How Matticus Saved My Sanity (aka Helpful Info on Northrend Beasts!)   5 comments

You all remember my panic from yesterday, right?  Well, since the patch hit today, I’ve decided to embrace it and take the bull by the horns.  I started searching for anything and everything that I could find regarding the first encounter in the coliseum, in my attempt to prepare for my raid to face the Northrend Beasts tomorrow night.  (If the servers are stable, I imagine Monolab will go into the 10 man for some exploration tonight).

I read through all of their abilities many times and started making notes on potential ways to deal with them, adding questions I had on what I read, and different things that might be worth attempting.  There is a surprisingly small amount of information on the encounters currently available, which makes the strategy planning part of the raid kinda fun, but puts my OCD self very much on edge.

And then I found this (spoiler warning, don’t click if you don’t wanna know).  If you have not discovered it yet, I would whole heartedly recommend trekking over and giving it a once over.  There is some wonderful information available, with healing advice, to give you a jumping point on the encounter, as well as a video of the encounter (which is rare!).  I certainly will be sharing it with our raiders before tomorrow night!

Dear Matticus, if you make it over to my small corner of the world, I would like to say thank you so much for putting the time and effort into putting the write up together.  You have no idea how much calmer I feel after having read your thoughts (and realizing that I was spot on in some of my thinking, and not so spot on in others!).

Good Luck Everyone as you enter the Coliseum!!!

5 responses to “How Matticus Saved My Sanity (aka Helpful Info on Northrend Beasts!)

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  1. No problem! Just remember this stuff is untried and untested. If there’s anything off, or if you notice something wrong, PLEASE do me a favor and comment with your own observations and suggested corrections (or methods).

  2. @Matticus – I will absolutely provide you any feedback that I may have after we have some hands on time. Thanks again for all your hard work! =)

  3. Good stuff, nice to see it from a healing perspective and not a general boss guide perspective. Will be linking into both the original guide and this site if you guys dont mind?

  4. @Crusader – I am perfectly fine with it as long as it’s properly credited, and I’m sure Matticus won’t mind as long as you properly credit his work as well, but you may want to double check with him to be sure! 🙂

    Good Luck!

  5. Yeah ofc will be properly credited, am going to add both sites to the blogroll anyway i think, i’ll check with him to make certain.

    Thanks again.



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