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Since I have been living and breathing working heroic hard mode Hodir, and I’m a little sick of thinking about him, I thought I would save my thoughts on him for tomorrow.

Today, however, I have a bit of fun!

One of my pastimes when not playing wow is reading.  I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on!  Reading is a good way to relax from raiding, and get away from the game for a bit, while still staying mentally intrigued.   So I thought that perhaps I would randomly give my thoughts and suggestions about good reads that I come across.  Now, I’m no Oprah, but I will do my best to make good recommendations!  And hopefully get some good recommendations in return!

I generally quite enjoy any sort of mystery novel and a good bit of science fiction/fantasy.  So, after some prodding from Brade and a few friends, I decided that I would pick up the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark.  Now, this is the first true “vampire” fantasy literature that I have ever read, so I am not entirely certain how the rest of the genre plays out, but I did enjoy this book.

Sookie is a waitress is a small Louisiana town who happens to be telepathic.  She can read people’s minds.  It’s a cumbersome task just making it through her day to day responsibilities without invading anyone’s privacy.  But does provide for some very humorous commentary.  This town also just happens to get it’s very first Vampire, Bill.  Vampires are “out of the coffin” and trying to mainstream in public with humans.  Bill is a very gentlemanly vampire, and quite genial.  Throughout the story he and Sookie develop a fondness for each other.  The book follows Sookie and Bill throughout a number of tribulations, including unraveling a series of “whodunit” murders that rocked Sookie’s small town.  (A murder mystery in disguise!  My type of read!)

I found the novel to be refreshing, funny, and sharp.  I would certainly recommend it as reading to anyone else who is looking for something to read.  I would give one caveat, however, there are portions of the book that made me…ah, blush a bit.  It is nothing overly graphic, or crude, however I have not so much as ever picked up one romance novel in my entire life, and suffice it to say that my usual murder mysteries don’t have a lot of “romance” in them.  I just don’t want it to take anyone else by surprise as it did me =)

So, if you are looking for a good read after your raid, I would very much recommend this book!  I liked it enough to pick up and start reading the next book in the series.

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6 responses to “Introducing Beru’s Book Club!

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  1. Hehe, as if your blog could get any more addictive. WoW *and* books. I’m not a big mystery reader myself, but I have a bit of a weakness for sci-fi/fantasy. I’ve heard of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries but I’ve never read them. Did you by any chance see the HBO show – True Blood, which was based on / inspired by the books?

  2. I did purchase the series, and I’ve watched only two episodes of it so far. I will certainly let you know what I think about it as I progress through the series though! =)

    • If you liked the vampire storey line then give Anne Rices’ books a read. Interview With A Vampire is one of my favs. And she has four in the series. Also, my daughter has got me reading the Twilight series. I really was surprised at how well I like the movie so I have decided to give the book a once over. Haven’t really cracked the cover yet but I will let you know if it turns out to be as good as my daughter raves it is.

  3. This is one of my favorite vampire series. Every time one is published I go to the bookstore and read it that very day while sitting in the cafe. They’re so good that I can’t even get them home! As a Southerner and a vampire enthusiast, I think I’m the exact target audience.

  4. Also, if the Charlaine Harris books make you blush, well, there’s much much worse out there in the vampire genre. To my mind, all the raunchiness is the major weakness of vampire literature. I am a giant prude myself and I’ve had to abandon some of the more famous series, like the Laurell Hamilton books. Mostly, though, Charlaine Harris only embarrasses me when she makes generalizations about the South or tries to represent people’s accents.

    I also like the Trueblood series on HBO, but not as much as the books. I have a HUGE chip on my shoulder about the image of all Southerners as rednecks, and certain aspects of the series indulge in redneck kitsch to the point that they severely piss me off! I can’t even watch the credit sequence, with all its pictures of backwoods locales and dead rotting animals, and I usually love the HBO theme songs (adored Deadwood’s!).

  5. Sydera, I am truly enjoying the series! I completely devoured the second book after the first one, and nabbed up the third one from the bookstore at the airport yesterday (along with one of my weaknesses: The new John Grisham book that recently hit paperback).

    They really are so witty and fun, I am finding it very difficult to put them down!

    I watched another episode of the HBO series last night, and I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet =)

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