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Attempting to teach forum decorum on the WoW forums is an act in futility.  I know this.  Yet there are certain things that are so damn tacky, that I can’t help myself.  I reach out my hand, filled with cookies for the trolls, and open my mouth (or keyboard, as it were!).  There was an incident that warranted exactly this response on our realm forums the other day.

Like most realm forums, ours has a “progression” thread that is updated with varying regularity to inform others of the progression of the various raiding guilds on the server.  People tend to post their accomplishments in the thread so that the owner of the thread can update their progress.  Personally, I think it’s kinda neat to keep track of what people on the realm are doing, so we participate in adding our progress to the thread.

One of the more progressed alliance guilds on the server recently was able to add Hard Mode Twins to their list of achievements.  Like all of the other guilds, they went to the forums, posted their accomplishments, and moved on.  But here comes the part that pisses me off…some asshole, on a level 1 alt comes along behind them, quotes their post and then adds his own commentary of “i hear door strategy is hard lulz”.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

This raises my hackles on a number of fronts.  First, how fucking tacky is it to flame someone in the progression thread?  I mean…come on.  Sure, mr. level 1 poster, perhaps you come from a guild that is competitive with them and have been struggling for a kill using a different strategy, and feel the door strategy is cheesy.  Perhaps you just have sour grapes that they beat you to a kill.  I don’t know what your beef is and I don’t care.  If you really want to discuss the viability of different strategies, create a new thread of it.  But it is just flat out wrong to belittle people, for any reason, in the raid progression thread.

Second, you all know that threads have a finite number of posts that they will support before they lock out any new posts.  The raid progression threads tend to have this occur, and the original poster then has to go back and start the thread again, and the server has to report it to request a new sticky.  It’s a bit of a pain in the ass.  So, mr. level 1, you have just made a pointless thread, thus taking up a post that will invariably never be deleted and move us one useless post closer to having the thread locked.  Grats.

Very few things on the forums irk me as much as this behaviour.  I even see it happen when much less progressed guilds make progress and post.  Almost without fail, some asshat comes up and posts something to the extent of “welcome to months behind”.  Yo, dude!  STFU.  Seriously!  People progress at different paces.  Just because they met their goals after others shouldn’t all of the sudden make them an easy target for your derogation.

So…what happened?  Well, I noticed the jab, but not wanting to commit the second offense listed above, I refrained from saying anything.  Until our next kill that was post worthy that is.  This happened about 2 days after the original offense.  I posted our kill notice…and then offered my congratulations to the guild who had been offended, and subtly gave my opinion on the tact of the troll.  Yes,I know, but I couldn’t help it!  Even though the “do not feed the trolls” sign is quite clear, this kind of bullshit is just unexcusable…and I wanted everyone to know that I felt that way.

It won’t matter, it won’t do any good.  But somewhere I harbor the mistaken belief that if enough people do the right thing, those doing the wrong will get the drift.

=) *Squee*

On the other end of the spectrum I thought that I’d give a bit of an update…because there are plenty of things to be happy about!

  • After a heartbreaking 15% wipe on the hard mode twins on our penultimate pull last reset, Monolith went in last night and got ‘er done!  Our first pull was an 8% wipe, that probably could have been a kill had we made a couple of better judgment calls at the end of the fight.  Our 5th pull was a kill.  Everyone was excited, and because you can’t get to the final boss of a zone without letting him eat you at least once, we took a couple of pulls on Anub.  He’s going to take some work!
    • Although it is popular with many folks, and successful for many folks, our guild opted not to use the door strategy, instead using a strategy that we felt would give us more control of the fight as a guild, and less reliance on good RNG.  I am making no statements as to my opinion of the door strategy, just merely stating for mr. level 1 that he will have to find something else to troll us for, if he wants to troll.  I will do up a post on the strategy we used a bit later this week probably.
  • Because we were so efficient with hard mode twins, we had lots of time to work our next hard mode target, which took us back to Ulduar for Hard Mode Freya.  We figured that we’d do two hours of attempts on her (until trash respawned) and then come back to her tonight.  The first handfuls of pulls went about as expected, but we made a few adjustments, and things clicked…and on our last pull of the night we killed her!  I will be honest, I was shocked!  I had thought it would take us more than the three hours we put into her, and that we would be looking at her for a little longer.  Everyone was pretty excited!
    • That leaves us with 2 hard modes left for our iron-bound drakes: Firefighter and One Light in the Darkness.  We have a couple of gimmicky fights left to tend to, as well, but I wouldn’t anticipate those taking more than just an evening to knock out.  I really am quite hopeful we will be able to get the 25 man 310 drakes for the guild, as we missed the last ones by an immortal.
    • We will also probably be spending a little bit more time with Ulduar and a little less time with Anub, just for now, to get the last few hard modes worked out 🙂
  • My priest is now 76…and I’m having a lot of fun with her!  You may recall awhile back I had picked up my warrior again because I was a bit burned out on the Northrend leveling content.  Well, as it turns out, I’m burned out on just the first three zones of Northrend (Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord and Dragonblight) as those are really the only zones that my 3 current 80s have seen.  Beru was the only one to ding 80 past Dragonblight.  So, what did I do?  I quested out Howling Fjord, and then I skipped right to Grizzly Hills…and the change in leveling has been refreshing for me!
    • I have also hooked back up with Brade’s warrior, Blaloch, in the questing which is a lot of fun.  Except that he’s got the heirloom gear and I do not, so he’s almost a full level ahead of me!
    • The down side to leveling my priest is that she’s on a second account, and this account doesn’t have another 80 on it…so no heirloom flying for me!  I have to quest the old fashioned way, by riding all over the zones in Northrend.  At least for another level, then Earenn will have her very own flying carpet in which she can traverse the globe!

Really, all in all, it was a very good weekend, and was a lot of fun!  I really don’t have much to complain about (a rarity, I know!).  I didn’t have a lot planned for the weekend, and just sort of went wherever the wind blew me.  It was a lovely, and pleasant, change of pace!

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  1. I definitely know the urge to feed trolls. That’s why husband banned me from our server’s official forums. He’d ban me from the forums in general but I have good reasons to go when I do (reading RP posts, etc). He just hates that I always end up in tears.

    I have a habit of trying to correct behavior in battleground chat. Specifically, a guy in AV who made fun of the 70’s in the battleground. Honestly, a 70 who knows what they’re doing is better than all those afk jerks. Still, my family was in there with me, and the guys turning on me in chat made my fam very anxious.

    But I do it in WSG too. I just can’t stand to see people be mean to people who don’t deserve it.

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