10 Things to Do with 3.2   4 comments

So, after some of my apprehension about the patch has faded away, I found a few things that I am excited about doing with 3.2!

  1. Farm for my Raptor Pets!  I tried for a few of the rare spawns yesterday without any luck.  I have no idea how long this is going to take me, but because they are there I must haves them!  Vanity Pets are my crack in WoW!  Not to mention that they are soooooooooooo cute!
  2. Acquire my Raptor Mount.  I have started this chore, and I must care for my baby raptor for 19 days, which means a trip to Un’goro every day, so that he will grow a fondness for me, and then I can ride him. 
  3. Explore the new Argent Dailys.  I still have not done this yet.  I know…bad Beru!  No Biscuit!  I will get around to it, honest!  I just can’t get hugely excited about it.
  4. Complete the Trial of Champions achievements on Beru.  It’s a zippy little instance, and once I get past the annoyances of having to joust at the start (and remembering to dismount early so I don’t get bugged and can heal), I don’t mind it so much!
  5. Collect some of the nice loot from Trial of Champions for my Shaman and Mage!  There are some very lovely items to be had in the zone, and I wouldn’t mind nabbing up a few of them 🙂
  6. Upgrade my squire!  Ugh…so many emblems to do this!  Brade got his upgraded on the first night because 1) he horded all of his emblems; and 2) because he is much better about doing the dailys than I ever was.
  7. Finish getting my argent pets!  I still need the broom (a few more ToC runs on my paladin will net this for me), the bat (which I have to buy with Beru, as she’s the only one with the rep to do it…unless I can bat my eyes enough at Brade and convince him that purchasing it for me would be a worthy investment!), and the new wyrmling pet that was released.
  8. Do the orphans quests with my other 80 toons!  I need to get on this one chop chop, as I suspect they will be gone on Tuesday.  I think I’m going to nab a Wolvar on my shaman, because it’s seems quite appropriate.  I’ve not decided which pet to get with my other two 80’s!  Beru has the little hyper-active oracle guy 🙂
  9. Finish my transmute quest for Cardinal Rubies, and then reap the rewards of cutting them into runed gems and selling them!  Maybe I will line my pockets enough that I will finally feel comfortable enough to splurge and buy myself the Traveler’s Mammoth!
  10. Make my mace!  This is the week, I can feel  it!  Our raid kicked ass last night, netting us another Hard Mode Hodir kill, in a minimal amount of pulls.  We owned Vezax, even with the changes to DKs (although we did utilize other cooldowns to compensate) and interrupts (you now need 3 instead of 2).  We had an hour left in the raid after Vezax, and everyone wanted to give Yogg a few attempts rather than go kill the optionals.  We had to sub in a couple of ex-raiders to help fill a few spots, but we made it into phase 3 on our first pull regardless.  And we had our best phase 2 ever, regardless of the fact is was 11:30 at night and people were tired!  Sunday is the day.  *crosses fingers*

So, what are some of the things that you would like to do in 3.2?

Posted August 7, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!

4 responses to “10 Things to Do with 3.2

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  1. Get all my token gear, and a damn dragon, any kind!

  2. Hah! Good Luck Theerivs! 🙂

  3. I saw a rare raptor spawn in my dreams last night. I went after it to get the hatchling drop, and then resumed my dream’s main “plot” which was completely unrelated.


  4. @Kae – That is insane! I know that I have certainly had WoW dreams before 🙂 Brade has indicated that one night after I was asleep I started talking in my sleep, apparently somewhat paniced, and advised him that he needed to “use a fireball”.

    I have NO idea what was going on in my head! 😉

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