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Something has happened that I may have forgotten to mention the other day:

Now…just to kill Yogg 3! 🙂

Posted July 21, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!, The Val'anyr countdown!

12 responses to “And in other news. . .

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  1. Grats

  2. Grats Beru.. wish mine weren’t rotting in the bank 😦

    I’m not really sad about losing a legendary.. it was more symbolic of all the work and effort I put into my guild.

    Can’t bring myself to delete them.. but they make me sad sitting there!

  3. Oo! Oo! Gratsgratsgrats! I’m so excited for you 😀

  4. Nice! Congratulations! I’m still at 18 or 19 fragments. A couple of weeks more!

  5. Weee! Congratulations!

    Also, err, I know this not the point of the post but how crazy neat are your bags?! Mine are *terrible*.

  6. Grats, Beru! I saw a Val’anyr in a VoA 25 yesterday, and the shield effect was pretty sweet. 🙂

  7. Ooh, can’t wait til it’s finished!

  8. Her bags are terrible. Don’t let the screenshot fool you. The number of times I look over to see her cursing her lack of bag space are legion.

    It’s the same across all her characters. =)

    • Druid packrats, unite!! /highfive


      • Amen Sister!!!

        I mean…who DOESN’T need to carry around a red ribbon leash for all their pets, or a my new ogre pinata so that everyone can raid while chewing on pink bubblegum, or…or what if I WANT to fish as a murloc, iron dwarf, blood elf or gorilla?!?!

        A girl’s gotta be prepared! 🙂

      • Um… I carry Ony’s head with me. You mean most people don’t do that?

        Grats on the ORANGE!!!

  9. @Everyone – Thanks so much!!! I’m super excited 🙂

    @Keeva – Don’t be sad! Everyone knows how hard you worked. Keep them as a reminder of all the good times that you had!

    @Niniel – My fingers are crossed for good drop rates for you!

    @Tam – Regardless of what Brade says…yes, my bags may be on the full side (ok…the free space you see in the screen shot may be all the free space I have in my bags :P), but they are always well organized! Gear in one bag, toys in another bag, consumables in their own space! Thanks for appreciating my neatness! 😉

    @Brade – Oh man! Your first post on my blog and you have to go and give me shit! Shame on you =)

    At least I haven’t done a “here, I need you to hold some stuff ” in a while!

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