The 3.2 Blues   2 comments

*queue raunchy blues riff to play in the background*

I’m not ready.  No, really.  I’m so not ready.

I’ve hardly kept up with the patch notes.  I know there are some big changes.  And frankly, I’m just about scared shitless.

Do you think if I close my eyes, stomp my feet, and scream really loudly in a huge tatrum Blizzard will hold off?  No?  Damn.

This is a very difficult position for me to be in, as I have a bit of an OCD nature about me.  I literally live by the moto “be prepared”.  I arrive at the airport 2 hours early, I map out all my destinations before a trip even though I own GPS.  And with the patch beating down our door, I’m a bit freaked out.  I haven’t read a ton about the coliseum, which is problematic because I’m going to be responsible for a raid that starts in there!  I’m fairly certain that I have now entered that “panic” mode.  You know the one I’m talking about!  The chug as much caffeine as possible (sorry, there was no such thing as “Red Bull” in my college days!) while cramming every last bit of information you can until you pass out trying to prepare for that big test/presentation/whatever!

Ok…it is what it is.  I’ve got to deal with it.  I’m going to take a deep breath and forge ahead, no matter how much I don’t feel ready to do so.

In that vein, I thought I’d put together a real basic bit of survivor’s guide for the un-prepared (like me!).

  • As always update your mods early, and often.  This will be especially true for bar mods with this patch, as there is going to be a fundamental bar mod change, as the result of the Shaman totems.  I always make a list of what I’m using, so I don’t forget something.  I also put a patch specific folder in the folder that I download my add-ons in, so I know I’m installing the proper version.
  • If you are a druid, firgure out what feral forms you would like to have, and what fur/hair color you will need to obtain those looks.
  • If possible, try not to schedule a raid on “patch day”.  There will be a myriad of issues that have to be dealt with by all players, and likely server instability.  It is probably worth your time, and sanity, not to raid on patch day!
  • Prepare as best you can for the Coliseum.  Remember, they are only releasing one boss a week, and you cannot progress to the hard modes until you have cleared all 5 bosses in their normal versions.  The first set of bosses that you will be confronted with are the Northrend Beasts.  Here is a list of the potential beasts that you may confront, along with their abilities.
    • Remember, with only one boss a week for the first 5 weeks, along with limited tries on the hard mode bosses, there is likely to still be plenty of time to continue working through Ulduar.  Collect those last few shards, and finish out those hard modes!
  • Stock up on your argent daily tokens!  There are new toys coming out with the patch!
  • Get ready for epic gems!  Stock up on Titanium ore to prospect, gems and eternals for transmutes, or get some PvP action in for honor.  Of course, if you have deep pockets, you can always just purchase gems from the AH, but expect them to be pricey the first few weeks after the patch goes live.
    • As a side note, if you are a JC, make sure you’ve stocked up on plenty of tokens to purchase the patterns to cut epic gems!
  • Be sure that your enchanting supplies are in stock!  New gear will mean new enchants!
  • Get your wishlists out and start editing them.  Know who drops what, and what is an upgrade for you.
    • As a side note, keep in mind that MP5 is going up in value.

I wish everyone the best of luck as 3.2 goes live, and if anyone can think of anything that I forget, no matter how small, please (I’m begging you!), let me know 🙂

Posted August 3, 2009 by Beruthiel in Changes, Strategy Planning

2 responses to “The 3.2 Blues

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  1. We have Tuesday night raids. Tonight is gonna be… interesting, to say the least 😀

    Here’s hoping our UI’s don’t crash and burn this evening!

  2. Good Luck, Kae!

    We don’t raid on Tuesdays for this very reason. When we moved from raiding 5 days a week to raiding 4 days, we cut out Tuesday, as it was always to most unstable day when there was any sort of maintenence issues =)

    I look forward to hearing your feed back on the new content tomorrow!

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