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I was convinced that I was going to post my frist Memory Lane post today…but it’s not quite ready yet!

I did finish the Dan Brown book…and I liked it, but he got a bit too pretentious at the end for my tastes, so I deemed it unworthy of a book review.  It is a decent read, as long as you skip the last couple of chapters 🙂

My priest is sitting at level 78, 18,000 xp from 79, but I was soooo tired last night I decided to go to bed because 79 would still be there today!  I am hoping to get her to 80 this weekend, but we have a lot going on, so I don’t know if she will quite make it!  I’m still very much enjoying my laser bubbles, and visiting the instances again, and having them provide a challenge.  Brade’s warrior is just about 80 (damn heirlooms! *shakes fist*), but is still a little squishy, which sometimes makes me sweat a bit.  I have learned that while ToC Normal is certainly do-able at level 78, it is very taxing on your mana pool.  I am almost always sucking fumes as we finish the black knight.

I haven’t really done much with Beru’s achievements since I hit Loremaster, although I imagine once my priest is 80 I’ll find a little bit more time  to check a few more off of my list.  I desperately want 100 mounts.  But, I find myself dragging my feet at grinding the last few out…or spending extra gold on them!

I spec’d my mage arcane awhile back, and have been enjoying it quite a bit.  I get in trouble with my mana from time to time, but largely I do fairly well with it.

Last night our Sylvanas 10 man ToC group got a Tribute to Mad Skill, which I was really very pleased with.  I very much think that a tribute to insanity is on the horizon for them soon.  Our struggling Bloodhoof ToC group has been much improved as well, easily knocking out the first four bosses in the zone for the past couple of weeks.  We did a few pulls on Anub last week, even though it’s running both alt tanks and alt healers.  Our DPS was there for Anub…and then we realized that there was no mortal strike in the group.  Uh…yea, not so much!  But I was happy that people got to give it a go 🙂

And with that…I’ve got nothing!

Posted November 13, 2009 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!

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