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One thing that we ask our guild to do as content releases is research the gear available to them, and come up with a “wish list” of gear that they would like to see equipped on their character.  We found that this was extremely helpful for people to plan their gear and know what they want from the zone, as it helps alleviated the “I think I want…but I don’t know if I do” that everyone experiences from time to time.  This also prevents someone from requesting an item that they may well just upgrade in a few weeks over someone who wants the item as their best in slot.

No matter what level you raid at, I think making a wish list is a best practice, and I would strongly encourage it!  I do it for all of  my characters starting from the 5 man dungeons forward into wherever they may get gear from.

Based on the current information available to me, I have finally completed my tentative wish list so I thought I’d share it with you!  Things will always be subject to change, of course, as new items are discovered.  In making my list, I tried to keep a few things in mind:

  • I want a 4 Peice Tier 8 set bonus.  This really limits some of my gear choices as I need to limit 4 peices of my gear to being tier items.  In doing this, I took a good look at all the non-tier items that were known, and figured out which item I could drop for another item that would give me the most bang for my buck!  Ultimately, I opted for offset shoulders.
  • Even though there have been a significant amount of changes with our mana regeneration, I am still favoring items with Spirit on them.  Where there are alternatives for items without spirit, I still tended to favor those with spirit.  A good example of this would be in my ring choices.
  • I am still a little bit underwhelmed by the trinket selections available in Ulduar.  Honestly, they just really aren’t all that great.  For now, I’m going to stick with Pre-Ulduar trinkets until I can get some difinitive results on Ulduar trinkets.

After running my calculations, here are the items that I came up with.  I think we are still a bit too uninformed to call this a “best in slot” list, especially as I am passing up some BiS items to get to my 4 piece set bonus, but when loot drops, these will be the initial items that I am looking to snag up!  Because I am a bit OCD, I do try to track my upgrades and weigh out the decisions that I make and the effect that they will have on my character.  You can see an example of how I do this here My Wish List Spreadsheet

Without further ado…here is my Ulduar Wish List!

Helm: Conqueror’s Nightsong Headpiece
Neck: Charm of Meticulous Timing
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies
Cloak: Cape of the Unworthy Wizard
Breastplate: Conqueror’s Nightsong Robe
Bracers: Bracers of the Broodmother
Gloves: Conqueror’s Nightsong Handguards
Waist: Belt of Arctic Life
Legs: Conqueror’s Nightsong Leggings
Feet: Boots of Wintry Endurance
Ring 1: Lady Maye’s Sapphire Ring
Ring 2: Glowing Ring of Reclamation
Trinket 1:Je’Tze’s Bell
Trinket2: Illustration of the Dragon Soul
Main Hand: Val’anyr
Off Hand: Ironmender

There are a few things to note with regards to my spreadsheet.  Right now I’ve put a few Purified Twilight Opals into blue slots, and a few Luminous Monarch Topaz’s into yellow slots.  I do not know if I will actually do this, or if I will continue to heavily favor Runed Scarlet Rubies in my all my gem slots as I do now. 

Also, as I mentioned earlier in the post, I am favoring taking a non-set piece shoulder.  In looking at the items that are available to us right now, I get more from the shoulders than I would from gloves (which is the other item that I considered opting out of for my set piece).  As you can see the non-set shoulders provide a much larger upgrade than the non-set gloves did, and so I opted to drop the shoulders from my tier set.  I am also really hoping that some more attractive trinkets come out of the zone in the near future.  Right now I feel pretty “meh” about the trinkets that are in there. 

And, because our first shard dropped, and it was officially announced to the guild, I can finially state it here, I am in fact the recipient of our first Val’anyr (/cheer).  I’ve seen a lot of negativity about this item being awarded to a druid, but as I stated in my post on this topic, until someone actually makes the mace, or Blizzard announces the stats, nobody knows if it will be better for one class over another.  And, Ghostcrawler has even stated that “It’s our intent that it is useful to all four healing classes.”  I have seen all four healing classes be awarded the item from guilds all across the board, so kudos to my barky breathern that have been selected and given the honor of being awarded their guilds first mace! 🙂

Alright…the easy part is done!  Now to get back to work on knocking out the bosses necessary to get everyone decked out and nabbing up another protodrake. 😉

See you all in Ulduar!

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4 responses to “Ulduar Wish Lists!

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  1. Great list! I totally agree that its important to know what gear your interested in before you go into the instance. I made my list a while ago, but I need to revisit it now that I am NOT having mana problems. When I made it I was making the assumption I would be going OOM. I also didn’t include hard mode items on there, since I don’t know when we will get to them.

    Congrats also on being awarded the mace!!! I was not, I think partly because there are many people in the guild who assume it is a paladin item. Guess I will be picking up Staff of Endless Winter instead.

  2. great list, Ber! I have thought about this a bit myself but don’t think I could make the same decision about the shoulders you did. Here’s where my ridiculous nature comes out. I loooooooooove the way the new tier shoulders look. lol! I’m willing to sacrifice stats to aesthetics on that one! /blush

  3. Actually, Sylly, all off set items look just like the tier items =) It’s something new that Blizzard is trying with this instance. So, you can still have great shoulders and they will match the rest of your set pieces!

    I’m not sure when we will start on hard mode stuffs, we are currently 6/14 in the zone with two more raid nights this week. I think that at the minimum we will be 10/14 by the end of this raid reset.

    I picked up Lady Maye’s Sapphire ring last night in our 10 man, so I was pretty happy! I was also able to get another T8 pieces from the 10 man, that makes two for me. As soon as I get 2 more peices from either 10 or 25 man, I will switch to the T8 items =)

  4. oooooh that’s RIGHT! lol! so I don’t have to sacrifice stats to fashion! niiiiiiiiice! =)

    grats on all your success. We’re still mumbling around the first bosses. Need to tighten our raiding ship. Got some big, lazy leakers lol!

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