Transitioning to 4 Piece, Tier 8 part II (or, the results!)   5 comments

I finally had time to download my parse from Thursday night into both World of Logs and WoW Meter Online (I will cover the use of different parsers in another post, after we are done experimenting with them).  Specifically what I was looking for was how much of my healing was done by the 4 piece Tier 8 set bonus.  To do this, I focused heavily on utilizing Rejuv for my healing for the night.

As I stated previously, the set bonus records as an unranked rejuvenation.  Both WMO and WoL break down my rejuvenation so that I can see rank 15 rejuv, as well as the unranked, which is the set bonus at work.  Below you can see snippets of a parse from our Mimiron encounter (I’ve included a link to the full logs, if you are interested).  As you can see the set bonus accounted for 12.3% of my healing done on the encounter.  That is a fair bit of free healing, if you ask me!

Parse from Mimiron
World of Logs Full Report

Parse from Mimiron
WMO Full Report

I have discussed in a previous post what effects and does not effect the size of this heal and the different things that play in its dynamics.  From just the Mimiron encounter that I’ve shown above my average bonus heal was 1836, with my smallest heal at 1665 and my largest at 2527.  Not too shabby!

All of the other encounters in the parse show similar results to this one.  All in all, I’d say that getting roughly 12% of my night’s healing for free is quite a deal, and I honestly don’t see myself moving out of 4 piece T8 for at least the duration of Ulduar.  And the T9 set is going to have to have a pretty sweet bonus to compensate for the loss of the one that Blizzard has graced us with now.

The bottom line is that the 4 piece T8 set is most definately juicy, and worth seeking out!

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5 responses to “Transitioning to 4 Piece, Tier 8 part II (or, the results!)

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  1. I love it – all the rejuv haters are silenced now that the proof is out. Surely there is a nerf awaiting our direction – but for now I’ll take the victory… even if its just a lil ‘ol rejuv. I defiantly cannot waiting for my 4-Piece set. Thanks for the information, now I just need to break out of the habit of using regrowth more often then nourish. 🙂

  2. Thank you for information. Same here, can’t wait for collect them. The new T set sure will very awesome looking too 🙂

  3. Wow – thanks for pulling and posting those bigger than anticipated numbers. This could change my play style quite a bit once I get 4 piece – half way there lol!

    Two things cross my mind…

    1. Do we know if Glyph of Rejuv makes a difference?

    2. Why is so much of the heal overheal? (I’ve done NO research into the 4p bonus so sorry if thats a noob question.) My thought would be, one instant small heal shouldn’t be overhealing much…

  4. Aertimus, to answer your questions:

    1) No, the Glyph of Rejuv does not work with the buff, unfortunately. Some of the guys over at EJ have tested this. I trust their numbers and have not tested it personally.

    2) I suspect that the overheal is probably as a result of the extra heal being a direct heal, and not functioning like a HoT. It is going to tick regardless of if the target needs the healing the instant that I cast my rejuv. Basically…it’s the same reason that a Paladin has such high overhealing 😉

    For the reports that I posted, a large part may be overheal because of the encounters that we were doing and my healing style on those encounters. For example, on Mimiron I am pre-emptively HoTing the raid for a good portion of the fight. For phase 2, I rejuv until WG is off of CD, then I WG and continue to rejuv the raid. In doing this, if the target hasn’t taken any damage yet, the “extra” heal from the set bonus will still do the healing. It isn’t like the HoT where it doesn’t heal if there is no damage to be healed.

    So, everytime I cast rejuv on anyone, it is going to record that extra heal, which may or may not be overheal for the full amount or any portion of the amount.

    I hope that answers your questions!

  5. Yes that is very helpful – thank you!

    I was like “uh direct heal?” to the overheal part but was scared to say anything and people be like “No! Rejuv is a HoT – duh you noob!”

    Preemptive HoTing on Mirmiron is a given, so now that I know its a direct heal, the over heal makes total sense.

    Too bad it isn’t buffed by Glyph of Rejuv, but it is still REALLY nice.

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