Dear Bloodsail Admirals, Go Walk a Plank!   5 comments

I spoke a little while back about how I was really enjoying leveling Kitai, my baby warrior.  I am still mostly enjoying the slow crawl I’m taking with her as I level, just taking my time and moving along at my own pace.  She’s reached level 44 (woohoo!), and she is still pretty kick ass!

Anyhow, I digress.  It’s the whole being level 44 part while I’m questing that is turning out to be so much trouble.  You see, I am currently questing in STV, a place that I love for the atmosphere and greenery.  It also means that I’m helping those scurvy dogs in Booty Bay with a few things that require my assistance.  Now, I have no objections to this, morally or otherwise.  But I have recently found that the questing has been causing my rage bar to go up irl.

It’s not the quests themselves that are a problem, not at all!  It’s actually not so bad having to run all their errands, slaying what are sure to be endangered species along the way, especially now that I have a spiffy 100% ground mount!  I go about my business, doing their dirty work, even if some of it is underhanded.  I work my little green hands until they bleed!  I gather everything up in my overflowing bags and  head back to the pirate town to collect my fee for my efforts…only to find THAT SOME ASSHAT LEVEL 80 HAS KILLED ALL OF THE BLOODY QUESTGIVERS AND I CAN’T TURN ANYTHING IN!  (See, the rage it builds in me even just thinking about it!).

Yes, I know that you want your spiffy, piratey title.  Yes, I know that you want cool red pirate hat that summons some stupid, wanker parrot that won’t even talk to you anyways!  I DON’T CARE! 

Seriously, kill the guards, kill the bankers, kill the bloody inn keeper.  Just leave the damn quest givers alone!  I swear to Elune, I had a quest in my log for THREE DAYS BECAUSE THE QUEST GIVER WAS PERPETUALLY DEAD FROM YOUR ACTIONS!  I know for a fact that there are spots you can farm rep, where they mobs will almost insta-spawn for you after you’ve killed them.  And guess what THEY DON’T BLOODY WELL CAUSE A DISRUPTION TO EVERYONE TRYING TO QUEST IN THE DAMN ZONE!

Now, to be fair, I can’t provide 100% of the blame for this serious disruption all in the hands of those trying to become Bloodsail Admirals.  Oh no, there is clearly another party here in which I feel obliged to point my stubby green finger.  Yes, yes there is. DEAR BLIZZARD, PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE THE QUEST GIVERS NON-TARGETABLE NPCS!!!!  Yes, the level of fail here is huge.  You would think that this would have been something that would have been in Blizzard’s crystal ball, when they were talking about introducing the title for becoming a Bloodsail Admiral.

But no!  Let’s put a huge questing hub for those leveling in the 35-45 range at risk of having all of the NPCs dead on a regular basis, thus frustrating the ever living hell out of those young, and possibly new, players as they attempt to complete and accept quests, JUST SO SOME GUY CAN HAVE A COOL TITLE OVER HIS HEAD AND A STUPID HAT!  Dear Blizz Devs, please try completing a quest in Booty Bay during prime time on a full server.  THEN TELL ME HOW BLOODY FUN YOU THINK IT IS! 

*sigh*  I am well aware that my rage will have no effect on anything, but it does make me feel a lot better!  Hell hath not fury, and all that…

/rant off

In bits of non-rage randomnes:
Earendiljade – My hunter, and very first toon, has undergone the change from Night Elf to Troll!  And she’s got a fantastic new hairdo!
Naz’s Fragment Count – 26.  Four more fragments before we can stop full Ulduar 25 clears!
Ulduar HM Progress – Steelbreaker Down
TotGC Progress 25 – Phase 2 Beasts
TotGC Progress 10 – Working on Anub

Posted September 18, 2009 by Beruthiel in /rant, Alt-aholic!

5 responses to “Dear Bloodsail Admirals, Go Walk a Plank!

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  1. When I did my Admiral grind, I never killed quest NPCs. At most, if we needed to stir up more guards, we would kill a vendor. Never bankers, auctioneers, or people we recognised as quest givers.

    I don’t get a kick out of annoying people :/

  2. I wish everyone was like Admiral Keeva! I bet your parrot even talks to you too! Because of how thoughtful you are, and nice things happen to nice people! You are hereby pardoned from my rage and having to walk the plank! 🙂

    It’s just so…frustrating. I know why people are there killing stuff, I just wonder what that poor first time player is thinking 😦

    Honestly, I think Blizzard should have made the quest NPCs just not killable…but it was probably something they didn’t give a lot of thought to >.<

  3. /cower.

    Also what I think you mean is: hell hath no fury like a landlubber scorned.


    Actually, no, I see your point. If I should ever do this, I’d be sure to do it at an unfashionable hour and kill only the infinitely spawning bruisers (hmmm…do you think they’re connected to the infinite dragonflight? is this *a conspiracy*?)

    Nothing annoys me more than people wrecking the game for others and that’s what killing all the quest givers and the flight master does.

  4. laughs* pirates are brainless you see and since when pirates are ever considerate? They’ll simply say killing quest npcs is in fact the whole spirit and meaning to being a true pirate!

    but, I understand your pain.. What’s worse is having 80s camp the Crossroads npcs for no apparent reason for days on end. That, I truly don’t get. Can you even loot them or what?

  5. lol oh, Beru, you poor thing! I had no idea this even went on! /comfort! Perhaps you can just run instances through this awful, awful level range. Your doctor might thank you the next time he slips the blood pressure cuff on =P

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