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No, I have not fallen off of the face of the planet…yet!
No, I have not quit WoW…yet!
Yes, I have been slammed with work to the point of exhaustion, leaving me little time recently to post!

My apologies for my lack of posts the past few days, I’ve been extremely busy, and have barely had time to raid…more or less post!

We are currently working on Three Lights in the Darkness to complete my mace.  On our first real serious nights of attempts, we made it to 10% in phase 3 before falling apart.  It was so exciting!!!  I completely failed (and was humbled) at figuring out how to throw those shards into Yogg’s Maw.  You basically have to literally be at his mouth, and time it just right, which is extremely difficult while trying to keep the tanks alive 🙂  We are hoping to come out this week with a mace in hand!

Hopefully I should have some free time coming up and will get back to my regular posting schedule!

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2 responses to “Update!

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  2. Alas, poor you. I’m glad to hear you’re still on the planet (always a good place to be), but sorry work is giving you a tough time of it.

    Good luck with the, err, throwing smarties in Yogg’s mouth.

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