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Daelo has provided us with some clarification on how the hard modes in the Trial of the Grand Crusader are going to work.  Per his explanation you will start your raid week with 50 total attempts at the content.  He then goes on to further clarify that those 50 attempts will carry over from one boss to the next.  As such, if it takes you 25 attempts on one boss, and 10 on another boss, you will only have 15 attempts remaining for any of the following encounters.

I find this to be very interesting, and I’m not entirely sure exactly how I feel about it just yet.  Let’s explore it a little bit, shall we?

  • Prevents Guilds from Throwing Themselves Endlessly at Content– I definitely like this aspect of the lock out.  While I understand that lots of progression focused guilds want those world/server firsts, sometimes those “titles” are misleading.  Maybe guild A spends 40 hours over three days just to be the first to do something, where guild two spends 15 hours over five days to do it.  Who is “better”?  The groups that spent more time, or less time?It is most certainly healthy to step away from something at a certain point.  There will always be a time where you have been throwing yourself at something for so long that it’s just counterproductive and you are slowly but surely sliding backwards.  I like that this enforces quality of play not the quantity of time you have to spend on something. I am quite curious as to how this might shake up the “number ones” on the rankings.  Maybe nothing will change, maybe everything will.  In the big scheme of things it’s not a big deal, just more of something that I think I’ll be interested following.
  • A focus on Quality not Quantity– While on the surface this seems like a great philosophy, in reality I’m not entirely certain that it’s going to play out that way.  If we were all robots and all perfect, we could play flawlessly day in and day out.  However, we aren’t machines, we are people, and that means that we will have off days and make make mistakes.  It is the inevitable truth.I certainly want to enforce the expectation of quality play, but on the other hand, I also recognize that “those nights” will exist.  You know that ones I’m talking about…the ones where you wonder how you entered the Twilight Zone and if you will ever escape.  Those nights where you wipe to the simplest of encounters…for no good reason!  Well, now you are penalized for it.  I certainly think it’s going to make the time you spend on these hard modes a bit more stressful, and that you are going to find people getting irked with others performance where they may not have otherwise.

    I also think about how many times you wiped on something like, say, phase 1 Yogg while you were learning it.  Imagine if you only got 50 pulls a week on something like that.  I am fairly certain that the majority of guilds had at least 50 wipes on Yogg at some point in learning him.  Eep!

    Overall, I’m not entirely certain how I feel about it.  The dreamer in me would love to say that all of our members will play flawlessly as we take our 50 attempts.  However, the realist in me slaps me around a bit and wakes me to reality.  We will wipe foolishly at times, and this time those wipes will have more consequence than just having to run back and repair.

  • It’s Time to Stop and Move On– In a way, I’m really kind of happy about having a definitive stopping point in ToGC.  If anyone remembers learning encounters like Vaelstraz where there is no trash and you just repeatedly wipe, run back, throw yourself at monster, it can be taxing on everyone involved.  Knowing that you cannot proceed indefinitely is kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel for these types of encounters.As a guild we are generally very good about knowing when it’s time to “stop”, on frustrating content we often institute a “three wipe” rule in which we will give some three attempts and then move on, whether that means killing it on normal mode or coming back to it another night.  This was instituted when we were farming Magtheridon pre-nerf, when cube clicking was challenging.  The guild was pleased with it, and it has helped save not only my sanity, but that of many of our raiders.

    Regardless, I kind of like knowing that we only have x number of attempts, and then moving on to something else.  On the flip side though, if we have a bad week and waste attempts needlessly, progression will suffer, which will likely lead to some frustrations.

 Right now, I think that my tentative conclusion is that this is a good thing.  As a guild we already limit ourselves on how much time we will spend working on something, and if you look back over our raid parses, I’m not sure that we’ve spent 50 pulls in a given raid week trying to learn something new.  Although, I’m curious to see as we were learning Ulduar how many wipes we’d have in a week while we were learning Yogg.

That being said, I do reserve the right to change my mind, get frustrated with the system (likely around the time we are trying to do the Faction Champions), and come back to rant at a latter date 😉

How do you all feel about the system?  Good?  Bad?  Do you like it?  Dislike it?

Posted August 27, 2009 by Beruthiel in Crusader's Coliseum, Hard Modes

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