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If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I will randomly use this space to fester out issues that I’m having with my guild.  Either personal issues, progress issues, or just things I need to get out of my system.  Having an avenue to do that is one of the reasons I started blogging.  I find blogging to be…well, therapeutic, I suppose.

I’ve been extremely frustrated lately, which I think has certainly come out here.  So I wanted to share the last few days.  Caveat:  There isn’t anything informative here.  It’s just me sharing my experiences, so if you aren’t interested just check back later!

I had a marathon raid weekend.  We did ToC 10 Hard on Friday night.  We made it to Anub with 42 pulls left (we suck at Faction Champions, true story).  We did 20 pulls on Anub, but our shaman went LD and we didn’t get a kill done on Friday night.  It was frustrating for everyone involved I think, and we ended up calling the raid with 22 pulls left that night.  My frustrations had come to a head this night.  I had a good shout, and a good cry.  I had a conversation with Brade about everything that was underlying my frustrations.  I went to bed happy that I got everything out and exhausted.

Saturday, we did a hard mode Ulduar 10 clear.  We did everything hard mode, or what was required for the meta achievement.  Everything went very smoothly, with no more than 3 pulls on anything…except Firefighter.  We had a 0/0/2 wipe.  We had a 0/2/7 wipe.  We had no shaman for bloodlust in phase 4.  We ended up calling a stop after 2 hours and ~14 pulls on him.  I figured it was best to move on and come back for it another night.  However, a number of us did finish up our dwarves on Razorscale and get our Drakes.  I think 7 people in total.  And we got 3 people everything for their drakes save Firefighter, which we will go back for another night.  All and all, not a bad run in my opinion.

And then came Sunday.  We were supposed to work Hard Mode Thorim, but I was trepedatious because we had 6 people post late/absent (we only have 30 active raiders on our roster), so I will admit I went into the raid with a bit of a negative attitude (bad Beru, no biscuit!).  We had Wintersgrasp, so we started with that.  By the time we had finished, we had a solid raid for Thorim.  We had members who don’t usually motivate, motivate folks in their own unique ways.  Ok…I feeling a bit better.  We went in, and our first pull was a 24% wipe.  Our second 7%.  I don’t think there was a doubt in anyone’s mind that he was going down tonight.  A bit of tweaking, and a few pulls later, we had ourselves one keeper closer to Algalon!

But…it gets better.  We decided that we would start prepping folks for HM Vezax (which will be our next HM target), by moving us to one shadow crash group, and asking our healers to see how few clouds they could use and still succeed at the fight.  Our casters got a bit ambitious, not used to having shadow crash puddles 100% of the fight…so we had an agro pull that killed a few folks.  But we adjusted our positioning and kept going.  We netted our normal kill. 

At the end of the fight we asked how many clouds people used.  Our casters used zero.  Our shaman used one, but had some thoughts on how to avoid needing it, and one of our priests used one but will spec disc for the HM work and won’t need it.  Vezax had the good courtesy to drop a fragment for us, and everyone seems pretty excited to get to him hardmode and check one more thing off of our Ulduar “to do” list.

Our Yogg kill netted Naz short just one fragment for his mace.  We are anticipating having our second mace crafted by the end of our next raid week (*knock on wood* assuming we get one fragment before Yogg).  I will be so relieved when it is finished.  I promised him we would get it done, and I’m not one to break a promise, so it will be a huge strain lifted from me.  I will be happy that we will finally have more time to focus on ToC hard modes.  We are close to a beasts kill, seeing phase 3 through to an enrage a number of times last week.

After finishing Ulduar, we decided that we’d go knock out Ony.  We learned a few things…such as charging Ony is bad!  But it’s ok…we have battle rezes for the tank, right? 😉  We manage to knock her out in one pull with no shortage of whelps, and a few casualties…but a lot of laughs and memories.  And…she even had the courtesy to drop two helms that we could, you know, actually use!

Because we finished our raid night two hours early, we thought we’d take our 10 man back down for Anub.  We made a few changes and found room for a shaman.  Our first pull was 5%.  This sucker was toast.  We were done dicking around.  The second pull was a kill.  With 21 attempts left.  I’ll take it.  With that number of attempts, his tribute chest held two trophies of the crusade (just as an FYI, the chest spawns back where the portal to Dalaran spawns).

It is nights like last night that remind me why I love my guild.  Not just because we were successful, but because we came together as a team and I felt like all 25 people in the raid wanted to be part of that team and accomplish the goals that were set.  I didn’t feel like I was having to push people, I felt like they were pushing themselves.

Here is hoping for more nights like last night.


P.S.  Oh, and another neat piece of news that will affect all of you, my readers.  One of my guild mates stumbled onto my blog, and in reading my back posts saw that I suck at photoshop and couldn’t make myself a banner.  When I logged in Friday, he had a surprise for me.  As it turns out, he does things with photoshop and the like for a living.  And he’s made one for me!  It was truly flattering and unexpected and lovely.  As such, I will be changing the theme on my blog to accomodate the banner, as this theme doesn’t accept custom headers.  So…if you stop by one day soon(tm) don’t be shocked if you see some design changes! 🙂

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  1. Some frivolous comments:

    1) Woo hoo for the banner – your blog is great, regardless of the layout, but still 🙂

    2) Points for the use of trepidatious – best word ever 🙂

    3) So glad you’re feeling better about your guild – obviously I am nowhere as serious about mine and we can barely get our act together for a 10man Naxx but I’m learning just how profoundly disconcerting it is to feel dissatisfied or at odds with your guild for any length of time. And congrats on what sounds like a very successful evening.

  2. @Tam – You are incredibly sweet, thank you.

    I’m totally stoked about the banner…it’s animated!

    I should have known an Oxford man would enjoy a 10 dollar word 😉 (Or does that only qualify as a 5 dollar word?).

    It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a 25 man raid in awhile. It’s was lovely!

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