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For the Horde!

I know, I know.  Faction changes were yesterday’s news!  Catch up Beru, get with the times!  Whatever!

Last night I made the plunge and entered a faction change for my Alliance warlock, Goldberrie.  She is level 70, and was a human with a sharp haircut, appropriate for all the dirty work involved with being a warlock.  Originally I had convinced myself that I would level her to 80 on the alliance so that I could see the alliance Northrend quests, but with faction changes landing already, I was too excited about bringing her to the horde to wait!

So, I went to the WoW website, entered my information, and offered up my $30 to change factions.  The service itself went very, very smoothly.  But there are a few things to note about the process:

  • You cannot be logged into your account while trying to implement the faction change.
  • You cannot have any pending auctions or mail while trying to implement the factions change.
  • You must be logged out of the character that you are trying to transfer for 20 minutes before you can request the faction change.
  • The faction change page is littered with all kinds of “are you sure you want to do this” warnings, but was quite simple to navigate. 
  • I entered my credit card information, and was taken to a page that permitted me a short period of time in which I could cancel the transaction (you had until Blizzard actually charged your credit card).
  • They state that it could take up to a few days for the change to reflect on your account, however mine was complete in just a few hours.

With all of that taken care of I went to my raid (we finally got our Anub floor fixed!), and didn’t think of it again until the raid was over.  I was once again had a surge of excitement flood me as I went to my character select screen and saw the box there allowing me to change my faction.  Whee!  But I had a few decisions to make:

  • What race did I want to make?  I have three options: Blood Elf, Orc or Forsaken.
  • Did I want to keep my name or change it?
  • What did I want to look like?  I got to go through the character change process all over again!

Selecting My Race

I’m not nearly as tied to my warlock as I am my druid, so the decision to change her faction was an easy one for me to make.  I know almost no one that plays on the Alliance anymore, and my social guild over there mostly all switched to playing on the horde.  While the solitude is nice, it’s also very lonely.  I enjoy the warlock class and want to be able to do things other than PuGs with her.  Moving her to Monolith made a lot of sense.

That said, I do pick my names very carefully, and put a bit of thought into them.  Like all of my first characters, Goldberrie had inspiration from Tolkien.  Now, I’m quite sure that Tom Bombadil (yes, I have a dwarf paladin named Bombedil) would have a few things to say about Goldberrie engaging of the ways of the warlock, but she was one of my favorite and intriguing characters from his universe.  Why am I telling you all this?  Well, because when it came time to select my race “who” Goldberrie was came to light and it was something that I had to seriously think about.

  • Goldberrie as an Orc.  I just couldn’t see it.  We all know of my aversion to these booty-licious women, but setting that aside, I just couldn’t see Goldberrie’s free spirit as an orc.  Orc was out.
  • Goldberrie as a Forsaken.  This was worse than an Orc.  Goldberrie is all about life, and the enjoyment of living.  Having her be undead just seemed…well, wrong.
  • Goldberrie as a Blood Elf.  This is the option that I ultimately went with, as it seemed the least offensive to Goldberrie’s nature.  While it isn’t perfectly in tune with who Goldberrie is, it is much closer than the other two.  It was also speculated that Goldberrie was a water spirit/fairy, this seems very fitting with Elf lore.  Remember Blood Elves were once Night Elves!

Keeping My Name

I never really gave much thought to changing my name.  I like the name that I chose 4 years ago, and I was more than content to keep it.  I can certainly see where some might enjoy the prospect of changing their name to go with their new faction, but I wanted Goldberrie to keep as much of her identity as possible.  She is still the same person, just a little more svelte now!

Choosing a New Look

Now, in the stories, Goldberrie appeared very…light.  However, my Goldberrie is  a warlock after all.  I’m sorry, I just don’t do blondes!

Hairstyles in the game have always been very important to me.  In my opinion, they should be practical.  I know, I know…how silly of me!  But it is something that I’m dead serious about nonetheless!

  • My hunter has braids.  Why?  Because who would honestly tramp through the woods with their hair down?!?!  This is a pulled back, practical hairstyle for a woman who can’t have her hair full of things and needs it out of her face!
  • Both my female paladins have buns (the same hair style!).  Why?  Because I’m a paladin.  I intend to be in the thick of things, finding the light.  I can’t have my hair in the way!
  • My mage has the Peg Bundy.  Why?  Because she’s a prima donna.  She stands in the back and turns people into turtles.  She is most definately a “hands” off gal, who would be distraught by chipping a nail.  The style just “fit”!

Ok…I’m getting off track!  Back to Goldberrie’s hair, being that she was a warlock it needed to be dark.  It just seems more appropriate.  However, to still show Goldberrie’s “fun” I gave her pigtails (via the barber shop).  A suitable compromise in my opinion!

Welcoming Goldberrie to the Horde

A change this drastic can be scary for anyone!  So, to make her feel welcome and comfortable, her sisters provided her with a number of gifts!

  • Epic flying.  This is something that I never bothered to acquire over on the alliance, but treated Goldberrie too on the Horde! 
  • A Swift Purple Windrider.  Yes…we needed to pimp her ride!  Although as she is currently a tailor, I could totally make her a flying carpet!
    • As a side note, a “snowy” gryphon becomes a blue wind rider when transferred over.
  • Tome of Cold Weather Flying.  What better way to celebrate super fast flight than letting you learn how to fly throughout Northrend while leveling?!
  • Heirloom Items Galore!
    • Mynn was kind enough to share her trinket, since she was no longer making use of it.
    • Shoulders and Robes!
      1. 20% xp is too much to give just let pass you by!
      2. But, more importantly, Goldberrie now gets to clothe herself in the best looking gear in the game.  Dreadmist has, and will always be, the best looking warlock set ever!

And with that, Goldberrie is on her way in Northrend.  Wish her luck!

Posted September 4, 2009 by Beruthiel in Alt-aholic!, Just for Fun!

9 responses to “Meet Goldberrie. Formerly Human Warlock!

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  1. great right up on the process

  2. Welcome little Blood Elf, to the horde! Hehe…

  3. I totally get your feelings about hairstyles. My paladin tank and now my death knight tank both sport a ponytail because, as you said, it would be silly to have their hair flying into their face in the middle of a fight!

  4. I would be duly fearful of a warlock with pigtails. That’s some pretty dark power harnessed there.

  5. Yay, Horde Warlocks! Welcome to the club!

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