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In what little down time I’ve had between new content, old content, daily heroics, caring for my raptor and Blizzcon, I’ve been tinkering around on an unexpected alt, Kitai.  This is unexpected for a few reasons: 1) Earenn, Isulde and Goldberrie still await leveling, all sitting around level 71 and typically I would have leveled one of them up first; 2) I camped my warrior at around level 24ish, I think, I just really didn’t enjoy all the down time and lack of survivability that she had…she was also a very ugly orc; and 3) as I started playing her again I felt a very strong connection to not only her…but the horde, which is something I’m going to explore below a bit 🙂

So, what changed?  Well, honestly, the first thing that happened was simply that I was just burnt out on Northrend.  As it turns out a trip back to the old world was just what I needed, it really is incredibly refreshing!  The second thing was a mount.  With the change to being able to get your mount at level 20, I was able to get Kitai moving around a bit faster, which is so nice (omg!  I don’t dread running up and down STV anymore!).  I also invested in some of the heirloom gear for her.  Picking up the breastplate and the shoulders, which makes leveling go SO fast.  I’m leveling Fury (yes, I know “level arms”, but I like fury!) so when she hits 60 I’m also going to buy her two of the heirloom axes and throw crusader on them.  And lastly, I feel this very strong connection not only to Kitai as a character…but to my roots as an orc, which is so strange to be because I’ve never been drawn to the orc race before, ever.

This connection is what I really want to explore, because it is very intriguing to me.  I have always felt a connection to my characters before, but never so strongly to their race and their underlying lore.  I have 2 trolls (DK/Shaman), 1 tauren (Druid), 1 Human (Warlock), 1 Forsaken (Priest), 1 Night Elf (Hunter), 4 Blood Elves (Mage/Paladin/Warlock/Rogue) and 1 Orc (Warrior).  What is so odd to me, is that I feel such a strong connection to the race that I have never played until now, in large part based on how they look.  I certainly have a huge fondness for my druid, and she is “me” in game.  She has her own personality and I don’t think I could give her up for anything.  However, while I am connected to her as a character, I cannot say that I am connected to her as a Tauren.  Does that make any sense?  The forsaken have my favorite story lines in the game, lore wise, and I am fascinated by their rich history.  I always complete questlines that explore their lore, and enjoy them.  But I don’t really feel a strong connection to them, I am more like an outsider looking in.

With Kitai, I feel…well Horde.  Everything about me feels pride in my faction and my race when I play her.  Everything I do is to serve Thrall, and it is important to me that I do it well, and make him proud.  I have to push down urges to shout “FOR THE HORDE!” every time I level!  It’s really odd to me, because through 5 years of WoW no character has ever had this kind of impact on me.

Kitai’s Name

  • Kitai is a character in Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series.  She is a Marat, which is a race of human/barbarian people who are very in tune with nature and are set in clans which are bound to different animals, but generally shunned by “civilization” because they are different and misunderstood.  Kitai’s father is the leader of the Marat and is part of the Gargantuan clan, but Kitai herself very desperately wants to bind herself to her mother’s clan, which are bound to horses.  Kitai has long flowing white hair.  In the stories the Marat are brutal, but great fighters, and very wise, often seeing things that others don’t.  Kitai does not shy away from a battle, where she is described swinging two weapons (hence my favoring Fury).
  • I chose the name Kitai for my warrior, because she is a great fighter and fearless.  My warrior has a long flowing ponytail, and dual wields.
  • Like Kitai in the stories, my warrior is part of a clan that is considered barbaric by some, however those that get to know her can see that she is intelligent and thoughtful. 
  • Like Kitai’s father, Thrall is a strong and wise man who works to get peace for his people, but will not step down if his people are threatened.
  • Kitai is headstrong, and sometimes foolish.  But she is still young and will learn from her errors.

Feeling In Tune with Kitai

When I play my warrior, I definitely feel fearless…and at times reckless.  I recognize that for the entire existance of my people they have struggled for their survival.  I am keenly aware that my entire life has been tumoil, and that I am preparing myself for battles to come.  I realize that not only am I fearless, but wise to respect my enemies, as only a fool would not fear her foes.

I know that I will fall down many times on my journey, but it is expected of me to stand back up and charge back into battle.  I will fear death, but I will not fear dying.  I am vicious when I need to be, a fighter.  Those things encompass what I do, but do not dictate who I am.  I am also thoughtful.  I am not the barbarian that the alliance think I am, but I will not back down from a fight if it is required for my survival.  I wear my pride on my sleeve, and you will not tarnish it, except in defeat.  What is that?  You dare challenge me?



I really am very surprised about how in tune with Kitai when I play her.  I’m not playing Kitai, I am Kitai.  How about you?  Are there characters that you feel more in tune with?  That have their own identity?

2 responses to “For The Horde! (RAWR!)

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  1. Absolutely! Whether a toon stays or is deleted for me depends on if they develop their own ‘personality’ or not. I have 9 toons on my main server, five that are keepers and three I could delete any time without much regret.

    But I know what you mean with warriors… there IS a certain power into simply wading into the middle of the furball and knowing YOU will be the one standing at the end of it.

    And Orcs have such a wonderful history and culture to go with as well, there is SO much potential there. And keep in mind, your Orc is NOT ugly… you look at all those hulking orc males around you and know that she is the height of desireability for them. Enjoy that muscular, sinuous body and revel in it! ::chuckle::

    Reading of Thrall’s parents, Durotan and Draka, was a remarkable experience, as it showed how deeply the orcs prize strength and partnership from their mates. Draka was frail as a child, but overcame that and became a strong warrior in her own right before she was noticed by Durotan.

  2. Yes, I feel exactly the same way about my characters. If I don’t feel some kind of connection, or if I’m not conscious of a marked difference between them and the way I play them, I tend to let them fall by the wayside. It’s not always permanent (my belf warlock is currently a bank alt, alas, alas! So much for harnessing dark power! Kahleena would be so ashamed of me) and it’s not always reflected in amount of time played but it’s definitely something that focuses and shapes my attitude to the game.

    I’ve keep creating humans and never getting further than level 10 because they feel so, well, generic to me – and I never felt any particular connection to the alliance races, to be honest, before I hit upon the idea of dwarf hunters and that totally sold me.

    I, too, have an Orc warrior, one of my few female alts actually – she’s only level 30 but I hope she’ll keep progressing. I’m also particularly happy with the way she looks: she’s kind of fierce, and she looks like she could completely kick your ass (as a warrior should!) but she has big bouncy pigtails so she also looks quite young and extremely enthusiastic (about the killin’). She’s a little cheerleader of mayhem.

    So yes: FOR THE HORDE!


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