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Between the Turkey Holiday and finishing up organizing our anniversary Celebration I’ve not had loads of time, and the time I did have I spent in game, rather than in blog 🙂

As such, I thought I’d just give everyone a quick update on what I’ve been up to this post holiday morning!

Anniversary Celebration

This went very, very well!  The first part, our travel through time, ran a bit longer than I had anticipated and we ended up having to skip some of the northrend tasks just do to time constraints.  I think everyone enjoyed it…and listening to people try to count the eggs in UBRS was hilarious!  Two of our three teams ran neck in neck for the entirety of the evening, with one just edging out the other in the end.  The trivia throughout the night was, I think, ended up being quite the crowd pleaser, with people poking me to ask another question if I’d gone too long without asking one!

Our costume contest was a hit!  We ended up having 9 participants in it, and some VERY creative costumes, with Lash winning with his deathknight’s Alestraza the Lifebinder Costume (I’ll try to get a picture up tonight, it really was fantastic!).

All in all, it was a riot, and I think people truly enjoyed the event.  We even had some people we hadn’t seen in a very long time log in to participate.  It was worth every second of prep time that went into it!

The Life and Times of Kitai (Rawr!)

When I was waiting for super late night to work out answers to our tasks without inquiring guildmates wondering what I was doing, or doing thanksgiving preparation, or setting up my Christmas tree (squee), I spent some quality leveling time with my warrior.  TITAN’S GRIP HERE I COME!

I figured out a few things that helped me with leveling the warrior.  First, I broke down and bought the one handed heirloom weapons, even though I have two two-handed weapons in her bags for when she hit 60.  It was completely worth it.  Warrior are so hugely gear dependant that having two solid weapons that leveled with me was huge.  Secondly, I embraced my inner beast…and whirlwind.  I almost feel invincible (until I die).  4 mobs, never fear!  (unless they are all casters, then I’m screwed!).  Charge in WW, loot, move to the next 4 🙂

Lastly, and this is a big one for me, I finally found a use for all those deviate fish I get from the fishing daily!  I have tried so very hard to embrace my inner orc, and while I can at least tolerate my orcishness…my vanity won this fight.  I am now, almost always, a human pirate or ninja.  This is a tactic that I picked up back in Vanilla WoW with my druid.  You almost never saw me in tauren caster form.  For whatever reason, I find the fish just make Kitai more tolerable.  Yes, I know, so shallow.  But there you have it!  And I can get all those damn fish out of my bank!

I’m level 58 with her right now, and I’m at the stage of enjoyment that when I look at the clock and realize it’s time to raid I grumble a little bit, because I’m having so much fun.  I’ve got her mining up to 300, but her blacksmithing is woefully behind.  Why on earth I’m leveling another smith is completely beyond me…but I am.  All in all, Kitai has been a lot of fun so far!


With Ice Crown pushing down on us, a bit faster perhaps than I was hoping for, we are now at the point where the two things we have not killed are Alagon and 25 HM Anub’arak.  We also need to do one more Firefighter, Vezax and Yogg 1 for those that missed our first kills for their drakes.  We intend to get that out of he way and take Ulduar, save Algalon, off our raid schedule permanantly.

I do not know if we are going to get Anub’arak or Alagon done before 3.3 goes live, which was our original hope.  However, with the tiered release of the content, we should have time in our raid schedule to continue on finishing them out.  I am hugely panicked about 3.3.  Again, just like with 3.2 I feel very rushed with the content, and I may be the only one, as everyone and their brother is going on about how awful ToC is, but it just seems like Blizzard is trying to get it out fast…and I’d rather a bit more time with what we’ve already got.  Then again, we did more than  just ToC during 3.2, and I’m not really all that burned out on it.  I’d also like more time to finish out Anub…but I understand that Blizzard doesn’t revolve around what I want most 🙂 

I’m hearing rumblings about 3.3 hitting next Tuesday.  I don’t know how valid or likely that is…I just know that I’d rather it waited until after the Holiday season.  But what do I know!

In Moonglade…

I’m debating a 3.3 spec that includes celesital focus.  It seems that is all the rage with the theory crafters right now, so I suppose I will need to find a few points to move back over to balance.  If I can recall my math off of the top of my head, and the trees, I will need to put 18 points into balance, as opposed to the 11 points I have in there right now.  This means that I will need to give up 7 points from my resto tree to move them over. 

Tentatively, and again from the top of my head, I am thinking of dropping 3 points in living seed and my two points in Imp. Barkskin (RIP), opening up 5 points.  This means I need to drop 2 more points from something to get all 3 points into celestial focus.  My first thought is to pull them from my noursih/HT talents, but I’m not entirely sold on that as yet…so I’m going to have to sit down with a talent calculator here sooner, rather than later, and figure out exactly what I want to do.

Then again…this is assuming that gaining all that haste is going to be worth what I’m losing in other places.  I believe that it is…but you never know!

Outside of WoW

I picked up the newest, and final, addition the Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series.  The series has been a phenomenal read, so I’m hoping for great things in this final installment!

My christmas tree is in full swing.  I love, love, love all the lights!  We also have a nice spot for it this year, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!  I can’t wait for WoW to catch up with all their in game decorations 😉

I hope everyone else had a great turkey holiday!

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  1. Have you been working on a Haste set for 3.3? With enough haste you can avoid losing all those talents just to get Celestial Focus. I’ve been gathering and collecting all the haste pieces I can find (including the moonkin T9 gloves) and am sitting at ~750 haste with 0 haste gems and still having 2-3 pieces that need haste on them. That’s my plan instead of having to spec for celestial focus.

    In the past I’ve tried specs where I used celestial focus in order to drop points from GotEM and have never been happy due to the loss of things like living seed, Imp Nourish/HT, etc.

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