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I figured that my colleagues have already sufficiently covered the upcoming changesthat we will be seeing with the next content patch (3.2), so there was really no need for me to touch on the topic.  Of course…other than to say the following to my dear paladins: no, the world is not ending; yes, you will still be able to heal; no, you will not always be OOM.  Wait for the PTR results before jumping off that cliff, dear friend.

OK!  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. . .I thought I’d rant a bit about something releated, but different.

Does anyone else think that patch 3.2 is coming way to fast?  I mean, I know that we’ve got 2-3 months of PTR testing ahead of us still, but I honestly feel like I just stepped into Ulduar yesterday.  I’ve barely had time to stop and breath and enjoy the instance…and we are just 2 weeks into focusing hard modes.  I feel like we are just starting to really sink our teeth into the meat of the instance, and it’s going to be a flash in the pan before we have a chance to get through it all.

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Ulduar was released in content patch 3.1, which hit live US servers on April 14, 2009.  Ulduar has been available for exactly 66 days.  We are currently working on our ninth lockout period with the instance.

According to wow progress there are approximately 53,250 guilds that are currently raiding in some fashion, encompassing 2,700,790 players world wide.  Of those guilds working Heroic Ulduar:

  • 16,229 (30.48%) of them have completed the Siege of Ulduar;
  • 13,754 (25.83%) of them have completed the Antechamber of Ulduar;
  • 8,204 (15.41%) of them have completed the Keepers of Ulduar;
  • 3,521 (6.61%) of them have completed the Descent into Madness;
  • 35(.07%) of them have unlocked Algalon’s room;
  • 9(.02%) of them have actually killed Algalon.

Damn!  Now, I know that Algalon is supposed to be that boss that is there for the best of the best and all…but only THIRTY FIVE guilds getting to him?  Only NINE guilds killing him?  And we are already starting to explore new content?  Seriously?

Let’s take a look at how guilds are faring on some of the other challenges in Ulduar once you are past Yogg Saron:

  • 1,418 (2.66%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Hodir;
  • 899 (1.69%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Thorim;
  • 105 (.20%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Freya;
  • 35(.07%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Mimiron;
  • 529 (.99%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Iron Council;
  • 1,431 (2.69%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode XT-002;
  • 218 (.41%) guilds have defeated Hard Mode Vezax;
  • 52 (.10%) guilds have defeated Yogg-Saron with only one keeper active, and
  • 0 guilds have defeated Yogg-Saron with no keepers active.

Any way that you slice it, that is not very many people at all, even if you are considering all those proclaimed super “hardcore” guilds. 

Sure…we still have some time to work on the zone, but I’ve just gotten to breathe for a couple of weeks after killing Yogg.  I am now back to learning every single thing I can about hard modes so that we can push through them.  And Blizzard wants to throw new shit at me already?!?!?!  I’m sorry, I’m just not ready to be inundated with all manner of new information at this time.  I want time to enjoy what I’ve already been given for at least a little bit longer, dammit!

Yes, I am aware that egotistical druid from the EJ forums (yea…you know who you are, everyone else that has been following your posts knows who you are too) probably thinks that I’m shit and my guild is shit because OMG YOU HAVEN’T EVEN KILLED HARD MODE HODIR YET, YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY HAVE ANYTHING TO CONTRIBUTE BECAUSE YOU SUCK.  Hey buddy, fuck off.  Guess what, A LOT of people haven’t killed hard mode Hodir yet.  Perhaps you think it’s time for new content Mr. Prickhead, but there are A LOT of people still trying to work through the hard modes, and would like to do so before Blizzard starts throwing new challenges at us that we will feel obligated to go and meet.  I’d really like to be at least a little closer to completing the challenges we’ve already been given.

Please do not get me wrong.  I am not asking for anything to be nerfed (although I reserve the right to change this statement when we get to hard mode mimiron), I’m just asking for a little bit of time to complete what I’ve already been given.  No, we aren’t the best of the best, but we do work hard (usually).  Sure, we were 5 weeks behind those bleeding edge guilds in progression.  However!  Even a lot of the best are not “ready” for this new content yet!  I mean, c’mon, only 105 people have beaten hard mode Freya!  Only 35 people hard mode Mimiron!  In nine weeks only 9 guilds have successfully downed Algalon, basically, if you haven’t unlocked him yet you aren’t going to kill him before 3.2 hits unless they lift his one  hour despawn timer.  While I don’t have the expectation that we will be able to kill algalon before the next content patch, I do have the expectation that we would at least be able to see him.

You have given us a huge zone with 14 raid bosses, you have given 10 of them hard modes for people to work on.  They are in fact hard, and a lot of people are just starting them.  Sure, not everyone is supposed to be able to do them, but I would think that it would be your intent for a decent number of progression guilds to be able to get through them before you introduce something new.  Why are you cutting the time that we get to do that so short?  Why do you want to push so fast to the next thing?  I don’t know about you, but I certainly haven’t been seeing much bitching from the bleeding edge progression guilds about needing new content already, and certainly even less from the next tier of “hardcore” guilds that have just recently started their hard mode ambitions.

Is it your intent, Blizzard, that we should be clearing Ulduar concurrently with the new zone?  If not, why are you trying to push it out to us so swiftly?  I don’t know, maybe I am just way off base on this.  I am sure there is going to be some guy that sits back and goes “LOL just suck less”, but honestly, I don’t think we’ve been “sucking” very much.  We were in the top 4ish% of guilds to kill Yogg.  I should think that the top 4% of the raiding base should have time to complete the hard modes before the next instance releases, right?  If that is the case, then why do I feel like everything is happening so quickly?

I don’t know…maybe I am just overly-concerned about it.  I’m sure the more we go through the motions -> get more gear -> everything will continue to become easier.  But damn if I don’t feel like I’ve barely had time to absorb Ulduar.

Am I wrong about this?  Is anyone else feeling rushed?  Is there such a thing as content coming too fast?

8 responses to “Ugh…already? But I just got here!

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  1. I’m not sure about rushed but I’ve definitely felt with this expansion that we were being moved through it at Blizzard’s pace, rather than at our leisure. I don’t have issues with Ulduar being nerfed (it suits me, my guild is pretty casual and we just got a couple of keepers down for the first time last week on normal mode) but they’re doing it quite quickly.

    • I feel totally rushed. I would prefer more than 2 months to work and and enjoy Ulduar. I really don’t want to leave my guild or see my guild under go any major changes, but if this is the time table Blizz is looking at, we may need to raid more than 9 hours a week to feel like we have fully enjoyed it.

      It just makes it worse that they stretched Naxx out so long and Ulduar is better than Naxx… I really do wonder if we are supposed to be running Ulduar with the nest instance. *sigh* But then why take out the drake?

  2. Actually Aert, there is some speculation that they may not be removing the drake with 3.2.

    So, who knows? I guess we will just have to keep chuging along and wait and see what comes to fruition.

  3. Since I’ve basically only just hit 80, yeah I’m feeling kinda rushed.

    There’s something rather Sisyphean about reaching level 80. You hit the big eight-zero and you think “yay, now I can access all that cool endgame content I keep hearing about” then you realize that no, first you have to quest in Icecrown until you have enough gear to do Heroics. Then you have to do heroics until you have the right gear to do Naxx, but of course now the only reason people want to do Naxx is to farm it, which means they only want to run it with people who are *already* in Naxx gear, and once 3.2 comes out the same will be true of Ulduar. You get closer and closer to endgame but never actually reach it.

    I might just have to wait for the Maelstrom.

  4. I gotta agree with you here. I only have 4 fragments of Val’anyr, and I highly doubt I’ll have it forged before 3.2. Will my guild see Yogg before 3.2? I really hope so. I guess what we’ll be doing is raiding once a week in the new content, and once a week in Ulduar (we only raid twice a week). This means not progressing very far in either instance. Sigh.

  5. @Averna – I think we probably have 8 weeks at the minimum for the patch, so I’m sure you guys will get to Yogg!

    The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that it is Blizzard’s intention for people to continue in Ulduar with the release of the new zone. Not only will there be only 5 bosses (well…10 if you count hard modes?), but Blizzard is only unlocking one boss a week for 5 weeks and the hard mode bosses have a limited number of attempts. Additionally, it was just announced that you won’t even be able to access the hard modes of the bosses until you have completely cleared all 5 of the normal mode bosses. So at best, the first hard mode boss won’t be available until week 6. To me, it seems that at least later into the zone, it will be kill this week’s dude, go back to Ulduar. Right?

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