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I’ve been working on a series of posts, that have grown hugely lengthy, trekking down memory lane, as we approach the 5 year anniversary of WoW.  I realize as I go through them that they are probably only interesting to me, but I am enjoying drafting them, and I will post them in all of the wordy glory nonetheless.

But as I go through them, I realized that they chronicle the decisions that I made and why, but some of my fondest memories don’t seem to have a place there.  I could go back and re-write them, but instead I’ve decided I’d just make a separate post for them!  Here are some of my fondest memories in WoW:

  • Getting my hunter’s epic bow.  I was one of the first on the server, I was so proud of myself for having completed it.
  • Finishing the Benediction quest on my priest.  The story line for that quest was absolutely amazing, and it’s a shame that very few people actually got to be immersed in that lore.
  • Getting Beru’s AQ40 staff.  I still have it in my bank!
  • Killing Nefarian.  What a rush, they just don’t make fights that epic anymore in my opinion.
  • Killing C’Thun.  This is actually one of my proudest moments in WoW.  There were not many guilds at all that accomplished this task and we were the only horde guild to get the job done.
  • Getting griefed…and then griefing in kind on the outdoor dragons 🙂  A lil’ world PvP never killed nobody!
  • Graveyard zerging Auzuregos, you know you did it at least once too!
  • PvPing with Krush, Lal and Cootie.  I miss Cootie, he was a breath of fresh air every day.
  • Killing Illidan.  After our guild split nobody expected us to survive, more or less actually be successful.  This kill was a big fuck you to everyone that wanted us to fail, and validated every last ounce of hard work I had put into helping us rebuild.  Not only that, we had gotten a glaive on our first kill…what were the odds?  We had also killed Vashj and Kel’Thas and Archimonde all pre-sunwell, but it was this first Illidan kill that really felt like we had hammered in that final nail and it felt good.  We were back and here to stay.
  • Crafting Val’anyr.  I wasn’t sure we would get it done, little did I know we wouldn’t only get mine done but Bill’s as well!

I’m sure I could come up with 100 more!  I’ve been playing this game for 5 years, after all 🙂  How about all of you?  What are some of your fondest memories?

Posted November 11, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!, Memory Lane

3 responses to “Fondest Memories?

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  1. Saving for and getting that first mount was a big thing for me back when it was level 40 and over 100 gold.

  2. Yes, many fond memories!
    I was just going through my thousands of screenshots the other day.

    I ‘did’ this post after a similar one at the Pink Pigtail Inn. Ah, memories!

    Here’s mine:

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