Looking for Guidance on the Priestly Ways of GRID!   4 comments

This coming weekend, I’m going to be assisting one of our priest healers with setting up GRID as a trial to see if he likes it, as his current raid frames seem to be falling a bit behind, which is impacting his healing.  While I am confident in the actual setting grid up part of the project, I want to make sure that I am providing him everything that I can for priest healing.

I set my own priest up awhile back, but as she’s just a baby priest still (70), I haven’t really perfected, or figured out, what all of the pertinent, priest specific, information I may want to see.  I know there are the basics: Raid Debuffs, what I can cleanse, etc.  But what else is there and what GRID tools are there available for him?

Here is a list of things that I think will be beneficial for him (he is holy/disc dual spec):

  • Renew – I am comfortable setting this up with Grid Status HoTs for him
  • Power Word Shield – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Weakend Soul – I have seen set ups using Grid Side and Corner Icons.
  • Grace – I have seen this set up with charges on it, how was that done?
  • Inspiration – perhaps just a normal corner indicator for this?
  • PoM – What is the best way to track this in Grid?
  • Power Infusion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Pain Suppresion – I think this can be set up with either timers, a corner indicator, or an icon indicator.
  • Inner Fire – I was thinking that just a corner indicator would be good for this, like I use on my shaman for earthshield and water shield.

So what am I missing?  What are the best ways to set things up as a priest?  I’ve seen a module for GridStatusShields, is that any good?  Is it worth recommending?  Gah!  Any help would be wholeheartedly appreciated!  I just really want to make this switch a pleasant experience for him! 🙂

Posted October 19, 2009 by Beruthiel in eh?, Grid, Priest Healing

4 responses to “Looking for Guidance on the Priestly Ways of GRID!

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  1. I’m not too sure about all the fancy awesome add-ons of Grid to make it the best it can be, but his is what I use on my Disc priest.
    I just have basic Grid installed (no GridHot, Grid ManaBars, GridUberPwn, etc)

    Border – Aggro warning (flashes red)
    Top left – Paladin bubbles, shield wall, other “mitigation” buffs. (blue dot)
    Top Right – Renew or Rejuvination (green dot)
    Bottom left – Power word Shield (yellow dot)
    Bottom Right – Buncha poison effects (just to show they might need a Renew)
    Center – Magic and Diseases icons (to show I need to Dispel/Abolish)

    I don’t use clique or anything, jsut a series of Mouseover Macros, so I can hover the mouse over various people’s squares and toss my heals.
    1 = Penance
    2 = PoM
    3 = Flash Heal
    4 = Power word: Shield
    5 = GHeal (I know, I know, it’s useful sometimes on tankspikes if Penance is on cooldown or a DPS needs big heal and tank is fine)
    6 = Dispel Magic
    7 = Abolish Disease (so useful against DKs and Plague quarter)
    8 = Binding Heal / Desperate Prayer
    9 = Fade

    I also have the usual OhShit macro for Healthstones, Potions, Fade, Desperate Prayer, etc, etc, etc on one of my nearby hotkeys like ‘T’ (since I’m usually having all my usual SW:pain, Devouring Plague, & Wand attacks on the tank=Focus TargetTarget and such.)

  2. Thanks Maebius!

    By the way…love, love, LOVE the avatar 🙂 I’ve been a huge Sorcerer’s Apprentice fan since I can remember!

  3. I use http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/gridstatuspwshield.aspx to track pw:shield and weakened soul debuff (important!) It is like gridstatushots in that you can change color based on time remaining, use with corner/side text rather than box-indicators etc.

    I also use http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/gridstatusmending.aspx to see my stacks and time-remaining on mending separately. (Basically, again, like gridstatushots for mending). I’m pretty sure there are some decent mending settings within gridstatushots too.

    I don’t find an indicator for grace/inspiration that useful. If it happens it happens, but no point in seeing it. Not going to change my healing behavior. So I don’t show it.

    Pain suppression – I actually have it replace one of my center text… pain supp is important and rare. Want to make sure it went off correctly.

    Power infusion can be handled with a simple indicator. Not crucial to see when it expires. Usually the target has no clue he’s infused. So I macro that sucker in with my penance with a [target=player] and give it to MYSELF on every cooldown. No indicator needed. Haha.

    I actually DO put an indicator up for when divine aegis procs. Useful to see the extra bubble.

    Gridstatusshields is ok (if used with text) to see how much shield is left… calculates PW:S + Divine Aegis. Also then I blow my lid when I see “2.2k” appear and I say “which one of your holy dorks shielded the tank with your pathetic 2k bubble?”

    Inner fire: I actually don’t use grid for this at all, instead I use http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tellmewhen.aspx and have an annoying icon pop up to say “hay your inner fire is down!”

  4. Pomona, thank you so much for the tips!!!

    I like that tellmewhen! I’m going to go grab it up for myself now *nods*

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