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Tarsus posted the other day about the things that have kept him playing wow for going on 5 years.  The post got me to thinking.  Damn…I, too, have been playing WoW for almost 5 years!  I tried to quit back at the start of TBC, but failed miserably.  So, what is it that keeps me coming back?

  • Much like Tarsus, probably the number one thing that WoW has going for it is that my significant other also plays.  It’s generally a lot of fun to get to play with Brade, and it gives us a lot to do and talk about.  Sure, we both have other hobbies and things that we enjoy, but WoW can be a lot of fun with your SO!
  • I love raiding.  Generally I think Blizzard does a very good job with the raid content.  I usually love the atmosphere that I am immersed in, and for the most part enjoy the challenges.  I like the concept of having to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. 
  • My guild.  Even with all the complaining that I do on my blog, I couldn’t imagine WoW sans Monolith.  If my guild were ever to fall apart I’m not sure what I’d do, honestly.  Would I look for another?  Would I take it as a sign it’s time to move on?  I’m just not sure!
  • The social aspect of the game.  I am somewhat anti-social in life.  Hate parties, hate bars, hate strangers.  If I didn’t play wow, I’d probably be that lady with the cat that does nothing but sit by the fireplace, enveloping myself in novel after novel…but never really talking to anyone outside of work (well, at least that is largely what I did before I picked up WoW!).  WoW provides me with some socialization, and this is most definitely one of the reasons I am still playing.  I consider the vast majority of my guildmates friends, and I feel their triumphs and pains just the same as I would anyone else.
  • I love the lore.  There are certain story lines that I like much more than others, but the stories are fantastic and I think they certainly play a part in why I’m still playing the game.  I have become invested in what happens!
  • My Alts.  I enjoy the process of trying to master something new and different.  I enjoy the variety that they bring in the game.  I enjoy that they give me some entertainment outside of raiding.  I love finding new, and often humourous, tidbits that I missed on my main.  And most of all I enjoy that I can pick them up and leave them at any point that I want!  I really do think that Alts keep the game fresh.
  • I suppose if I’m being entirely honest, part of what keeps me coming back is that I just haven’t found anything else that fills my free time as effectively.  Even when I just take a night or two off, I find myself getting bored.  I can go out, I can read, I can cook, I can watch some telly or play a different game…but I always end up twiddling my thumbs a bit bored after a while.  WoW is still fun, cheap entertainment for me, and to date nothing else has come in to fill its place!

How about you?  How long have you been playing?  What is it about WoW that keeps you coming back? 

Posted November 4, 2009 by Beruthiel in eh?, Just for Fun!

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  1. A couple of reasons really. Its the only game that both my boyfriend and I enjoy playing together. Outside WoW, he’s into first person shooters and I tend to get motion sickness really fast from playing those.

    I find healing raids relaxing and I still get a kick out of beating new content. My guild, as annoying as they are at times must also get a mention. I’ve been playing with some of them for years and would miss our silly conversions.

    The scope of the game world. I love wandering around taking screenshots and absorbing all the details. When I first started playing I went on a PvP raid to the Barrens and never made it to Crossroads I was so busy staring at scenery.

    There is always something to do. If I have 5 minutes to spend or 5 hours to kill, I have options.

    Whilst I’ve tried quitting on several occasions, these things just keep pulling me back.

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