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Today I woke up sick.  Sick enough to work from home, and sick enough to have to visit the doctor.  Apparentlysick enough for him to have told me I should have come earlier and not relied on homeopathic remedies as long as I had, because what I needed was a good dose of anti-biotics.

Fair enough…I went and got my magic white pills, and now as I take them, I am reading the 3 pages of warnings that go with them.  Fantastic.

So, while I was feeling bleh, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a little bit about raiding while feeling bleh.  (Yes, I know, I should go lie down and get some rest!  But there is only so much lying down you can do :P).  I often tend to become more cranky when I am ill, and sometimes this is just as apparent in my in game persona as it is in my life.  So, I do try to keep a few things in mind when I’m feeling bleh to help me get through the raid.

  • Firstly, if you are feeling bad enough that it is difficult to even sit or think…get off the computer, nobody is going to fault you for being sick!  There is bleh, and there is OMG call that Monty Python guy with the carriage…I may not be dead yet, but I’m almost there.  By the time he gets here I’ll be ready!
  • I know that I tend to have less patience for things when I’m not feeling well.  I try to keep that in mind and not let things that normally wouldnt’ get to me, get to me.  It’s not easy, but very important.
  • If I’m worried that I may be snappy, I let everyone know in advance.  That way, even if I do snap at someone, they know not to take it personally.  Yes, people have logged in to see “Beru at Defcon 5” in the GMOTD.  Sometimes just giving folks a heads up can curb unwanted problems when you aren’t feeling well.
  • I try to kick back and let someone else do all of the work.  It’s not always easy for the control freak in me, but sometimes just being along for the ride isn’t so bad!
  • And most importantly, I make an extra effort to keep my temper in check, even moreso than usual.  This is probably the hardest thing to do.  I really have to bite my tounge and say “it’s a wipe, no big deal, let’s just recover it and start again”, when what I really want to say is “how the f’ did you miss the GIANT GREEN BEAMS aimed at your FRIGGIN FACE?!?!?! I can heal 25 people and not get hit by them!”.  Of course…blurting out my inner dialouge a la Austin Powers style probably isn’t the best way to do things 😉  Bad Beru…have another little white pill and call me in the morning.

I am probably not stating anything that everyone doesn’t already know, but I suppose this is probably just as much a reminder to myself, as it may be informative to someone else 🙂

2 responses to “Feeling Bleh

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  1. Aww sick tree 😦 Call in the priest for a disease cleanse!!

    Another thing to note about sick raiders: don’t change raid tactics up on them too much with the sick raider being in a very important role; if you do, be prepared for a lack of focus, disorientation, and increased grumpiness.

    I hope you recover soon, Beru!

  2. Oh…that’s a good one too Kae! I didn’t think about that! But certainly changing up the norm on someone who’s not 100% could be extra stressful =)

    I’m sure I’ll be all barked up in no time =)

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