Getting Grid Ready for Week 2 Crusader’s Coliseum – Lord Jaraxxus   10 comments

Tomorrow the Coliseum will be opening up its second boss for its challengers to encounter.  This one is the fel warlock Lord Jaraxxus!  Similar to last week’s encounter there is very little information out there about the big guy.  However, I did unearth the following video of the encounter: Lord Jaraxxus Video.  The video itself is in German, however one of the guys over at Tank Spot did a cliff’s notes translation of the commentary so that you can read that to get a general idea of what is being said throughout the video.  There is also a fairly nice walkthrough of the video by Spiritus over at tankspot that is worth checking out.

EDIT:  I stumbled across another video today from a priest’s perspective, that is also worth watching to give you another feel for the encounter.

From the video, reading the commentary, and studying the abilities of Lord Jaraxxus, there are a few debuffs that are going to be important for healers to add to GRID before entering the Coliseum this Tuesday!

  • Incinerate Flesh– This is going to be a BIG one for healers to be able to track.  The debuff will go on any member of the raid and will “absorb the next 60K healing received and decrease damage dealt by 50% for 15 seconds.  If Incinerate Flesh is not removed before it expires it will cause a burning Inferno”.
    • What this means, as far as I read it, is that the target needs to receive more than 60k in healing (I do not think they will be taking damage during this time, but I’m not certain) over the 15 seconds to avoid spawning the burning inferno.
    • This means that you are going to need dedicated raid healers to drop bombs on this target every time Lord Jaraxxus casts the ability onto a member of your raid.
  • Fel Fireball– Inflicts fire damage and an additional fire DoT on the target for 5 seconds.
    • I am curious if this spell can be interuppted based on it’s cast time.  However if not, people will need to stay spread out, and this damage will need dedicated healers to handle the damage.
    • Note…this can be interuppted.
  • Leigon Flame– This will hit a target causing a ticking fire damage (I think), and this target will need to move away from the raid to kite their fire away.  Regardless of if extra heals are required, raid leaders will need to know who if afflicted with this debuff.
  • Touch of Jaraxxus and Curse of the Nether – Will inflict ~4,000 shadow damage for 12 seconds and cause nearby players to be effected by Curse of the Nether, which inflicts ~4500 shadow damage for 15 seconds.
    • I suspect that this can be, and will need to be, decursed from the afflicted target.   This will again require people to stay spread out so that this doesn’t bounce to nearby players.
  • Spinning Pain Spike and Spinning Spike– Leaps to an enemy, grabs them, and causes physical damage equal to a percentage of the target’s maximum health.
    • Again, another ability that is going to require raid healers to be on their game with fast heals.

* UPDATE:  From my experiences last nigt Incinerate Flesh and Fel Fireball showed up perfectly in GRID, which are the most important.  However, even though I set the others as debuffs, I did not get them to show in GRID.  I don’t know if he never cast the curses, or if I mispelled the debuffs, or the debuffs have unique and different names.  I will see if I can’t tweak it a little more and will update the post as I get them worked out.  Did anyone else have any luck with getting any of the other debuffs set up in GRID?

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Posted August 10, 2009 by Beruthiel in Crusader's Coliseum, Druid Healing, Grid, Raiding

10 responses to “Getting Grid Ready for Week 2 Crusader’s Coliseum – Lord Jaraxxus

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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the Incinerate Flesh debuff. It seems like a raid encounter’s difficulty is judged by how hard it punishes healers anymore but the punishment doesn’t seem to be getting spread around much to the dps or tanks.

    This debuff says “be ready to dump your mana bar on someone”, why not have something that penalizes dps and tanks for having excess energy/rage/runic power/mana in some way? Like, “dump your runic power because if you have more than 15 in the next three seconds you’ll be stunned for ten.”

    I dunno, just seems rougher to be a healer these days.

  2. Actually, we did this encounter fairly easily tonight. We put two designated healers on the incinerate flesh target, a Holy Priest and a Holy Paladin, and then had the raid healers assist as they could. We never had it go off on anyone.

    We also had both of our Holy Paladins in the raid beacon the OT who was picking up adds, so he needed very little additional healing.

    I thought the encounter was kinda fun 🙂

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  5. Yes, Fel Fireball can be interupted and should be. If an interupt misses, it should be de-spelled before it can tic…in 25 man its a good 8k per second. The initial hit of Fel Fireball is about 22k

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