Why You Should Purchase a Monk.   7 comments

The Pet Store has just been announced and introduced.  It permits folks to buy some unique non-combat pets via blizzard for in game use.  The pets are very reasonably priced ($10/pet), and super cute!  I, for one, will be purchasing both available…for both of my accounts!

The two pets currently available are the Pandarian Monk and Mini-KT pet.  Even if you think it’s silly to pay ten bucks for a pet, I would strongly encourage everyone to consider purchasing at least the monk for your account.  Why, you ask?  Because blizzard will be donating 50% of the cost of each pet (or $5/purchase) to The Make-A-Wish Foundation for all purchases made prior to 12/31/2009.

If you are not familiar with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it is an orginization that I cannot say enough good things about.  What they do is grant wishes for terminally ill children.  They make dreams come true and give the gift of enjoying life for children that have very little time left to dream.  You all may remember Blizzard’s prior involvement with Make-A-Wish and granting Ezra Chatterton’s wishMemories of which can still be found in game today.

Even if you don’t give two hoots about the pets, if you have the extra 10 bucks to spare, please consider giving yourself an in-game friend for a good cause.

Posted November 4, 2009 by Beruthiel in Have a Heart, Just for Fun!

7 responses to “Why You Should Purchase a Monk.

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  1. ello beru,
    come payday (15th – wahey!) i was already planning on buying myself one of each pet.
    But after reading the links you posted about Ezra I will be further encouraging all my friends and guildies to grab the pets and show them the two sites you linked.
    Totally made me cry a bit by the way,
    great start to a Thursday morning 😛
    Hope you’re well,

    (ps, changed the blog. the one you’re linking is my personal one, my new-ish wow one is http://elsenterenaseu.wordpress.com )

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  3. The Ezra story still chokes me up every time I run by Mulgore. It really was a beautiful tribute.

    • I think Blizzard did a bang up job granting his wish. I came across his quest just recently while I was working on Loremaster and it got me a little teary eyed as well.

      To be honest, just writing this post made me a bit sniffly. *sniffle*

  4. Yes, the Pandaren Monk is awesome. I bow to him and he bows back!!! I love it!! The Make A Wish Foundation is definitely one the most worthy causes to donate too. I bought many pets just for this reason.

  5. thanks for this post. i’m going to be post a link to it on my guild’s forum and hopefully encourage my guildies to purchase the monk! 😀

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