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One of my favorite tree bloggers, Aertimus, has been a bit down lately about some things going on in the blogosphere as of late.  Some meaness, some departures, some unannounced silence from other bloggers.  And just recently some very personal pains that she is feeling and that have caused her to leave her guild. 

I think that Aertimus is fabulous.  I love her posts, and the lovely comments that she leaves as she explores everyone’s blogs providing her thoughts and showing her support.  She is just incredibly thoughtful and  insightful, and a true asset to our community.

Now, if we could gather our barky branches up, cramp them into a car (mine has a sunroof!  Great for getting that extra breeze into your leaves!), I’d call out to everyone else in our community for a tree’s night out!  Dinner, dancing (lord help me!), drinks, and fun!  But, as we can’t gather up in such a fashion, I thought I would show my support in the way a blogger knows how, by writing it out!

I have been following Aerti’s progress through Ulduar as she shares her frustrations and struggles, as well as her successes, just as she has followed all of ours.  Whether she knows it or not, I root for her (no pun intended, honest!).  I find my heart break at all of her struggles, and my emotions soar with her success!

I am very, very sorry for everything that has happened and everything that you have had to endure, Aertimus.  I sincerely hope that you are able to pull up your roots and keep your branches swinging as you work through this.

I truly want you to know that you have all of my support, no matter what your decisions are.  And although I cannot speak for everyone else, I can only imagine the community’s support also!

You are wonderful and fantastic, and I appreciate everything that you do for the resto druid community.

If you need anything at all, please let me know!

/big tree hug!

Posted July 15, 2009 by Beruthiel in Tree Love

4 responses to “<3 Aertimus

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  1. My feedreader is faster than your un-publish button!!! Do we call that bad timing or good timing??? When I saw you took it down I copied it to a word doc for me to save just for me.

    I wanted to save the copy because I couldn’t feel more honored that you would take the time to write up such a nice post. And now honored more so that you took the time to understand the situation and edit the post you wrote. That takes a lot of time.

    As of right now I don’t know what I’m doing with the blog. One major life change at a time, right? I know I will keep reading.

    Thank you so much for your support and hugs ❤

    And OMG we really need to have a blogger tree convention I swear.

  2. I am very glad that you were not further upsetted by my original post, and read it as it was meant to be.

    When I hit “publish” and then went to double check my links and saw your post (that had been published literally minutes before!) I thought “omg, omg, omg”, and rushed to take it down. I was terrified that you would see it before I could make changes (which you did!), and that it would potentially cause you futher pain, which I did not want.

    My thoughts will be with both you and Yakra as you work everything out.

  3. Um… okay I did walk down stairs and yell “I QUIT LIFE!” at the cat. But that was just because I realized you had to have done EXACTLY that – checked your link, just like I found yours so fast b/c I was making sure my you-tube videos were feeding into the reader.

    Thank you again. Stuff is already better than it was. Sunday was the all time low. And there is more plans in place to make it better.

    And can I add one more thing? It looks like you took it out of this version, but I think in the first one you said you found out about LOKIs kill thru Yak’s blog, which you were on from “another blog” you read: WoW.com huh? huh? I’m a little bit of a proud tree of him today is all!

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