited to go into this coming week, and I am optimistic about our progress.

The Argent Tournament – I have been participating in the argent tournament since the patch released, although I am one token short of being able to go to the next level due to being unable to complete a quest due to the server going offline.  So far I think it’s a fair bit of fun, but I really suck at jousting.  I mean…badly.  I’ve worked out a way to best the people for my daily quest that works well for me, but when it comes to the dueling I’m quite awful at it.  None the less, I generally have fun trying 🙂

I do, however, find the huge amount of traveling involved with the dailys a tad annoying.  Because I generally raid 5-6 nights during the week (4 nights of 25 mans, 2 nights of 10 mans) and I don’t get home from work until shortly before I need to start our raids, so I don’t have a large window of time to complete these quests.  We finish raiding about Midnight server time (9:00 for me) and I try to get myself to bed by 10:30.  That leaves me only an hour and a half to get ready for work the next day, prepare the raid for the next day, and get the dailys done.  It’s not a lot of time, and sending me all over northrend is a little bit of a burden.

The Fishing Daily – I have been able to complete 4 of the 5 fishing dailys so far.  I find them a lot of fun, and I am usually able to knock it out rather quickly.  So far I haven’t gotten anything extrodinary from my satchel of spoils, but I am looking forward to some of the nice gems that are inside the bags!

Dual Specs – Have dual spec’d both my druid and my paladin so far.  My druid has a Moonkin dual spec, and my paladin a ret one.  While my druid already had very nice moonkin gear that I was able to pick up in naxx, my paladin was severly lacking in this department.  I went ahead and spent some gold to get her a solid ret set…only to die a little inside when I realized her 2H mace skill was at 1!

I actually got to raid our Emalon/VoA raid moonkin.  It was a lot of fun, but I was a little disapointed in my performance.  I wasn’t on the bottom, but I felt that I could have done much better than I did.  In my defense, Emalon was challenging to time things due to the constant switching of targets, and Archavon has that stun effect…that he managed to hit EVERYTIME my eclispe procc’d!  How Annoying!  I am going to do a couple of heroics tonight as Moonkin just for some experience, so that next time I feel a little more confident about my performance.

I haven’t had any time yet to do anything with my paladin’s ret spec other than work for about 30 minutes and get her weapon skill up about 250 points.  I leveled my alliance paladin ret, but it’s been so long since I’ve played the spec and everything has changed so much, I really don’t know much about it anymore!  I figured I’d start the argent tournament stuff with her as I have time to work on getting the BE pet for Beru’s collection.

Overall, I think I am enjoying all of the new things that are presented.  I have a fair bit of stress from the new raiding content and everything that is involved with preparing to deal with running a successful raiding guild trying to successfully push that new content.  But that aside, I am generally having a good time.

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