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Grid UI

Roughly two weeks ago I decided that I was going to give Grid one last chance to prove itself a superior raid frame for me.  No matter what, I was going to raid with it for two full weeks before making a decision on if I was going to keep it or pitch it.  Welp, my two weeks are up, and I have made my decision!

Pros to Grid:

  • I very much like how I can track each of my HoTs on everyone’s individual raid frame.  I had been using HoT Candy since TBC, and while that worked well for me, this is better.  This is probably the biggest selling point for me.
  • I like how configurable it is.  You really can set it up anyway that you want as long as you have the patience and time to tinker with it.
  • I like how lightweight it is.
  • I like how compact it is.
  • I like the amount of information that it can provide me with…if set up properly.
  • It now has Icon capabilities, so you can opt for these rather than just the little dots for things!  This is a BIG plus for me.  I’m not sure exactly how long ago this functionality was added, but in my very early experiments with Grid, not having this was a big draw back.

Cons to Grid:

  • It is not very “user friendly” right out of the box.  It does take time to set up, and can be very frustrating and downright overwhelming to a user new to the interface.
    • If I ever had my interface wiped, and had to start over from scratch, I’d probably die a little inside.  While I am starting to get the hang of the interface a little more, I would still have to refer to other sources to get me back on my feet again.
  • It requires a lot of extra modules to get everything set up how I like it.  This means that I now have to update six or seven mods for my raid interface every patch instead of just one.
  • I cannot see raid icons in Grid.  While there is a module for this, it appears to be only downloadable from the developer’s forum page at WoW Ace.  This is problimatic because in order to download from the forums you must be logged in, which in the forums’ current state is not possible.

If you are thinking about switching to Grid, I do have a few pieces of advice for you:

  • Make sure that you are ready to make the jump to Grid, don’t let someone bully you into it.  If your mindset is such that you are being “forced” into the change, you are already thinking of Grid negatively and it will be very difficult to give it an unbiased opinion.
  • Pick a day when you feel tranquil and relaxed for the project, and can do it on your time so that you aren’t rushed.  I am very easily frustrated by change, so for me I had downloaded all of the modules weeks before but waited to do anything with them until I sat down at my computer and my first thought was “today, I am going to try Grid”.
  • Be sure that you have a few hours to tinker with everything on the day you decide to set it up.  I went to a number of different “How to Grid” type guides, and did quite a bit of internet searching when I was setting mine up.
  • Hop into an AV to test your frames out and tweak them.
  • Run an easy raid that you are familiar with during an off-night where it will be OK if you aren’t on the top of your game with your new set up before you enter into your normal 25 man raid setting.  This will give you time to micro-adjust anything that you don’t like or want to make changes to without feeling pressured.

I will be staying with Grid for the foreseeable future.  I like enough of the features, and after only two weeks, I’ve gotten incredibly fond of how it displays my HoTs that I’m not sure that I will ever be able to go back to anything else.

Posted June 3, 2009 by Beruthiel in Grid, UI

29 responses to “The Great Grid Project Results!

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  1. /success! *evil cackle*

    As for the raid icons, Elfkilla posted a comment to me linking this source as a place to try to download the icons addon:

    Mind you, I haven’t tested it, I’m just relinking what was linked to me 🙂 It’d be nice if wowace would make this available to non-registered users, or at least fixed their forum registration!

  2. =) so glad you gave it one last shot and got it to work out for you, Beru!!!

  3. Whoa. Template change. O.O

    Someone’s been busy today! 😀

    • @ Sylly, Thanks!!!

      @Kae – I wanted something a bit wider and something that handled bullet points better. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with this one or not, so you may see something different again in the next few days as I play with it!

      I do like the coloring on this one, it is very “me”. However, I don’t like how close it pushes the text to the right margin when I bullet point. I will have to see if I can play with it some =)

      • Hrmm… the bullet’s controls should be listed in the css (Cascading Style Sheet, the “style” stuff that, if your html is color-coded, has brackets and such that areusually pink, in the header section). They are controlled by any of the styles that say “list”.

        Something like the the padding of the list’s css should control the distance of the text to the edge of the text box (add 6-10 pixels or so of “padding-right:”), or possibly even the width of the list could be used (95% width, maybe?).

  4. *gasp* this is a big change. I’m not sure I can handle this much change. But the color is very tree-y.

    Hmmm… there was no way to edit the html and make your old template wider of wordpress? (But that would put you back to square one with the color).

    • Uh….edit html? Me? 😉

      I can’t even figure out photoshop to make myself a banner lol.

      There is another template that is wider, and still the white background, but the second frame was on the left, and I’m so used to mine being on the right that it was disconcerting for me…so I changed it again after about 15 minutes, lol.

      I do have some techy friends that might be able to look at my old template for me though =)

  5. Hey hey
    loving the new template especially the gorgeous bit on the top left!
    I’ve tried Grid a few times, and to be honest I have it up, very tiny, when I’m raiding, purely for ease of selection of characters when I need to BR, as I use Healbot otherwise and don’t have my party frames up.
    I’d be interested in knowing anything else about all the different extras and how you’ve got your grid to work because when i’ve tried configuring it myself for healing I was left horribly confused, possibly because of the lack of icons which has changed now.

  6. @Sof – I will see if I can throw something together for you when I have an extra minute! I started with Keeva’s and Phaelia’s guides (I linked them in my post :)). Phaelia’s also has a link to a nice guide that was put up on wowinsider awhile back =)

    @Kae – When I’m having a zen moment I may try to see if I can play with it some using your suggestions =) It’s a little intimidating for me, and I tend to, uh, loose my, uh, temper a bit when I get flustered…so I will have to give it a whirl when Brade isn’t home! 😉

  7. I definitely agree about Grid not being very user friendly right when you download it. I had to look at a few guides to set up my HoT display but, once I got the hang of it, it was really simple.

    Glad to see another Tree has been converted to Grid >:)

  8. Yep, it takes a while to get Grid the way you want it, but once you do… its amazing. I would be a very unhappy tree without it.

    Love the new layout of the blog by the way Beru!

  9. Two weeks ago, I abandoned Grid for VuhDo:

    It’s been able to do everything Grid can, without all the extra sub-grid-mod’s, and setup is more than a waterfall menu.

  10. I’m curious to find out if anyone has tried both grid and healbot and how they compare. I downloaded grid a while back but after 30 minutes of trying to figure it out I went back to healbot. They seem relatively similar to me and with a 5-button mouse healbot does everything I need it to for my tree heals. Am I missing something?

    morphy of galakrond
  11. Hi Morphy!

    Keeva, over at Tree Bark Jacket (, has an ongoing project that is EXACTLY that =)

    She’s completed the Healbot Portion of it, and I believe is working on the Grid portion still, but the information she already has up is fantastic.

    The one thing that really set GRID apart from the other mods I used was the way that my HoT timers could be displayed right on each party member’s frame. It really is invaluable, and I think has improved my healing.

    I pair up GRID with clique, which lets me assign my heals to mouse buttons in a similar fashion to healbot.

    • Thanks Beruthiel, I’ll check it out.

      morphy of galakrond
    • What’s up with people saying that grid+clicke is better than healbot in a way that you can see the HoT timers on each party member’s frame. I see the HoT timers on each party member’s frame on healbot frames – maybe you just need to set it up correctly.

      Also to the ones using grid only as raid frames used to select (Target) party memebers when they need to – healbot has that same funcionality, just keybind whatever mouse combination you want to a spell “target”. I myself use shift+middle click to target people on healbot if i have to.

      • btw, check out this screenshot to see the proof that I see the HoT timers on each party member’s frame on healbot frames

      • Hi Eagle =)

        I don’t think anyone is arguing that Grid is better than healbot or vice versa. Keeva’s post from her Grid/Healbot project actually says some really great things about healbot =)

        I’ve not tried healbot so I don’t think that I’m qualified to make an assesment of it, I have only used Grid (x-perl prior to that), and Grid was a definate improvement over the x-perl/HoT Candy set up that I had before.

  12. Pingback: How to Grid – part 1 « BobTurkey’s WoW Blog

  13. I love me some Grid… but I haven’t taken the time to properly configure it. You’ve inspired me to change that. ^_^

  14. VuhDo has basically the same things as Grid has, but the noticeable difference is that VuhDo is much much faster to set up. I don’t know if you have tried it, but you definitely should.

  15. As a tree myself, I can vouch for the uberness of Vuhdu. This mod IS grid done right. I can easily setup a grid like interface with hot icons or squares and add raid icons etc. But the thing grid was lacking is what Vuhdu provides… Hot bars for each of my hots in the color I choose. Another great feature is the ability to assign a plethora of click/scroll actions to the frames ( I use right click as swiftmend, etc). Like grid, it’ll take some time to setup, but unlike grid the setup ui is very friendly and understandable.

  16. Forgot to say, all you cons you listed are solved by Vuhdu.

  17. Hi Omegamoo!

    While grid doesn’t use hot bars, it does acutally use a timer/counter that very accruately counts down the time left on each hot. I have each HoT’s counter color coded so that I can tell which is which, as well as each one assigned to a specific corner in my frames. I really find this extremely effective.

    I also pair grid with a mod called Clique (which I used long before grid), which assigns all of my actions to selected mouse key combinations.

    I am very happy with grid right now, but I may check out Vuhdu when I have some free time as several people have commented on it =)

    • Definately consider the switch, Vuhdu can also be used with the squares as you like them and assigned in the corners. You would lose no functionality over a grid/clique setup but would gain the benifit of one update instead of two or more if you use the grid addons.

  18. @Petal – I am glad to hear that! Let me know if you have any questions, and I will see if I can help you out! If not, I will at the very least get you directed in the right direction =)

  19. i have to say that healbot is way easier for me then Grid it was just to confusing to set up whereas heal bot is very simple and it also displays your hots on the characters health bar, it doesn’t take up much space it allows me to use a 5 button mouse settings along with the ctrl and alt button that allows more spells settings to the mouse buttons meaning i can cast whatever spell including abolish poison and GOTW buffs as often as i need to. Basically if you want something that is clear and easy to use I would recommend Healbot definitely.

  20. I’m using Grid and and it works pretty well for me. I would say that one of the biggest cons for me is when i have to move a lot when healing and is doing the raid healing.. Anyway I made this very ugly tutorial/guide on how to set up Grid and it can hopefully help out new users to get started:

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