WTB Deviate Fish, or, Why I Don’t Want GC to f’ with ToL.   5 comments

Many people have already gone into great detail about the Druid Q&A that was just recently done by Ghostcrawler.  And people are all over the map about some of the things that were discussed with regards to GC’s comments as they related to resto druids.  A lot of folks have written up the changes much better than I ever could, so I am not going to try and replicate their already fantastic work (i.e. go read their posts, I linked some of them for you!).

What I am going to do is give my opinions about some of the things that were discussed.  I will not being quoting big chunks of GC’s text, rather paraphrasing it as I read it.  This means that it is likely to come out biased, and possibly snarky, so please do take the time to read his actual text if you are looking for information!

I will warn you now…some of my opnions are probably irrational, and some of them are most definitely vain.  Ah…small caveat too, I got a bit ranty (not my intention, I swear!!!) so be warned 🙂

GC:  We don’t want druids to be shifted all the time…well, really we just don’t want tree druids to be shifted all the time.
Beru:  We are DRUIDS!  We shift!  It’s our thing!  Leave. It. Alone.  Frankly, I don’t care if I can’t see my gear while I’m healing…I’m not looking at it anyway…I’m staring at health bars!  Oh…and while those Night Elves look sleek and sexy, and maybe people want to look at that all the time, have you ever seen a Tauren cast?  No, really?!?!  They are big and clunky, and our casting animations are just awful.  I would MUCH rather look like a gnarled tree than my tauren caster form any day of the week.  In fact, before ToL, I used to carry around hundreds of Savory Deviate Delight in my inventory just so I didn’t have to look at the tauren casting form.  Yes, that is right, 90% of my time in Vanilla WoW was spent as a pirate or a ninja. 

Not to mention that ToL is my identifying trait as a druid that marks me as a healer.  I don’t see you saying “let’s have bears not be bears anymore”.  No.  You see bear you think “tank”.  I like  being a tree.  I like being able to have a “druid” function.  Even you, yourself stated that the thing that makes druids unique are our forms!  Please don’t f’ with it.


GC:  We want to make ToL be a huge pain in the ass to you, by making it more like metamorphosis, where you will have to actively select to use this talent while in combat.
Beru:  Dear GC, please put the crack pipe down and step away!  Or…at least pass it down the line so that we can be smoking whatever it is you are smoking that made you ever think that this might even remotely resemble a good idea!  I promise you that I am already monitoring enough things that having to remember to “shift” into ToL every 3 minutes, or whatever, is not going to increase my play in any way whatsoever.

As a druid, I have never favored “click” type trinkets.  Such things are a huge pain in the ass to manage.  Sure, I always macro’d them to go off with LB and whatnot every time they were up.  But, I would much rather prefer to have my HoTs hit for a constant amount based on a constant amount of spell power that I maintain.  Oh…and you know what is super annoying?  “A more powerful spell is already on your target”.  And wtf is wrong with ToL anyhow?!  I don’t see you saying, let’s have bears have this mechanic that they have to manage while tanking that causes them to have to constantly shift.  Oh…and the only reason that ToL doesn’t offer unique buffs anymore is because you took away our uniqueness in your “bring the player not the class” bs (don’t get me started on this…most definitely a rant for another day), by passing out some of what made us unique to other classes

I’m sorry…I am perfectly content being permanently shifted, I don’t need to have some fancy shmancy ability that is going to constantly cause me to shift back and forth because you want people to be able to see my nifty gear.  Not to mention I am 100% positive that the “shift” would cause me to loose my deviate fish illusion.  Which again means I would be stuck looking at the god awful tauren casting animation.  No Thanks!


GC:  Tranquility is juuuuust fine!  So is Healing Touch!
Beru:  Dear GC, please go look at 100 raid parses from guilds that are raiding.  In those parses, please count how many times tranquility is used.  That should tell you what the resto community thinks of the clunky mechanic that is tranquility.

As far as healing touch goes…I’m kinda meh.  I like my roll as a HoT healer.  I’m not going to gripe about not having a large powerful “Holy Light” type ability.  I did this during Vanilla WoW, I’m not really that interested in being a “cancel caster” again.  I will accept Healing Touch’s roll as my “oh shit” ability (with NS), as long as blizzard doesn’t force me to have to put worthless talents into an ability that I just don’t use that much…and don’t want to be forced into using more.


GC:  Yes, we are looking to actually give you some use for all those useless stats, like crit, that we keep putting on all of your gear.
Beru:  Honestly, why not just itemize our gear better for us?  Why don’t you stop trying to homogonize so much gear?  Problem solved!


*sigh*  I got a bit more ranty than I had intended.  I guess I had stronger feelings about this than I thouht!

I suppose I can take some condolence in the fact that these are just “thoughts” at this point.  Right?

Posted July 16, 2009 by Beruthiel in /rant, Changes, Druid Healing

5 responses to “WTB Deviate Fish, or, Why I Don’t Want GC to f’ with ToL.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly.

    This is just ridiculous.

  2. I’m only a part time druid but I agree absolutely with everything you’ve said here. I’d be so sorry to lose my tree, having just discovered the joy of it.

    Goddamn it Blizzard, why won’t you let me just be a treeeeee!

    On a more positive note, I have to admit I don’t mind the cow-caster animation, I think it’s kind of cute. They just look so confused about it. “Uhh…wrath…how does that one go again? Mooo..uh … wait wait … I’ve got it … here it comes … BOOM”

    Tranquility is particularly silly-looking though – not that I cast it very often – the way you kind of stick your cow-hand in the air like you want attention in class. “Uh, excuse me, can I be excused from the group? I need to go the bathroom.”

  3. @Bell – ridiculous is right! =)

    @Tam – that is because you probably have a boy cow! Their animations aren’t half as bad as the female ones! Beru must have the best thighs around with out much she exercises her legs while casting!

    p.s. Harry Potter movie today!!!!! ❤

  4. Huzzah! I’m right there with you, Beru! Rant on, Girl! Although I don’t feel your pain about the Tauren casting mechanics, I’m SO willing to lobby against them on your behalf! TREES 4 EVAH! lol

  5. Love the rant and am totally behind you there (I’m a bear but I love busting out my tree offspec sometimes and love the tree).

    It’s been said before but I think the reason for homogenisation is resourcing. They want to run the live game (and it’s design) with less resources as both a finanicial imperative and because they are working on the next big thing.

    Still WTB Bear (not cat) gear?

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