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Through my career as a druid I have often shifted my healing style to something completely different as every expansion is released.  Back in my MC-Naxx 40 days, we largely used Healing Touch as our main healing ability, and cancel-casting was how we healed.  TBC introduced a completely new way of maximizing druid healing with Tree of Life and lifebloom, and we became the masters of HoTs and unless Healing Touch was attached to Nature’s Swiftness, it was pretty much a dirty word and was a spell that was used in few and far between places.  Lifebloom reigned king and rejuv/regrowth use was fairly limited to tank healing, and were rarely used as raid healing spells with the exception of a few boss encounters.

Enter Wrath of the Litch King.  I came into this expansion with a fairly open mind into what I may need to change with my healing.  We had a great new raid heal in Wild Growth, but I found myself frequently still defaulting to lifebloom out of habit, and splashing Wild Growth around as I felt I needed it to supplement my raid heals (which conveniently meant that I really didn’t “feel” the great Wild Growth nerf).  I found that with the longer HoT durations we were getting I had more time to do many different things in the raid, but when looking at my WWS breakdowns, 80% of the fights still had lifebloom as my staple heal and doing the majority of my effective healing.

As we progressed into raiding, there were a number of encounters where I found rejuvination creeping it’s way into my top raid heal, which during TBC would have been unheard of!  Think about Phase 1 Malygos and Sapphiron.  Rejuv was just fantastic for these encounters, as it did a tremendous amout of healing over a fairly lengthy period of time and was hugely beneficial to the raid in these settings.  And perhaps this should have been my first hint of what was to come. . .

Patch 3.1 arrived bringing Ulduar with it, and a number of things changed for Resto Druids.  First and formost the dreaded Lifebloom Nerf hit.  Which ultimately really only effected multiple tank rolling, as the cost for casting a single lifebloom and letting it bloom cost less mana than the pre-nerf lifebloom!!!  Blizzard pushed Nourish fairly heavily onto druids, buffing our talents to benefit the spell, and giving us a fairly strong glyph to complement it.

I came into the patch with an open mind, fully intending to give Nourish the love that Blizzard felt it deserved, and even forcing myself to put it into my rotations.  But as we entered into Ulduar, we were very fast to learn that the majority of the new encounters had tremendous amounts of constant raid damage!  As we were learning these encounters and going through them, I was determined to make good use of Nourish…dammit!  However, I found that my dustiest raid heal, Rejuvenation, was more and more frequently becoming my go to heal for fights like Ignis (25k raid damage during flame jets), Iron Council (Constant AE raid damage while Steelbreaker is alive), Kologarn, Hodir (frozen blows!).  Wait…how is this even right?!  At first I tried to resist it, but my heal numbers, and the raids survivial with heavily favoring rejuv on these fights did not lie.  Rejuv was my new best friend!

Wait…what?!?!  It’s true, with all of the raid damage flying around, this gem of a heal actually gets to do its job and do it very, very well without being constantly healed over by other healers!  I was so enamoured by the new effectiveness of this spell, I went out after our very first night of seeing Ignis and spent the badges to pick up the Idol of Awakening, which reduces the mana cost of my Rejuv spell by 110 mana.

So, let’s take a good look at this spell and what it does.

  • The base talent of this spell heals for 1690 over 15 seconds at a cost of 18% of our base mana.
  • Those spec’d into Nature’s Splendor will increase the duration of rejuv by 3 seconds, for an 18 second rejuv.
  • Those with 5/5 Improved Rejuvenation will gain a 15% increase in healing done by rejuv.
  • Those with 3/3 in Revitalize will have a 15% chance to restore energy, mana, rage or runic power to your target.
  • Those with Tree of Life will have the mana cost of rejuv reduced by 20%.
  • and those with 5/5 in Gift of the Earthmother will see a 20% reduction in the global cooldown from casting rejuv.
  • Those with an idol of awakening will have the mana cost of their rejuv reduced by another 110 mana.

Before any reductions from talents, the base cost of this spell is 629 mana.  Once we take into account our Tree of Life bonus, the spell costs 503.2.  Let’s then subtract out the 110 mana reduction from the Idol of Awakening, giving the spell a cost of 393.2 mana per cast.  Whoa!  How cheap is that for an 18 second heal?!?!

I know, I know…you are thinking “but how much healing does that actually do?!  1690 really isn’t that much”.  Well, keep in mind that your rejuv will also be affected by your bonus healing with a co-efficient of .2 per tick.  Right now with ~2400 plus healing fully raid buffed, I find that my rejuvs are averaging 2500 per tick, which means that for the full duration my rejuvenation will heal a targeted party for roughly 10,000 damage over the 18 second period…for the bargin basement price of 393 mana.  That’s massive!

Here is our WWS from last night’s Ulduar run (note that our other tree was assigned to the tank last night, so our numbers are vastly different).  We encountered Auriaya, Freya and Hodir.  If you look at my healing breakdown for the entirety of the night, it appears that Rejuv and Lifebloom were favored somewhat equally.  However, take a look at our final kill attempt on Hodir.  58% (!!!) of my healing was from Rejuvenation, and 20% of my healing from Wild Growth.  I did notice that I tended to favor lifebloom on Freya, but I think a large part of that was needing to top off people as they are running away from the raid and lifebloom handled that task quite well, but Rejuv was still tucked in as my second healing spell on the encounter.

While I am sure that I will straighten up my healing some after a few kills (there is a lot to be said for “learning”), I do anticipate the rejuv will remain a primary tool in my raid healing aresenal, and will become even more powerful with my 4 piece T8 set bonus!  I am seriously starting to believe that for many of the encounters in Ulduar rejuv will become our bread and butter raid healing spell.

Carpe Diem Rejuvenation!  Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!

Posted April 27, 2009 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Healing, Raiding

4 responses to “Is Rejuv our new bread and butter spell?

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  1. 🙂

    ❤ Rejuv

  2. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I probably would have never entertained this topic!

    However, with the raid damage being tossed about in Ulduar, I have started to look at it a bit differently. It’s always important to be flexible and adjust as your environment changes 🙂

  3. I love Rejuv and I wish people realized this was always a valid heal. ❤

  4. Der lokale Teil einer Tageszeitung, sowie deren regionale Teile leben von den „neuesten Nachrichten.

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