Holy @#!*ing Lag Batman!   1 comment

For weeks the guilds on our server have been complaining about the horrible, almost unplayable lag plaguing our Ulduar instance server.  I had never really experienced this very much, as our raid schedule doesn’t start until Wednesday, and if we have lag it is just at the start of the instance, and is usually cleared up in a couple of hours and then we don’t see it again for the rest of the week.

Until this week. . .

This week we altered our raid schedule to accommodate for the holiday weekend, and removed our Sunday raid, but added a Tuesday raid.  Everyone in the guild was reminded why we don’t raid on Tuesdays as we sloughed through the Siege and Antechamber.  Ever done Ignis when the flame jet debuff is completely off of everyone before the graphics actually toss you into the air?  Yea…not fun.  We wiped three times on Deconstructor, not because of poor play, but because by the time the adds showed up on the screen, they were already to him.  Healing through tantrum…forget it.

I went in last night with high hopes of a lag free and productive evening.  And then we pulled Mimiron.  Did you know that if there is lag present Laser Barrage can, and will!, go 360 degrees?  Healing through Plasma Blast when you can’t see the debuff?  WOOHOO!  We will not get the two full raid nights we had hoped for on Yogg this week as a result.  Hell, we didn’t even get all 4 keepers down last night, we have Hodir to keep us company tonight!

I finally understand what all of those other guilds have been complaining about, and how fortunate we have been with our raid schedule keeping us out of the worst of it.  And I have to agree with them, Blizzard really should find a solution to alleviate this problem.  I don’t know if patch 3.1.2 or the hardware upgrades Blizzard was making this week exasperated this situation, but raiding like this is taxing on all players and is just flat out not fun.

I’m also fairly convinced that the lag gods do not accept prayers.  Our moonkin did however suggest sacrificing a troll, undead, and blood elf to them to see if that worked…

Anyone else on a server/battlegroup with these issues?  How do you combat them?

Posted May 21, 2009 by Beruthiel in /rant, Guild leadership, Raiding

One response to “Holy @#!*ing Lag Batman!

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  1. We usually raid on Tues, Wed, and Sun: very popular raiding nights, and right at the prime time. It’s not usually *too* bad (I’ve never seen Mimi do a 360 barrage)… but the lag gets 10x worse when Wintergrasp is being fought for 😦

    The past two nights have been worse than normal, though. It’s been very frustrating, and left us wondering if the recent patch had some unexpected “features” (read: bugs) in it.

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