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Now that we’ve got Yogg-Saron down in 25, and our 10 man can clear the zone in ~4 hours (which means I am raiding 4-5 nights a week instead of 5-6 nights), I have a little bit of free time to get back to things other than Ulduar for a bit!  I will certainly admit that this is a very refreshing, and most welcome change!

In some of this fresh free time, I have decided to move my next alt up to 80.  Right now, in addition to my druid, I also have a Mage and a Paladin at 80. 

When I first created and leveled Mynn, she was enhancement.  As a matter of fact, she was the only melee class that I ever really managed to get anywhere!  (I’m a princess…I shouldn’t have to chase mobs to kill them :P)  I actually had a ton of fun with Mynn and played her very frequently. 

The bottom line was that Mynn was bad ass.  I mean, seriously bad ass.  Harley Davidson, chick in leather, bright red lipstick, bad ass.

There is just something incredibly liberating about punching things in the face and smashing that storm strike button that I just couldn’t resist.  Mynn made me feel rebellious!  Free!  Thelma and Louise!

And then something awful happened.  Wrath of the Lich King released, and I really didn’t like the changes made to the enhancement tree…Mynn’s bitchin’ leather pant wearing days were fast falling behind her, and not because she couldn’t squeeze into them any more!

No…this hot mama is now sporting a much more, uh, unique, don’t get caught in a lightning storm, type of look.

She is now resto/elemental.  And while I do find that fun, I just don’t get the same feeling of liberation from mashing the lightning bolt button that I did from smashing people in the face with storm strike.  (Not to mention that fist weapons look WAY cooler than healing weapons ;)).

I am, however, enjoying her nonetheless.  I find shaman healing to be a lot of fun, and riptide has got to have the coolest animation of any healing graphic in the game!  She is currently level 74, and hopefully will see level 75 tonight so I can run some more instances and get a better feel for her new playstyle!

As I level her, and have new healing experiences with her, I will be giving random Mynn updates with any healing tips that I come across in my endeavors!  (I am currently toying with different, shaman-y, things in my Grid!)

Random Trivia Fact!  Mynn is a variant of Min who is a character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  She was one of my favorite characters in the series.

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  1. I’d be very interested in hearing everything about your shammy healing.
    As a draenei-hater (I just can’t stand their tentacles and hooves), and as a pure alliance player (I’d like to go horde but I couldn’t cope with not being able to follow through with my strategy of being self sufficient), shammys haven’t ever been an option!
    However, if it works out well ands you enjoy it I may well go with a draenei shammy rather than the nelf priest that is my next but…four or five…project! haha.
    Nice name choice too!
    I have heard so much about that series but never got round to reading it!

  2. First time reader and I just HAVE to comment on your WoT reference! Huzzah for good taste! Although Nynaeve is my favourite, Min is not far behind.

    Erm… terribly off topic I know. But your blog is an interesting read, bookmarked for future reading pleasure!

  3. @ Sof – I do find the Shammy a lot of fun! I think the female draenei are kinda sexy! I bet she’d grow on you if you gave her a go =)

    @RP – Min just had so much spunk! And thanks!

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