To Bubble or Not To Bubble?   6 comments

After some hem and hawing, I have decided it’s time to finish out my army of healers and get Earenn up to level 80.  Why?  Well, because everyone loves healers…and I kinda want to finish out my set!  🙂  Maybe I’m also a masochist, but trying to psycho analyze me would likely take more than this one little post!  Seriously though, I really do just love healing.  I also think that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all of the healing classes from personal experience helps me with healing assignments and working through healing issues in raids.

Anyhow, I digress!  Back to the preistess.

A little while back, I paid to dual spec her, her main spec being shadow even though I’m (truly) horrible at it.  I ultimately opted to go with a holy spec because, well…I don’t know, it seemed the right thing to do at the time and I like that little angel thingie.  Except, of course, when I’m trying to battle rez the damn priest with the friggin fail angel!  I mean, seriously?  Can’t you just cancel that damn thing so you can take your rez and I can stop waiting for it to go away?!   Oops…sorry, a little side tracked.  Back on topic! 

Where were we?  Oh, yes, my decision to go holy.  So, I have been going about my happy, holy, circle of healing, angelic way, none the wiser until I got drawn into this little bit of hilarity, and I started to wonder…did I make the right choice going Holy?  I mean…the pretty angel is cool, and circle of healing owns, but I, too, enjoy sparkly bubbles.  Then, quite inadvertently, I stumbled across this new blog, where there is a fantastic write up on discipline talents, spec-ing and glyphing (really fantastic material there if you’ve not checked it out yet!).  Wow!  Discipline looks…kinda fun, and interesting too!

Uh oh.  A decision.  And nowhere near enough information to decide!  You know…not everyone likes Baskin Robins and all of those 31 flavors!  Some people like vanilla and the simplicity that it brings!  Why, WHY, must we have all these options?!

Ok, I do like all the flavors options.  I rarely choose just vanilla.  I just hate being un-informed and wondering “what if the dark side really is better, and if they really do have cookies”.  And it’s not like there is guy behind the WoW counter with those little pink spoons going “would you like to try a sample?” so I can try it out before committing.

So who is right?! The Bubble Queen or The Crack Elves?  If you were leveling a priest that is going to heal through instances from 70 – 80, what would you do?  Laser beams and bubbles, or fantastic fail angel?

Posted September 25, 2009 by Beruthiel in Alt-aholic!, Dual Specs, eh?, Healing, Help!, Just for Fun!

6 responses to “To Bubble or Not To Bubble?

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  1. For 5mans and while leveling? Disc, in all honesty. You’ll get more bang for your buck and it’s MUCH more forgiving for lower gear levels (which you’ll have while leveling; both for you and for your tanks 😉

    Holy is aaaaaaaall about the raid healing, baby. 😉 Pop as much AOE healing out as you can.

    (Of course, this hasn’t stopped me from going holy and leveling with it, either. Either works, Disc is just easier.)

  2. I wanted to do the same thing, leveling one of each of the healing classes and actually healing on them in a raiding environment. Instead I’ve ended up with 2 level 80 druids, both resto, a level 30 shadow priest and a level 15 or something shaman. I haven’t even tried a paladin, heh…

    Definitely share your healing experiences plox! I’d love to read ’em. ^^

  3. For levelling/5 mans definitely disc.

    Besides casting penance at annoying PuG members and watching their characters wince and recoil helps release some frustration towards them :p

  4. Disc! Indolence leveled up to 80 disc, and I’m still dual-specced with a soloing disc spec and an instancing one. I will likely make the soloing one something else; shadow or holy, once I’m done questing for golds.

  5. Personally, I leveled 60-80 as holy-disc hybrid. it was 3.0 back then but now the build would look like:

    Perhaps not the best, but definitely fun and viable with the best mana regen available (and that means less downtime = more fun). Worked quite well for me tbh. Spiritual guidance gives a nice SP boost which is terrific for both healing and dps (don’t forget it was granted an 88% effect increase in wotlk making it a very strong healing talent early on). I recommend using PI everytime you feel a big pull or damageload is incoming. A ‘use’ trinket can also be a great help. In wotlk, in early instances, you’ll often find tanks that have the skill but simply not the gear to hold 3-4 mobs. A short healing burst can do wonders to help out the initial damage while dps takes one or two mobs down.

  6. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

    I took everyone’s advice and spec’d Earenn Disc. Hopefully I’ve done it properly, and glyphed it properly 🙂

    If not…I’ll just blam the tank for being squishy! *cough*

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