Transitioning to 4 piece Tier 8 pt. 1   Leave a comment

After last night’s raid, I was able to go purchase the Tier 8 breastplate, giving me 4 pieces of Tier 8 (shoulders and gloves from the 10 man, legs and breastplate from the 25 man).  In making this change from 4 pieces of Tier 7 I gained roughly 50 spell power and lost approximately 15 spirit.  I also lost one of my Nourish bonuses, however nourish only accounts for roughly 10% of my overall healing in a 3.5 hour raid night so I’m not overly concerned about that.

One of the things that I really like about the Tier 8 pieces is that the socket bonuses are worth considering.  For example, the breastplate offers a red and a yellow socket, with a +7 spell power as the bonus.  Now, usually I would just gem this straight spell power in both sockets and ignore the bonus; but if I take the socket bonus by gemming a Luminous Monarch Topaz, I will only lose 3 spell power, but gain 8 intellect in its place.  With the value intellect plays for replenishment, I felt that was a fair trade and so I took the socket bonus.

Of course, I also gained the juicy 4 piece T8 set bonus, which gives my rejuv spell an instant, additional, heal when it’s cast.  I didn’t get the chance to test this in a raid environment yet, but from the few minutes that I did get to play around with the set I discovered the following:

  • The additional heal is a set value of 1633.  This number is based off of our base spell power and is not affected by bonus healing or buffs that you may have.  This is incorrect.  I definately saw numbers on this vary last night and I am not sure what was effecting the variance.  The extra heal appeard to be anywhere from 1633 – 1800ish, however WWS is not parsing the extra heal from my parse last night, and I’m not sure why.  As soon as I have time to sort through what is going on with the data, I will!
  • If the target already has a rejuv ticking on them, they will not gain another bonus heal from casting a new rejuv on them.  The bonus heal will only affect a target withouta rejuv ticking.

I will scour my WoW Web Stats report tonight to see how this bonus (and the 2 piece swiftmend bonus) works in a raid setting, and how it benefits my healing.  I have high hopes that it will prove very valuable.  We will see Mimiron and Thorim in tonight’s raid, both of which should yield some nice data and healing benefits from that extra heal!

Stay tuned for the results!

Posted May 14, 2009 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Healing, Raiding, Tier 8 Set Bonus

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