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This weekend a number of exciting things happened.  Our 10 man got Yogg down (/cheer), and our 25 man made some serious progress on him!  We went from wiping in phase 2, to wiping in phase 3 regularly, and we even saw a 15% and 10% wipe last night!  I am so proud of how well we have done with the fight in the 3 nights (roughly 12 hours of time)that we have spent on him.  I think that our 25 man should have him this raid reset barring something catastrophic occurring during the raid week.

There are a few things of note that I’d like to touch base on, however.

First, and I absolutely do not mean to discredit anyone’s achievement for killing Yogg in 10 man, but the 10 man is miles easier than the 25 man.  It almost seems as if the 10 man is undertuned…or the 25 man is overtuned, which is more likely.  Take as an example the tentacles in the brain.  In the 10 man, they have 10,000 life each.  In the 25 man they have 40,000 life each.  That is FOUR TIMES the health pool…but you only get to send down TWICE as many people.  Yes, I get that there are more raid buffs and all that good stuff, but it still seems a little disproportionate.  I mean you aren’t bringing four times as many people into the raid after all…and the extra buffage definitely doesn’t equal the extra amount of damage that needs to be done.  I honestly would not be surprised to see Yogg get nerfed as more guilds start to reach him.  I would put money on a Yogg nerf being a decrease in the amount of life of all tentacles present during the encounter.

Ok…so I said I wanted to provide some tips for the encounter.  Here are a few lessons that we learned!

  • I am sure that you have read this a million times elsewhere…but it is important enough that I thought I would reiterate.  Phase 2’s success is directly related to how your brain group performs.  If they get through the rooms quickly and get to the brain quickly, the tentacles up top are extremely controllable.  I know it seems like the top side group is the important piece of the fight, but phase 2 is about 75% about how your brain group handles everything and about 25% about how well your DPS top side is keeping everything under control.
  • A clean phase 1 will exponentially increase the odds of coming out with a clean phase 2.  The more people that are free to start on tentacles as soon as they spawn in phase 2, the better luck everyone will have with keeping them under control throughout the phase.
  • It is important in phase 1 that you stress to everyone that their numero uno priority is to avoid those damn clouds.  Period.  We use a strategy with all of the melee in the middle, and the ranged/healers loosely following a cloud in the third orbit.  It works well for us, but may not work well for everyone
    • As a side note, I have found the best way to heal this is to constantly keep a rejuv up on all of the melee, and WG as soon as a guardian blows up.  This gives me the most control, and leaves me with the opportunity to swiftmend someone in grievous peril!
    • You melee REALLY need to watch their buffs/debuffs.  If at any time they receive “Sara’s Fervor” they need to move out before a guardian blows up.  This “buff” will increase the damage that they receive by 100% and it will take their life from 100% to about 5% if they get hit by a guardian as it is dying.
  • Get people out of the constrictor tentacles!  Our first few attempts we just ignored them.  Last night we assigned two hunters to help free people from the tentacles and it was MUCH smoother.  We will probably continue to have a “constrictor” unit to work on breaking people free.
  • Cleansers need to set up their debuff priorities for phase 2.  I have mine set up to prioritize the poison over the curse.  I do this because that poison is vicious, and I have a good chunk of time to get to the cursed people before the curse ticks off.  We have our magic cleansers really focus on keeping the melee free of Apathy.  It provides a horrible slowing effect, and it is important that the brain group is not hampered entering the portals.  The disease is less important to have cleansed because we send two shaman into the brain and their totems will pick it off of the two groups.
  • Unless the brain group is 1) filling their sanity or 2) getting in position for portals, they need to be in range of the rest of the raid.
  • The “tentacle” group up top needs to stay towards the center of the room during phase 2.  This will help make sure that they have to move the shortest distance between tentacles.

We are still working out all of the kinks of phase 3 in the 25 man, but here are a few things that we have learned between both the 10 and 25 man:

  • We are still debating what to do with any left over corrupter tentacles.  If we have time, our melee kill those that are in range.  In our 10 man, we didn’t have any left up.
  • We have found that the best positioning is to have everyone stand at max melee range of Yogg.  Last night we were all standing at his Maw.  I think that we are going to change this to have everyone at his side so that the melee have access to Yogg’s “rear”.
  • We have our range DPS the immortals, and we did have a few pulls where we got into a groove where we were one up, one down.  It is VERY important to have high DPS on these, because if they start to get out of control, you will wipe quickly.
  • We have our melee DPS Yogg, but when they have to turn around, we have them swing a few times on the immortals.
  • We have anyone that has an instant cast DoT put it on Yogg in between immortals.
  • Healing in phase 3 is tight.  We run this fight with 5 healers.  We assign two healers per tank and then have a druid keep both tanks fully hotted.  The initial hit from the immortals clock a tank for roughly 32k (ouch!).  It is really, really important to keep constant, fast heals on the two tanks.  If either of them die, it is likely going to be a wipe.

I am super excited about the fight.  I think it is fun and requires spot on execution.  I will provide an update once our 25 man downs him.  I will be sure to let everyone know what worked, and didn’t work as we finalize the last few tweaks in the encounter.

How is everyone else doing on the encounter?  Does anyone else have thoughts or suggestions?  What do you think of the encounter in general?

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  1. Sara’s Favor = Sara’s Fervor 😀 Though she *is* doing them a favor by upping their damage, technically!

    I wish my guild had gotten more work on him this week, but we only got to Vezax due to holiday travel/parties, and one of our tanks/raid leaders/guild leader got pnuemonia 😦 I’m hoping this week will go more smoothly.

    Congrats on the 10man kill, and many wishes for luck on the 25!

  2. Ugh….must have more caffiene before posting! Thanks for catching that 🙂

    Although…I wonder if it’s in my head as Sara’s Favor and that is why Grid is not picking it up. I am going to have to double check that when I get home tonight!

    Raiding around the holidays is ALWAYS so tricky. We always try to adjust our schedules so that people get their holiday time!

    I hope that your guild mate gets to feeling better!

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