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A while back Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn posted about the 33 things she wants to do in WoW before she leaves the game.  It was a really great read, and it’s had me thinking ever since.  Eventually everyone will leave the game for one reason or another, including me.  Surely there are things that I want to do before I quit WoW, but what are they?

Well, after much thought, I think I have my own WoW “bucket” list.  Things that I would like to complete before hanging up my branches so that I can feel like I’ve “finished” the game.

  • Grind out my Timbermaw faction.  It’s the last one I need for my Diplomat achievement…and the trinket is cool!
  • Purchase a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.
  • On that same note, I’d like to obtain 100 mounts.
  • Finish questing in IceCrown, so I have completed all of the Northrend quests on Beru.
  • Complete my Loremaster Achievement.  I have about 105 quests to complete in Kalimdor.
  • Go back and finish Sunwell Plateau.  I loathed the zone, but it is the only instance to date I’ve not finished.  That just doesn’t feel right.
  • Complete my Val’ynar.
  • Obtain one of the new raptor mounts coming out with 3.2.
  • See Alagon.  Either 10 or 25 man, it doesn’t matter to me =)
  • Kill Arthas.
  • See the alliance side of Northrend.  I suppose I better do this before faction changes, so I am not tempted to make my warlock horde before I have it finished!
  • Get my Death Knight to 80…because everyone needs an 80 DK, amirite?
  • Catch Old Ironjaw.  Damn fish!
  • Do something irreverent and unexpected, but nice for all of my friends in game.
  • Plan something spectacular for Monolith’s 5 year anniversary this coming November.
  • Get my Defiler’s faction to exalted.  It’s the only one I don’t have…in large part because I find AB so boring.  But I’ve said to myself many times that I need to suck it up and finish it out =)
  • Do the Draenei starting area quests, as it’s the only zone in the game I’ve not seen and I’ve heard that the zone is quite lovely.
  • Break 10k HPS.  I’ve seen it done on other’s parses, I’ve heard it’s possible.  I’m going to figure out how to do it! =)
  • Find a peace with all of the nasty things that happened during the start of TBC as a result of the guild split.  While I’m not sure I will ever forgive certain people involved, I think I can find a peace so that I don’t leave the game with that poor memory.
  • Obtain Anzu’s mount.  Oh, how you taunt me, you evil Raven!
  • Say goodbye to everyone that was important to me throughout my WoW Career.

I’m sure I probably missed something in there, but I’ll come back and update it when I think of it.  I don’t know how long my WoW career will continue, it’s already been four and a half years.  At some point everyone has to walk away to find a new adventure in their life.  It isn’t my time for that yet, but you never know what tomorrow brings.  I still get a lot of enjoyment from WoW, so I continue to play.  There are still things in the game that I want to see and do, and while those remain and I still have interest in the game, I anticipate that I will keep trucking along =)

How about you guys?  What would be on your “bucket” lists?

Posted July 9, 2009 by Beruthiel in Bucket Lists, eh?, Just for Fun!

4 responses to “My Bucket List

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  1. 100 mounts. WoW. I just like to get weird ones. The white forsaken horse I love that guy. Attumens horse I want him. definately this Halloween I’ll be looking for the headless horseman mount fo sheezy

  2. 17 hours, countless deaths, 1700 fish, no Ironjaw. Made a few cross-faction buddies. Confused a few people by talking to them through a gnome named Keevaa. Laughed when they “plotted” to do things like “hide in the houses so they think we’re gone!!” and then the confusing and accusations of “hacking” when I whispered them and said, “You DO know I can see what you’re saying.. right?”

    One day I’ll get that fish.

  3. Confusion, not confusing. Typing is hard 😦

  4. @rivs – I think I’m already up to 77 or 78, and there are a few easily obtainable ones that I’m missing (mostly AT), so 100 really isn’t THAT bad =)

    @Keeva – I think I’ve caugt like 3 old Crafty! Iron Jaw is just stubborn! There was an alliance warlock on my server that griefed me for awhile while I was fishing. I used to have Brade come with me to keep him occupied so that I could fish =)

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