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Tomorrow will be the final week of normal mode crusader’s coliseum, and with it comes the final encounter for the zone, Anub’arak.  As soon as you have defeated this encounter you will have the opportunity to pursue the hard modes for the zone (I am not 100% certain that they open this week, but fairly sure).  So…let’s talk a bit about defeating the big bug!

Firstly, let me direct you over to this tankspot post.  Again Spiritus has put together his thoughts on the encounter and has linked a good video for viewing.  I would recommend that everyone head over there and read what he has to say.  Additionally, there is this video of the encounter from the PTR. 

Getting Grid Set Up

From what I can tell, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot that you will actually need to add to GRID for this encounter.  Here is what I will probably add:

  • Leeching Swarm– This is an ability that will put a “swarm” (aka DoT) on the caster’s enemies that will leeching 20% of each target’s current health every 1 second.  It has a 1.5 second cast.  As the entire raid will be affected by this ability you may not want to add it to GRID.
    • Note that the entire raid will get this debuff and it is a percentage of your current health (but at least 250 life), so the entire raid will be hit with this debuff.
    • This also likely means that you will want to make sure that you are focusing on your MT/OTs with raid healers just keeping people with enough life that they don’t die.
      • It is actually not benefical to keep anyone but tanks at full life as the more life the raid has, the more life is leeched.  Just strive to keep your raid at about 50% health through this phase.
    • You will also need to make sure that your raid healers pay very close attention to those with permafrost, as it will be extremely important these folks get heals.
  • Penetrating Cold– This an ability that is cast by Anub’arak (I think) that will put up a DoT on random raid member throughout the encounter.  This will need to be healed through.
    • It will become increasingly important to know who is affected with this DoT as you enter phase 3, as there will already be a lot of damage that is going around that will need to be healed through.
    • If you added Leeching Swarm to GRID, make sure that this ability has a higher priority, so that the Leeching Swarm won’t show over it.
  • Unknown – There is a stacking debuff that the burrowers will be putting on your off tanks.  As of the time of this post, I do not know what this debuff is called, however it is something that I will be adding to my GRID once I learn the spell name.  As such, I would recommend that everyone add it in 🙂

A Few Notes for Healers

  • It is reported that Anub’arak dish out some beefy hits on your tank.  It will be important that tank healers are prepared for big spikes on the tank.
  • Similar to the worms, it is reported that there is a frontal cone ability that Anub’arak casts.  Be sure that when you are positioning yourself you do not stand behind the tank.
  • The burrowers that spawn will put a stacking debuff on your tanks that will cause additional physical damage to their target.  (At this time, I do not know what this debuff is called.  I will update as I find out).  Healers will need to be ready for this as the OTs will require extra heals while these adds are up.
  • Phase 3 will be a lot of healing.  Be sure that you have done what you can to get your mana set prior  to engaging phase 3.  Be sure that you use your innervates/shadow fiends early enough in the fight that they will be available to you again for phase 3.

As we go in and I have some experiences with the encounter, I will be sure to update what I find!  As always, if you encounter something that you feel will be helpful, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Posted August 31, 2009 by Beruthiel in Crusader's Coliseum

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