How Could Blizzard Remove the Best Part About Onyxia?!?!   4 comments

I did Ony 10 last night on Beru and Dannie. It’s pretty much the exact same fight it always was, except they added a big dragon spawn to phase 2…oh yea, and horde finally get fear ward :p.  Going back and killing her was a lot of fun with people in vent providing quips and stories they remembered from the originial days of killing Onyxia.  You know, when she was actually…um hard! 

Some of the top things we reminisced and laughed about included:

  • Please allow five sunders on the mob before you start DPS, casters wand!
  • Please do not stand at her tail and get whipped into the whelps (which we did anyhow!)…which of course led into:
  • 50 DKP MINUS!
  • We still fail at deep breath.  Sad, but true.
  • Laughing about how Amish almost got kicked out of the guild by raising his unarmed skill and going AFK during phase 1.
  • More DoTs!
  • The graveyard is…ONLY FIVE FEET AWAY!   OMG!  (sadly, this means to admit we wiped at least once, but I will neither confirm or deny this fact :p).  You have not TRULY experienced Ony until you’ve had to do a proper grave run back to her lair!

Even though the encounter brought about some good laughs for everyone, there was one thing that I was sorely disapointed to see removed.  Dannie won Ony’s head and went on to org to turn it in (woohoo!  Spiffy healing ring!), and ventured out to view Ony’s head up on that giant spike in Org.  You know the one that says “I came, I saw, I kicked her ass”.  And it wasn’t there 😦  How could Blizzard have taken out the time honored (and fierce) tradition of putting a giant head on an even gianter (is that a word?) spike to celebrate victory?!?! 


EDIT! This Just In: I saw Ony’s head tonight in Org! They must have hot fixed it back in!  Yay! 🙂

Posted September 23, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!

4 responses to “How Could Blizzard Remove the Best Part About Onyxia?!?!

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  1. My guild went in and killed her yesterday afternoon. I’ll admit we wiped once, only because we weren’t expecting the whelps to two-shot our mages. We all gathered in Org near Saurfang 2.0 and waited for some kind of zone buff/yell/head on a pike and we got pretty disappointed when he said there was no follow up from the initial turn in. 😦

  2. I’m glad the head-on-spike aspect has been restored. It’s not a proper kill unless you take her head and put it on a pole 🙂

  3. Have to agree. I was really disappointed when we went to hand the head in, no yelling, no “look how awesome we are”. I was even more disappointed when I got tail swiped into the eggs and didn’t spawn any whelps. However for pure nostalgia value and giggling as we remembered how the original version broke our then MT to the point that he just sat down whilst in combat (typing /sit), this fight is pretty priceless. Plus tier 2, even revamped has to the one of the best looking for pretty much all classes.

  4. Oh good i am glad they brought the head back. The night of the patch my 10 man team went in wiped a couple of times then pulled off the kill. We took tons of pictures and rushed back to Org to see the head on a stick. Any minute now…. just a few more secs… oh really. I am so glad they fixed this.



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